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Street Fighter 6 Tier List – The Best Characters in September 2023

If you want to dominate in Street Fighter 6, you need to pick a top-tier fighter. While character loyalty might be adorable, it won’t get you far in the competitive scene. The truth is, if you want to win games, you should choose an S-tier character.

After countless hours of testing the Street Fighter 6 roster, we have compiled the ultimate list of the best SF6 characters. Of course, this tier list will evolve as updates and balance changes roll in.

The Latest Street Fighter 6 Tier List for August

The first major tournament, CEO 2023, gave us a glimpse into the power of certain characters. Saul Leonardo ‘MenaRD’ Mena emerged victorious using Luke and Blanka. Adel ‘Big Bird’ Anouche dominated with Guile at the Red Bull Kumite in South Africa.

As for the newest addition, Rashid, it’s too early to determine his placement on the tier list. However, his impressive aerial attacks from Street Fighter 5 have seamlessly transitioned into the new game.


Based on our extensive experience, the following characters currently reign supreme in Street Fighter 6.


Ken is not only one of the best characters, but also one of the most popular statistically. His close-range toolset, combined with his run mechanic from Street Fighter 5, makes him unpredictable. Ken shines when he traps opponents in the corner, utilizing his far-reaching special moves. If you want to master his powerful rush-down abilities, check out our Street Fighter 6 Ken guide.

Luke is celebrating his spot at the top of the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Though not the most complex character, Luke has everything it takes to dominate the meta. His strong normal attacks create immense pressure from a distance, which can lead to devastating combos or super arts. Since the game’s release, Luke has surpassed our expectations with his destructive damage output. Learn some basic combos from our Street Fighter 6 Luke guide to make the most of his potential.

Luke is on the rise in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Experienced Guile players can be intimidating, as they seem to have an answer to every move. Guile’s Sonic Booms have never been better, thanks to the ‘Perfect’ mechanic, which strengthens his charge moves when timed correctly. Parrying moves is possible for every character, but Guile’s ability to control the speed of his projectiles throws off opponents’ timing. His basic and advanced combos can unleash devastating damage. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, check out our Street Fighter 6 Guile guide to learn about his deadly moves.

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Cammy means business in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Ever since her revival in Street Fighter 4, Cammy has maintained her strength due to her speed and tricky moveset. Her long-range normal attacks allow her to quickly close the distance and keep opponents guessing. With the Hooligan Combination special attack, Cammy becomes even more elusive. Aggressive characters seem to have an upper hand in Street Fighter 6, so we predict Cammy will continue to excel.

JP is ready to make his mark on the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


JP specializes in zoning out opponents with a range of full to mid-screen projectiles. Playing JP requires patience, as one wrong move can turn the tide. Kakeru’s recent victory at the Gamers8 2023 Street Fighter 6 invitational showcased JP’s potential, as he flawlessly parried his way to victory.


The characters in this tier have the potential to compete with the best fighters worldwide, but they might lack that special X-factor.

Manon aims to rise in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Manon is similar to the Incredible Hulk; the more damage she deals with command grabs, the stronger she becomes. Each successful command grab grants her a Medal, and up to five Medals unlock the strongest command grab in Street Fighter 6. With noted players like iDom picking up Manon, she will undoubtedly cause problems for those unprepared to face her.

Zangief is ready to dominate the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Grapplers are only as good as the players who wield them, and Zangief has high-level players ready to dominate. His outrageous SPDs can deal over 30% damage in a single throw. Punishing opponents only three times is usually enough to secure a victory. Though we haven’t had extensive experience against Zangief, he has the potential to become a formidable force.

Dee Jay is making a bid for the top spot in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.

Dee Jay

Dee Jay combines style and trickery, delivering damaging combos while making opponents look foolish. Expert players have quickly capitalized on his high-damage combos and mix-ups. A skilled Dee Jay player only needs a handful of opportunities to dismantle their opponent.

Blanka has surprised us all in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


We were initially mistaken about Blanka, underestimating his abilities. MenaRD’s victory at the first major tournament displayed Blanka’s potential to bamboozle opponents. Incorporating his Blanka-Chan doll makes it challenging to decipher where to block. Blanka possesses untapped potential, and we expect more players to pick him up following his success at CEO 2023.

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B-tier characters can lull opponents into a false sense of security before striking back with a vengeance. Though they have flaws, skilled players can compensate with tactical brilliance.

Jamie makes a stylish effort to reach the top of the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


As Street Fighter’s first drunken fist fighter, Jamie draws inspiration from his cousins Yun and Yang from Street Fighter 3. With four drink levels, Jamie reaches his full potential. Achieving higher drink levels requires spare moments to drink from Jamie’s gourd or land clean combos. Jamie’s power wanes after each round, requiring players to build momentum once again. If you consistently get Jamie drunk, he can wreak havoc in the right hands.

Ryu is in top form on the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Ryu’s moves remain familiar, but his Street Fighter 6 incarnation resembles Street Fighter III: Third Strike. His High Blade Kick knocks foes away, and the Denjin charge gives his Hadoken and Hashogeki electrical properties, enhancing his versatility. Many experts, including legendary player Daigo, believe Ryu is at his peak. However, his game plan can be predictable, requiring skillful execution to succeed.

Marisa is gunning for the top of the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Built like a truck, Marisa hits like one too. She can withstand projectile-based strategies with her Guard stance, offering an opportunity to land powerful command grabs. Marisa’s damaging combos can slash up to 70-80% of her opponent’s health bar. While she may be a threat to newcomers, experienced players can develop strategies to counter her armored moves.

E. Honda asserts dominance in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.

E. Honda

E. Honda has received significant tweaks in Street Fighter 6, fundamentally changing his approach to combat. His easier-to-execute hundred-hand slap opens up new combo opportunities. The adjustments to his Sumo Headbutt make his game plan safer than ever. Keep an eye on E. Honda, as he has the potential to rise in the tier list.

Chun-Li is itching to climb the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Chun-Li’s speed makes her one of the fastest characters in Street Fighter 6. She possesses aggressive and defensive tools, allowing her to approach fights in different ways. However, her best combos require time and practice to master. Despite having convinced top-tier players, like Sako, of her strength, the majority of average players have yet to unlock her full potential.

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Our C-tier features characters who are still finding their footing or require more time to reach their full potential.

Lily is fighting to claim her spot in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Lily doesn’t score points solely based on her incredible animations, but those alone would secure her a spot in the B-tier. With moves inspired by T. Hawk and some new mechanics, Lily can accumulate Condor Wind stocks. These stocks enhance her special moves, leading to stronger combos and mix-ups. Don’t give Lily too much time to build momentum, as she can quickly turn the tide.

Dhalsim is surrounded by the flames of Agni on the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Effectively utilizing Dhalsim at long range can be challenging. Though his long-range normals are excellent in terms of range and damage, they can be slow and easily avoided. With the Drive Rush mechanic, Dhalsim can perform follow-ups unique to Street Fighter 6. His fireballs offer versatile options, and he can hover and teleport to keep opponents guessing. However, his long-range game may not be as effective as JP’s.

Kimberly is striving for greatness in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


After analyzing Kimberly for over a month, the results don’t look promising. She hasn’t produced strong results in major tournaments, and her gimmicky fighting style can be anticipated by high-level opponents. With some minor adjustments, Kimberly could climb the ranks, but currently, she’s challenging to maximize. Don’t be fooled, though—our placement doesn’t imply she’s useless. By varying her attacks, you can crush your enemies with our Street Fighter 6 Kimberly guide.

Juri is ready to showcase her potential in the Street Fighter 6 tier list.


Competent Juri players are rare in Street Fighter 6 due to her tricky toolset, making her challenging to master, especially for newcomers. Skilled players capable of creating mix-ups on wake-up should consider her lightning-fast moves. Juri’s recent fall from grace can be attributed to players who had early access to cracked beta versions of the game. As players become familiar with her moves, her unpredictability diminishes.

The Best Street Fighter 6 Character

Without a doubt, Ken stands as the best Street Fighter 6 character. His aggressive move-set and mastery of close combat make him a powerhouse in SF6. With a variety of attacks and a range of special moves, Ken is a force to be reckoned with.

That concludes the current Street Fighter 6 tier list. As the game continues to evolve, we will update the tier list accordingly. In the meantime, explore more about Street Fighter 6 on Steam Deck and discover whether Street Fighter 6 Game Pass is a reality.

Remember, in Street Fighter 6, victory depends on selecting the right character and mastering their unique abilities. Choose wisely and fight your way to the top!

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