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Top She-Hulk Decks in Marvel Snap and Effective Counter Strategies


Women play a vital role in the vast Marvel universe, and one of the standout heroines is She-Hulk, also known as the Attorney at Law. She possesses the same green skin and superhuman strength as the Hulk, making her a formidable force in Marvel Snap. In this article, we will explore the best She-Hulk decks in the game and discover effective strategies to counter them.

Best She-Hulk Decks in Marvel Snap

Shuri/Zero Deck

One of the most popular and effective decks utilizing She-Hulk is the Shuri/Zero deck. This deck’s strategy revolves around maximizing the Power of your locations, primarily due to Shuri’s impressive ability. Shuri’s effect doubles the Power of the next card played.

By utilizing this ability, She-Hulk’s Power can reach a staggering 18, making her a significant threat to your opponent’s locations. However, in this deck, She-Hulk plays a secondary role to Shuri’s effect, as Red Skull serves as the ultimate Power source for this strategy.

Red Skull’s ongoing ability grants an additional Power to your opponent’s cards placed on the same location. However, using Shuri to double Red Skull’s Power mitigates this drawback, as Red Skull becomes a 13-Power card. Combining Red Skull and She-Hulk’s Power using Taskmaster can lead to a devastating combo.

Taskmaster can copy the Power of the last card played, whether it be Red Skull or She-Hulk. This allows you to have another unit with a minimum of 18 Power, giving you the advantage. To protect your high-Powered units from destruction, including Armor in this deck is essential.

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Other recommended cards for this deck include Sunspot, who gains Power equal to your unspent Energy each turn, Zero, which removes the ongoing ability of the next card played, Scarlet Witch, who can change a location upon playing, Lizard, a two-cost card that reduces opponent Power if there are four cards present, and Cosmo, who prevents On Reveal abilities from activating.

For late-game finishers, consider adding Aero, which allows you to strategically outplay your opponent by moving their last played card to the Aero’s location. America Chavez is also a valuable addition with her reliable six-cost, nine-Power card that you will always draw on turn six.

The key to success with this deck lies in understanding when to deploy Shuri. The priority setup should be the Shuri-Red Skull-Taskmaster combo. If you are unable to draw these pieces, alternative strategies like relying on She-Hulk or America Chavez would be a suitable alternative.

Win condition cards for this deck:

  • Shuri
  • Red Skull
  • Taskmaster
  • America Chavez
  • Aero

The ideal sequential play for this deck is Shuri on turn four, Red Skull on turn five, and Taskmaster on turn six. This combination grants you two 26-Power units on the final turn. However, if you are unable to assemble the sequential combo, She-Hulk and America Chavez can still power up your locations.

She-Hulk/The Infinaut/Magik Deck

For those who prefer She-Hulk to be the star of the show, a potent deck consists of She-Hulk, The Infinaut, and Magik. The Infinaut is a massive six-cost, 20-Power card, with the condition that it cannot be played on the turn after another card is played. This is where Magik comes into play.

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Magik is a five-cost, three-Power card that transforms the location into “Limbo.” This effect grants players an additional turn seven during the game. By skipping turn six and playing both She-Hulk and The Infinaut on turn seven, you can power up your locations significantly. This strategy requires careful setup but can yield impressive results.

In addition to She-Hulk, The Infinaut, and Magik, consider including staple cards such as Sunspot, Armor, Lizard, Cosmo, and America Chavez. Iceman and Scorpion can also be valuable additions for their control effects, disrupting your opponent’s hand and Power. To round out the deck, include Polaris, who can move opposing one- or two-cost cards to the location where she is played, and Rock Slide, shuffling rocks into your opponent’s deck.

The key to success with this deck is to prioritize reaching turn seven with the assistance of Magik. Playing Magik on turn five is crucial to ensuring sufficient time to execute this strategy. If Magik is not drawn in time, you can still compete by relying on She-Hulk and America Chavez to power up your locations.

Win condition cards for this deck:

  • The Infinaut
  • Magik
  • America Chavez

The optimal sequential play for this deck involves playing Magik on turn five, skipping turn six, and playing She-Hulk and The Infinaut on turn seven. This combination grants you a total of 29 Power on the final turn. You can choose to play both cards on a single location or separate them, depending on the state of the board.

Alternatively, if you feel confident in having powered up your locations with early game cards, playing either She-Hulk or America Chavez on turn six can be a viable option.

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Staple Cards for She-Hulk Decks

Here are some staple cards that you should include in a She-Hulk deck, along with their effects:

  • Sunspot: At the end of each turn, gain +1 Power for each unspent Energy.
  • Armor: Ongoing: Cards at this location cannot be destroyed.
  • Lizard: -3 Power if your opponent has 4 cards here.
  • Cosmo: Ongoing: On Reveal abilities do not activate at this location.
  • America Chavez: You will always draw this card on turn 6.

How to Counter She-Hulk Decks

While She-Hulk herself cannot be directly countered ability-wise, certain cards can disrupt her effectiveness. For example, Cosmo and Enchantress will not interfere with her ability, as she lacks On Reveal or Ongoing abilities. However, in a Shuri deck, Cosmo can prevent On Reveal abilities.

To remove She-Hulk from a location, Shang-Chi, the destroyer of cards with nine or more Power, can be utilized. Additionally, Leech can nullify She-Hulk’s ability. If you plan to use She-Hulk as a late-game power move, such as in combination with The Infinaut, her cost reduction effect will not apply, and she will simply be a vanilla card with nine Power.

She-Hulk Decks in the Current Meta

After the latest patch in Marvel Snap on March 21, 2023, She-Hulk received a nerf, reducing her original Power from 10 to nine. Despite this adjustment, She-Hulk remains a staple in most meta decks, such as the Shuri/Zero and Thanos/Lockjaw engines. However, the She-Hulk/The Infinaut/Magik decks have become somewhat predictable and susceptible to disruption from decks incorporating Shang-Chi. The same applies to many Shuri/Zero decks that may not draw or play Armor.

In conclusion, She-Hulk decks in Marvel Snap offer exciting gameplay possibilities, and understanding the best strategies and countermeasures can elevate your gaming experience. Whether you choose to harness the power of Shuri’s ability or unleash the combo potential of She-Hulk, The Infinaut, and Magik, Marvel Snap provides a dynamic gaming environment for fans of She-Hulk and beyond.

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