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The Top Meta Builds for TFT Set 7.5 in Patch 12.21

TFT Set 7.5 introduces players to the Uncharted Realms, where the meta is constantly evolving. In this Convergence, there’s a lot to learn, but fear not! We have you covered with the best comps you need to try in order to continue your ranked climb on patch 12.21.

The Ever-Changing Meta in TFT Set 7.5

After three months of Dragonlands, it’s time to embark on a journey through the Uncharted Realms in TFT Set 7.5. This Mid-Set update brings a plethora of new units and augments, shaking up the meta like never before.

While it’s always recommended to adapt your strategy based on your items and augments, we’ve compiled a list of the most consistent builds for achieving Top 4 finishes and wins, helping you climb the ladder as quickly as possible.

Best Comps to Dominant TFT Set 7.5 in Patch 12.21

4+ Dragons

Example dragons flex board in TFT Set 7.5

Dragons have become a dominant force in the Convergence since Riot buffed them and made them a chase trait. Simply placing as many Dragons as possible on your board can lead to success, but it gets even better if you manage to unlock the ascended power of Dragon 6.

However, not all Dragons are created equal. To ensure a solid frontline, prioritize units like Terra and Idas. For damage, look to Ao Shin, Daeja, Shyvana, or even Shi Oh Yu. Units like Sohm, Swain, Darkflight, Aurelion Sol, Zippy, and Nomsy don’t scale as well or have specific restrictions.

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To round out your composition, consider picking up Rakan to fill out Guardian for Idas and Ragewing for Shyvana. Jayce can also be a good addition for extra damage, especially when paired with Shyvana. Additionally, aiming for 4 Tempest with Ao Shin is a viable strategy.

Keep in mind that this board requires a certain level of skill to transition from the mid-game. Look for good item holders, such as Cavaliers for tank items, and consider Astral and Lagoon boards for AP items to maximize damage output. Once Dragons start appearing in the late game, it’s time to make the transition.

Dragonmancer Reroll

Example Dragonmancer Kai

Dragonmancer reroll has firmly established its place in the meta after receiving numerous buffs. While this build used to rely heavily on early Setts or Karmas, it has become much easier to execute.

The key unit in this composition is Kai’Sa, who received recent buffs and is still a formidable force. There are multiple ways to play this board, either by focusing on Lagoon stacks early for economic purposes or by pushing for the 8 Dragonmancer spike.

If you opt for the latter, consider changing your carry unit to someone like Ao Shin with a Dragonmancer Emblem. Reaching the ultra-capped late game board is ideal, especially since most end-game compositions revolve around multiple Dragons, making it challenging for a three-star Karma or Kai’Sa to hold their ground.

Dragonmancer reroll works exceptionally well if you secure early AP items and have the proper units to utilize them. However, be vigilant of other players contesting your units, as it can hinder your chances of hitting those crucial three-star unit power spikes.

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Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen

Example Shi Oh Yu Sy

The Shi Oh Yu and Sy’fen duo carry board has consistently been one of the most effective comps across multiple metas. It’s easy to execute, doesn’t require extensive resources, and can reliably secure top-four placements.

This composition revolves around the Tier 4 Dragons and their two respective traits, Jade and Whispers. If you manage to assemble a team with 5 Jade units, such as Jax and Gnar, and 4 Whispers units, including Pantheon, you’ll have a well-rounded composition with a balanced mix of damage, tankiness, and shredding capabilities, able to overpower most opponents.

If luck is on your side, consider pushing for three-star Dragons or four-cost units like Jayce and Pantheon, as they play a significant role in this composition.

While this board may not reach the same power ceiling as the other builds mentioned, it offers a relatively straightforward and consistent playstyle, allowing you to gradually climb the ladder.

Graves Seraphine

Graves Seraphine comp in TFT Set 7

Although it has fallen out of priority in recent times, the dynamic duo of Graves and Seraphine has made a resurgence in the meta. The build remains the same: equip Zeke’s Heralds on Zeri, position Graves in the backline, and watch the magic happen.

Seraphine requires mana generation (and a Morellonomicon) to consistently provide shields to the team, while Graves can utilize a wide range of AD items to devastating effect.

This composition benefits greatly from augments like Better Together, which amplify the power of Zeke’s Herald stacking. Healing augments and Cybernetic buffs also enhance its performance, considering the number of items required.

For your frontline, Pantheon, Rakan, and Zac excel at tanking damage. When combined with Zyra and a second Mystic unit, you gain defensive utility from 2 Whisper, Guardian, and Mystic, allowing Graves to ramp up and dismantle the enemy team.

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Remember, these meta comps are not set in stone, and it’s crucial to adapt your strategy based on the specific game and your available resources. However, by utilizing these well-rounded builds, you’ll have a solid foundation to excel in TFT Set 7.5.

Now go forth and conquer the Convergence!

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