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Should You ADS in Valorant? Discover the Truth

Valorant, the popular tactical first-person shooter, has introduced the ADS (Aim Down Sights) mechanic, which originated from games like COD and Battlefield. However, the question remains: is ADS actually useful in Valorant? Should you embrace this feature? Let’s delve into the details.

The Essence of ADS in Valorant

Although Valorant does offer ADS, which can be advantageous in long-range engagements and defensive angle-holding, the game’s mechanics prioritize quick and strategic plays. In this context, honing your hip-firing skills becomes more beneficial. In Valorant, reaction time is crucial, and ADS doesn’t always provide the same utility in this regard.

Disadvantages of ADS’ing in Valorant

ADS disadvantages

Before we explore further, let’s uncover the significant disadvantages of ADS’ing in Valorant:

  1. Decreased firing speed of weapons.
  2. Time-consuming ADS animation.
  3. Reduced movement speed while your scope is active.

Benefits of ADS’ing in Valorant

ADS advantages

Despite the disadvantages, there are a few subjective benefits of ADS’ing in Valorant:

  1. Some players feel more comfortable and exhibit better reaction times while scoped in.
  2. ADS’ing may enhance visibility when aiming becomes uncertain.
  3. It can be advantageous in long-range gunfights.

It’s worth noting that most Valorant guns are inherently accurate without the need for ADS, except for the Operator sniper rifle.

When to Use or Avoid ADS in Valorant

Certain scenarios in Valorant may warrant ADS usage, including:

  • Long-range: ADS becomes more useful as accuracy surpasses the number of shots fired.
  • Holding an angle: ADS can be beneficial when standing still to reduce the movement debuff.
  • Tap firing: ADS proves helpful when firing in controlled bursts rather than continuous sprays.
  • Preemptive ADS’ing: It’s more effective to ADS before engaging in a fight to avoid the time-consuming animation.
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ADS Use Cases

To elaborate further, consider these situations:

  • Tapping at range: ADS can improve target acquisition and reaction time while holding an angle defensively.
  • Facing an Operator: ADS allows for better target acquisition and reaction time when engaging an Operator sniper. However, alternative strategies like utilizing smokes and flashes are often more optimal.
  • Low ammo engagements: In situations where your magazine is nearly empty and you need to engage in another fight farther away, ADS and tap-firing can conserve ammo.
  • Pixel opening angles: When precision matters more than spraying, ADS proves advantageous for better reaction time.

Difference in Playstyle

Conversely, if your playstyle involves aiming down sights whenever you spot an enemy, even in quick-firing scenarios, relying solely on ADS should be reconsidered. Unnecessary ADS animation will only slow you down without providing a reaction time advantage. Generally, Valorant favors non-ADS hip-firing for increased fire rate and damage output.

Be cautious when peeking corners while ADS’ing, as it significantly slows your movement and increases the risk of unfavorable outcomes. Similar to walk peaking or crouch peaking, this approach demands caution. Additionally, spraying while ADS’ing may decrease your damage output, potentially leading to lost fights.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that, in most cases, the negative implications of ADS’ing outweigh the positive ones. Moreover, when two players face each other, the one who relies on hip-firing usually has the upper hand.


ADS simply isn’t as efficient as hip-firing in Valorant. While it’s understandable if you are already accustomed to ADS’ing, it’s worth considering transitioning your gameplay towards hip-firing. Doing so will enable you to eliminate opponents more swiftly. With practice and experience in online matches, hip-firing can become second nature, leading to more satisfying frags.

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So, the verdict is clear: For optimal performance in Valorant, embrace the art of hip-firing!

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