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Skeleton Dragons: Unleash the Fiery Skeletal Scorchers!

Skeleton Dragons


Welcome to the world of Clash Royale, where mythical creatures and powerful cards clash in epic battles. In this article, we’ll delve into the realm of Skeleton Dragons – a fearsome pair of flying creatures that bring fire and bone-rattling action to the Arena. Get ready to learn how to master these scorching dragons and dominate your opponents!

Skeleton Dragons: Powerful and Mysterious

The Skeleton Dragons are fierce aerial units that deal devastating area damage. These skeletal scorchers are unlocked once you enter the prestigious Spooky Town (Arena 12). With bones as their only armor and fire as their weapon, they may appear fragile at first glance. However, do not underestimate their power and potential!

Strategies for Using Skeleton Dragons

Mastering the Art of Dragon Play

Before we delve into battle strategies, it’s vital to clarify a common misconception. Skeleton Dragons, despite their appearance, do not possess double the damage or hitpoints of a Baby Dragon. In fact, they have lower hitpoints compared to other dragons. However, they make up for it with their perfect synchronization and slightly higher hit speed.

Now, let’s explore how you can unleash the full potential of these hot-blooded bones on the battlefield:

  • Support and Counter: While they may not fare well attacking towers alone due to their low hitpoints, Skeleton Dragons excel at countering swarm air and land attacks. They can swiftly eliminate tiny threats such as bats, minions, goblins, firecrackers, and even graveyards.
  • Effective Defense: The Skeleton Dragons prove to be excellent defenders against low hitpoint troops like wizards and executioners. Use them strategically to thwart enemy advances and protect your towers.
  • Baiting Abilities: These fiery dragons possess excellent baiting abilities. Lure out low-damage spells from your opponent’s deck, gaining an advantage in the elixir game. Remember, their bones can withstand partial damage from these spells, allowing you to unleash devastating counterattacks.
  • Teamwork is Key: Skeleton Dragons shine the brightest when paired with tank cards and giants. Deploy them alongside these powerful allies to clear the path of swarming troops, leaving your tanks free to assault enemy towers.
  • The Musketeer Challenge: Against the notorious Musketeer, one of the Skeleton Dragons survives, unlike the vulnerable Baby Dragon. However, exercise caution if your opponent unveils the deadly Hunter.
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Countering the Skeletal Scorchers

To succeed in Clash Royale, you must not only master offensive strategies but also anticipate and thwart your opponents’ moves. Here’s how you can counter the Skeleton Dragons effectively:

  • Spell It Out: Spells like Fireball and Poison are your best allies when it comes to countering the Skeleton Dragons. Unleash their devastating power to eliminate these fiery foes.
  • Choose Wisely: Avoid using high-damage units against the Skeleton Dragons, as it may result in an unfavorable elixir trade.
  • Hunter’s Mark: A well-placed Hunter below the Skeleton Dragons can swiftly dispatch these skeletal terrors.
  • Steer Clear of Swarms: Unlike the Inferno and Baby Dragon, swarms are not a reliable counter to Skeleton Dragons. Choose your units wisely to avoid wasting resources.
  • Building Barriers: Placing a passive building away from your tower can divert the Skeleton Dragons’ attention, buying you precious time to mount a counteroffensive.


With their scorching flames and bone-rattling might, the Skeleton Dragons breathe new fire into Clash Royale. Mastering their abilities will give you an edge over your adversaries, allowing you to dominate the battlefield. Stay tuned as the Clash Royale world embraces these mighty dragons, and we reveal the best decks to accompany their relentless firepower!

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