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The Top 10 Marvel Snap Series 3 Cards: Unveiling the Powerhouses

Marvel Snap’s vast assortment of hero and villain cards based on comic book characters is divided into pools determined by your Collection Level. The first pool to unlock in Marvel Snap’s end-game collection, starting at Collection Level 475, is Series Three. While the newest and best cards are often added to Series Four and Five, cards occasionally move down to Series Three when Series Drops occur every few months, ensuring constant changes.

The Series Three pool offers a larger and more diverse selection of cards with varied power levels. With this diversity, some cards stand out as clear winners while others fall behind. In this article, we will explore the ten best Series Three cards in Marvel Snap, highlighting their strengths and how they can enhance your gameplay.

10) Doctor Doom – The Dominant Supervillain

The Doctor Doom card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
Doctor Doom, a beloved character among Marvel comic book fans, is also one of the strongest Series Three cards in Marvel Snap. Despite its relatively low strength of five, Doctor Doom’s true power lies in its ability to summon two Doombots to each other location. This means that for the cost of one card, you effectively gain three, making Doctor Doom an excellent choice, especially when facing boss monsters who only affect their own location.

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9) Mister Negative – A Game-Changing Effect

The Mister Negative card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
Mister Negative, once a meta-defining card, underwent a balance adjustment recently, aligning it with the rest of Series Three. With a cost of four and a power of minus one, Mister Negative possesses a unique effect that boosts already powerful cards and strengthens underpowered ones. When revealed, Mister Negative allows you to change the power and cost of all cards in your deck. This ability completely transforms your deck’s dynamics, requiring you to build your strategy around low-power and high-cost cards.

8) Venom – The Reliable Game Changer

The Venom card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
After receiving a power boost from one to three, Venom has become a dependable card in Marvel Snap. It is a must-have for any Destroy deck as it enables cards like Nova, Bucky Barnes, Deadpool, Wolverine, and Nimrod. Additionally, Venom is excellent for clearing out lanes and adding overall power. Its versatility extends to enabling other powerful cards like Death and Knull, making it a favorite choice in various deck types.

7) Death – The Costly but Rewarding Choice

The Death card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
As the namesake card of Deathwave/Deathpool decks, Death demands attention despite its high cost of nine, the highest among all cards in Marvel Snap. While summoning Death may seem almost impossible within the usual six-turn matches, its ability reduces Death’s cost by one for each card destroyed throughout the game. Teaming up Death with other final turn plays costing zero to three allows for powerful turn six strategies that are hard to rival. Death also synergizes well with Wave, creating a formidable combination against opponents.

6) She-Hulk – The Versatile Hero

The She-Hulk card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk, fits well into several decks and synergizes with various cards. She has quickly become a must-have if she appears in your Token Shop for Series Three cards. She-Hulk enables deck building strategies focused on building energy with Sunspot, allowing for immense power surges in a single turn. Additionally, She-Hulk shines in Deathwave decks, proving to be a crucial asset in turning the tide during the last moments of a Snap match.

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5) Wave – The Manipulator

The Wave card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
Wave, a card frequently seen in high-level competitive play, excels at manipulating card costs. It is considered one of the strongest niche cards and holds its ground as one of the top cards in the game. When revealed, Wave sets the cost of every card in your hand to four during the next turn, transforming them into unexpected powerhouses. Combining Wave with Odin can “soft lock” opponents, preventing them from playing multiple cards during their final turns. By manipulating card costs, Wave can disrupt opponents’ game plans and give you access to high-cost, high-strength cards earlier in the game.

4) Lockjaw – The Sneaky Game-Changer

The Lockjaw card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
Lockjaw introduces a unique effect that can significantly impact the outcome of any game it appears in. Marvel Snap’s balance revolves around powerful cards having high costs. However, Lockjaw allows you to “cheat” by swapping itself out for a random card from your deck when you play a card in Lockjaw’s location. This effectively bypasses the high costs associated with summoning powerful cards, giving you an edge in shaping the match. By strategically utilizing Lockjaw, you can play low-cost monsters, swapping them out for more effective and powerful cards, creating unexpected moments on the battlefield.

3) Mystique – The Game-Changing Chameleon

The Mystique card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
Mystique emerges as one of the most balanced Series Three cards in Marvel Snap. Its fantastic on-reveal ability can be a game-changer when used in combination with the right cards. When revealed, Mystique gains the ongoing ability of the last card played if it had one. This means that if you have powerful ongoing cards like Patriot, Iron Man, or Ka-Zar, Mystique enables their abilities twice, leaving your opponent frustrated and seeking an escape route.

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2) Wong – The MCU Favorite

The Magik card in Marvel Snap, with its description below.
Wong, a beloved character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has also become a prominent pick in Marvel Snap’s meta. With an ongoing ability that triggers effects at his location twice when revealed, Wong turns mediocre cards into absolute powerhouses, providing buffs and advantages at the cost of one card. This synergizes well with powerful on-reveal cards like White Tiger or Ironheart and boosts the impact of discard synergies. Wong’s playstyle aligns perfectly with deck strategies that culminate in powerful turn six moves, making him an ideal choice for such game plans. Combining Wong with Mystique creates a deadly combination, quadrupling the on-reveal abilities of two additional cards.

1) Magik – The Dynamic Shifter

The 10 best Series 3 cards in Marvel Snap
In Marvel Snap, obtaining the location named Limbo, which adds a seventh turn to the match, completely alters the strategies employed by both players. Magik stands out as a unique card that changes whichever location it is played on into Limbo. This creates fascinating dynamic shifts mid-game, keeping opponents on their toes. While Magik cannot be played on turn six, its recent buff reduced its cost to just three energy, granting you two turns after being cast. Magik’s three power further solidifies its impact, turning it into a formidable force. Catch your enemy off guard, grant them a seventh turn, and swing the tide of the match completely in your favor.

By considering the strengths and abilities of these top ten Series Three cards in Marvel Snap, you can enhance your gameplay and strategize to dominate your opponents. Collect and master these cards to evolve into an unstoppable force in the Marvel Snap universe.

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