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Marvel Snap Deck Guide: Pool 3 Discard Deck

Discard decks in Marvel Snap are incredibly effective, and this particular deck is my personal favorite for Pool 3 players. It’s so strong that your opponents often wonder how it’s even possible. With this deck, you’ll cycle and discard cards strategically, setting up for a powerful last-turn move that allows you to dominate effortlessly.

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Deck Overview

Here’s the deck:

  • Blade
  • Colleen Wing
  • Lady Sif
  • Sword Master
  • Morbius
  • Swarm
  • Apocalypse
  • Hela
  • America Chavez

Why this deck works well

Unlike some lower Pool Discard decks that rely on drawing into the win condition, this deck synergizes exceptionally well. It offers numerous possibilities and ensures you always have strong value lines of drawing. This deck contains cards that discard effectively and cards that can be brought back onto the board by Hela in random locations.

Win condition

This deck has multiple win conditions. You have several cards that can be discarded, such as Blade, Colleen Wing, Lady Sif, and Sword Master. Additionally, you can put Morbius on the board and witness him scaling up admirably for a 2-cost card. Furthermore, cards like Swarm greatly benefit from these discards. Essentially, every card in this deck provides a benefit, allowing you to scale up your Apocalypse’s power effortlessly, possibly even up to 20 power. Alternatively, you can use Hela to bring back all discarded cards on the last turn. America Chavez is included to ensure consistent card draws and guarantee you draw them earlier.

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Remarkably, this deck has no significant problems. It can even handle current power-pushing decks like Black Panther with ease.


No substitutions are necessary for this deck. However, if you lack certain cards, you can consider exploring lower Pool discard decks.

Deck Copy Link (Copy-Paste directly into the game):


How To Play

The objective is to get your cards on the board and focus on discarding cards that benefit you, allowing for a strong push on one location or multiple other locations towards the end.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

If possible, prioritize getting Morbius on the board. You can even skip playing Blade in the first turn if you draw Morbius and/or Colleen. The main goal is to cycle through discards as much as possible during this phase.

Mid Phase (Turn 4-5)

Continue discarding cards and consider playing Hellcow or Dracula if the situation allows. In some matches, you might even skip turn 5 and wait for the end push to see what your opponent is planning.

Marvel Snap Pool 3 Discard Deck Gameplay

End Phase (Turn 6)

During this phase, you have two options. Firstly, if you have Hela, you can bring back several discarded cards, creating a little randomness that can be extremely potent and unpredictable for your opponent. Alternatively, if you frequently discarded cards into your Apocalypse, you can utilize his accumulated power (which by now should be 16 or even 20) to take over one location in the end.


This deck is fantastic, and if you have the necessary cards, you should definitely give it a try. It stands out as the best discard deck so far, particularly when countering the current meta decks that possess high power push potential.

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