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Pool 2 Move Deck (MARVEL SNAP Deck Guide)

Move decks are a highly effective strategy in Pool 2 and Pool 3. They offer great flexibility and the ability to catch your opponent off-guard by constantly changing the locations you play in during the final turns. In this guide, we will explore the ins and outs of a powerful move deck that can help you dominate the game.

Deck Overview

Here’s the deck we’ll be discussing:

marvel snap pool 2 move deck gameplay

This deck works exceptionally well because it includes multiple cards that allow you to move your pieces strategically. By strengthening these moved cards and multiplying their effects, you gain incredible flexibility and make it challenging for your opponent to react effectively. Additionally, including Chavez in your deck helps ensure a consistent draw of move cards throughout the game.

The win condition with this deck is simple: identify the available locations and move your cards accordingly. You have the freedom to start wherever you want and then change your focus within a turn or two. This dynamic approach makes it difficult for your opponent to anticipate your moves effectively. Furthermore, Iron Man provides a significant multiplier towards the end of the game, allowing you to strengthen a position you’re locked into.

This deck has no major weaknesses. It does require practice and a thorough understanding of locations and card synergies. However, once you become familiar with it, you’ll find that you can easily climb the ranks and achieve great success.

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If you don’t have certain cards, you can make substitutions. Compared to the Pool 1 version, this deck replaces Elektra, Angela, and Ironheart with Vulture, Cloak, and Forge, respectively. While you can swap them out, I highly recommend utilizing the above-mentioned cards for optimal performance.

How to Play

There are multiple drawing patterns you can employ with this deck. Begin by slowly occupying your locations with cards that don’t commit you until you can execute a more significant movement.

Early Phase (Turn 1-3)

Nightcrawler is always an excellent starting choice. If you don’t have Nightcrawler, consider skipping turn 1 and waiting for an opportunity to use Iron Fist with Multiple Man on a Kraven location. This combination offers tremendous value for minimal energy expenditure. Forge, on the other hand, ramps up your energy, allowing for more efficient movement across the board. Don’t worry if you don’t have too many cards on the board during this phase. You can make multi-card plays later, yielding significant value.

Mid Phase (Turn 3-4)

The game becomes more interesting during this phase. Ironheart is an especially strong play here, allowing for multiple location coverage. Hulk Buster is another solid option, as it strengthens a card that you plan to move in a later turn. Ideally, you want to force your opponent to invest heavily in one location, only to reveal later that you’ll be moving your cards away from there.

End Phase (Turn 5-6)

This phase is highly situational and depends on various factors, such as your opponent’s moves and the locations on the board. You can consider playing cards like Iron Man or Chavez for a final push, or alternatively, use Doctor Strange or Heimdall to move your cards strategically. These options provide you with multiple ways to surprise your opponent and take control of the game.

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Move decks are a prevalent strategy in the meta for good reason. They allow you to outsmart your opponent with their flexibility, making it challenging for them to maintain a strong position. By swiftly moving your cards out of heavily invested locations, you can leave your opponent wondering what just happened, with little opportunity to counteract your moves. While mastering move decks in MARVEL SNAP requires practice and a deep understanding of card dynamics, the effort is undoubtedly worthwhile in the long run. These decks will remain viable in the upcoming seasons, so make sure to give them a try.

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