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Titans Are Indestructible in Destiny 2’s Solar 3.0 Era with this Easy Build

Destiny 2

While Destiny 2’s Solar 3.0 initially faced criticism, more and more players are beginning to see its true potential. Despite complaints about Solar Titans being weakened by changes, it’s actually quite difficult to die as a Titan with a simple build. I’m not joking. Just yesterday, while intentionally trying to trigger a wipe in the Duality dungeon, I found myself waiting for the enemies to finish me off, but they couldn’t. Thanks to the incredible damage mitigation and healing, even the strongest foes couldn’t take me down. Ultimately, I had to jump off the edge to restart.

The Unstoppable Build

So, what’s the secret? Let’s dive into the details of this build, which doesn’t require any seasonal modifications:

Loreley Splendor

The obvious choice for a Solar Titan exotic this season is the Loreley Splendor. Despite a previous nerf, it still creates a sunspot with restoration if your health is low and your barricade is up. Additionally, you can summon a sunspot at will when you cast your barricade. In PvE, always use the barricade that allows you to shoot over it.

Sol Invictus Aspect

Equipping the Sol Invictus Aspect enables you to generate sunspots on grenade kills, solar melee kills, or killing scorched targets. This ensures that sunspots are generated more frequently and in various locations.

Ember of Solace Fragment

The Ember of Solace Fragment increases the duration of restoration, which is triggered by every sunspot. This is a crucial aspect to consider.

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Ember of Singeing Fragment

The Ember of Singeing Fragment speeds up the recharge rate of your class ability when you scorch targets. As your sunspot scorches enemies, it also accelerates the recharge of your sunspot-generating barricade. Utilize this by charging headfirst into groups of enemies, deploying a barricade to incinerate them, and almost instantly recharging it.

100 Resilience

Maintaining 100 Resilience provides a 40% damage reduction, which is incredibly powerful. This not only helps to prolong your survival but also further accelerates the recharge rate of your barricade.

Any Incandescent Weapon

Opt for an Incandescent Weapon that continuously scorches enemies, generating more sunspots. Currently, the Calus Mini-Tool and Drang are highly recommended picks, but many solar-themed weapons offer this feature.

That’s all there is to it! You can go all out with weapons that heal you, such as Unrelenting, Crimson, or SUROS, but it’s not really necessary. This build clearly demonstrates the immense strength of sunspots, even after the nerfs. While they may be more effective for defense rather than offense now, the defensive capabilities they provide are extraordinary.

Of course, you won’t be able to indefinitely tank shots in Master and GM content. Nevertheless, this is undoubtedly the most formidable defensive Titan build I’ve come across in the game. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it.

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