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An Overview of Enchants in Dragonflight

Dragonflight is an upcoming expansion that introduces a plethora of new enchants. In this article, we will provide you with a first look at these exciting additions. Please note that while we discuss the enchants, keep in mind that the values mentioned are currently just placeholders.

Bracer Enchantments

Let’s start by exploring the new bracer enchantments:

  • Devotion of Avoidance: This enchant permanently increases your Avoidance. The specific value is yet to be determined.
  • Devotion of Leech: Enhance your bracers with this enchant to boost your Leech stat.
  • Devotion of Speed: Increase your Speed attribute by applying this enchant to your bracers.
  • Writ of Speed: Similar to the previous enchant, this also boosts your Speed stat.
  • Writ of Avoidance: This enchantment improves your Avoidance.
  • Writ of Leech: Increase your Leech by applying this enchant to your bracers.

Weapon Enchantments

Next, let’s explore some of the enchantments available for weapons:

  • Burning Writ: Infuse your weapon with the power of flames, occasionally increasing your Critical Strike for a brief period.
  • Burning Devotion: This enchant causes your healing abilities to cauterize wounds, healing your allies further.
  • Earthen Devotion: Ground yourself and improve your Armor temporarily when this enchant procs.
  • Enigmatic Writ: By invoking order, this enchant boosts your primary stat for a limited duration.
  • Frozen Devotion: Sometimes, your weapon will radiate ice and deal frost damage to enemies in front of you.
  • Earthen Writ: Enhance your weapon’s power and strengthen your Mastery temporarily.
  • Enigmatic Devotion: Harness the power of Order to bolster your primary stat.
  • Frozen Writ: Sometimes, your veins will chill, increasing your Versatility for a short period.
  • Wafting Writ: Occasionally, a gentle breeze will increase your Haste, providing you with increased speed.
  • Tome of Illusions – Primal Mastery: Collect the weapon enchantment appearance of Primal Mastery.
  • Wafting Devotion: This enchantment not only increases your Haste but also enhances your Speed.
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Chest Enchantments

Here are some exciting enchantments for your chestpiece:

  • Accelerated Agility: Increase your Agility and movement speed by applying this enchantment.
  • Reserve of Intellect: Enhance your chestpiece to boost your Intellect and increase your mana pool.
  • Sustained Strength: This enchantment strengthens you by increasing your Strength and Stamina.
  • Waking Stats: Boost your primary stats by applying this enchantment to your chestpiece.

Ring Enchantments

Upgrade your rings with these powerful enchantments:

  • Devotion of Haste: Improve your Haste stat permanently by applying this enchantment.
  • Devotion of Mastery: Increase your Mastery by enchanting your ring with this.
  • Devotion of Critical Strike: Enhance your Critical Strike by applying this enchantment to your ring.
  • Devotion of Versatility: Raise your Versatility by using this enchantment on your ring.
  • Writ of Haste: This enchantment works similarly to Devotion of Haste, boosting your Haste stat.
  • Writ of Versatility: Increase your Versatility permanently by applying this enchantment to your ring.
  • Writ of Mastery: Similar to the previous enchantments, this increases your Mastery.

Profession Tool Enchantments

Let’s not forget about enchantments for profession tools:

  • Draconic Deftness: Increase your Deftness by enchanting your gathering tool.
  • Draconic Perception: Improve your Perception by enchanting your gathering or fishing tool.
  • Draconic Finesse: Enhance your gathering tool and increase your Finesse.
  • Draconic Resourcefulness: Increase your Resourcefulness by enchanting your crafting or cooking tool.
  • Draconic Inspiration: This enchantment boosts your Inspiration when applied to a crafting tool.

Cloak Enchantments

Upgrade your cloak with these enchantments:

  • Homebound Speed: Increase your Speed and reduce the cooldown of your Hearthstone while in the Dragon Isles.
  • Graceful Avoidance: This enchantment increases your Avoidance and reduces fall damage.
  • Writ of Leech: Increase your Leech by applying this enchantment to your cloak.
  • Writ of Speed: Enhance your Speed permanently by applying this enchantment to your cloak.
  • Regenerative Leech: Heal periodically and increase your Leech while out of combat.
  • Writ of Avoidance: Boost your Avoidance by applying this enchantment to your cloak.
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Boot Enchantments

Lastly, let’s explore the enchantments available for boots:

  • Plainsrunner’s Breeze: Increase your movement speed by enchanting your boots.
  • Rider’s Reassurance: Enhance your mounted speed by applying this enchantment to your boots.
  • Watcher’s Loam: Increase your Stamina by enchanting your boots.

In conclusion, the Dragonflight expansion brings a wide range of enchants to enhance your gear. Stay tuned for more updates as the release date approaches.

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