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Soul Knight Tier List: The Ultimate Guide [2023 Update]

Soul Knight, a pixel roguelike RPG, offers a thrilling adventure with its intriguing dungeon designs, crazy weapons, and endless excitement. With over 20 unique heroes, 400+ weapons, and randomly generated dungeons filled with treasures, the game has captivated players worldwide. In this comprehensive tier list, we will discuss the best characters in Soul Knight and unveil the greatest assets to help you conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Before we proceed any further, it’s important to note that while there are unlockables in the game, we aim to provide information that is valid for all players. Therefore, this tier list focuses on characters that are accessible to everyone, regardless of their platform or whether they have made any in-game purchases.

Soul Knight: Unveiling the Tiers

Now, let’s dive into the tier list to discover where the free-to-play characters rank. However, it’s crucial to remember that the ultimate goal of the game is to have fun. Feel free to choose the characters that resonate with you and enjoy the unique experiences they offer. Additionally, keep in mind that the multiplayer aspect of the game can add an unexpected twist, where certain characters may prove to be the key difference between victory and defeat.

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Soul Knight: S-Tier Classes

The S-Tier showcases some of the best characters available in Soul Knight. Despite being a small group, these classes offer remarkable abilities and advantages.

Soul Knight: The Rogue Class

The Rogue, known for his swift movements and agility, can be unlocked by paying a cost of 2,000 Gems. Once unlocked, the Rogue can also appear as an NPC during a run, following and assisting the player on the current floor. His weapon of choice is Jack and Mary.

To enhance the Rogue’s capabilities, various upgrades are available. These upgrades include increases in HP, Armor, Energy, and critical hit damage. Additionally, there are skill upgrades and buffs that can be obtained through gems. The Rogue’s starting weapon can also be enhanced with Gems.

The Rogue’s primary skill is “Dodge,” which allows the player to evade hostile damage while moving forward. This skill has a short cooldown and can be utilized to dodge bullets effectively. It’s crucial to time the dodge correctly to avoid damage from burn and poison debuffs. Mastering the art of dodging bullets and understanding its mechanics will greatly enhance your gameplay with the Rogue class.

Soul Knight: The Witch Class

The Witch, a formidable character with magical abilities, can be unlocked by paying 3,000 Gems. Like the Rogue, the Witch can also appear as an NPC during a run. Her weapon of choice is The Code.

Similar to the Rogue, the Witch’s stats can be improved through various upgrades. These upgrades include increases in HP, Armor, Energy, critical hit damage, and her starting weapon’s effectiveness. Additionally, she possesses unique skills that can be upgraded and buffs that can be obtained through gems.

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The Witch’s first skill is “Lightning Strike,” where she swings her Magic Staff, creating a blue circle underneath her. A lightning bolt strikes the nearest enemy and can jump to other enemies up to four times, dealing substantial damage. Her second skill is “Piercing Frost,” which summons a trail of ice spikes that damage and freeze enemies.

When playing as the Witch, it’s crucial to utilize Lightning Strike strategically to eliminate enemies and to pre-cast it before entering a room to maximize efficiency. Piercing Frost, on the other hand, can be used to clear bullets or block enemy attacks.

Final Thoughts

With the multitude of classes available in Soul Knight, it’s essential to choose the ones that align with your playstyle and preferences. This tier list serves as a guide to help you understand which classes can be advantageous when embarking on your journey.

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Now that you’ve gained insights into the best classes based on the tier list, we’d love to hear your opinion. Which class do you enjoy using the most, and are you excited to try out any specific characters? Let us know in the comments below, and remember, sharing is caring!

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