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5 Best Arc Fragments for Hunters in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 offers players the opportunity to personalize their guardians with Arc fragments and aspects. For Hunters who harness the power of Arc, choosing the right build can greatly enhance their effectiveness on the battlefield. With the introduction of Arc 3.0, new combat mechanics have been introduced that grant unique abilities, improving the survivability, damage output, and utility of Hunters.

In order to gain an edge over enemies and accomplish goals more efficiently, it is important for Hunters to select the best builds. This article presents the top five Arc fragments for Hunters in Destiny 2, taking into account their benefits, drawbacks, and synergies with other aspects and fragments. It is important to note that this list is subjective and represents the opinions of the writer.

Spark of Shock: Unleash Electrifying Damage

Spark of Shock grants a Jolt effect to Hunter's skills (Image via Bungie)

Spark of Shock stands out as one of the most powerful and versatile Arc fragments for Hunters. It imbues the Hunter’s Arc abilities with the Jolt effect, which increases the damage received by enemies. This makes it an ideal choice for dealing with tough enemies or bosses.

Arcstrider Hunters can maximize the potential of Spark of Shock by pairing it with the Lethal Current Aspect. This combination allows the character to apply Jolt to enemies with each melee hit. The resulting chain reactions can cause devastating damage, as enemies hit with Jolt can spread the effect to nearby foes.

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Spark of Ions: A Continuous Stream of Energy

Regenerate your ability energy quickly using Spark of Ions (Image via Bungie)

For Hunters seeking to maximize their ability energy regeneration, Spark of Ions is an essential Arc fragment. Defeating a Jolted target grants the Hunter an Ionic Trace, which restores a significant portion of ability energy. This enables Hunters to unleash their Arc abilities more frequently.

Arcstriders can take full advantage of Spark of Ions by combining it with the Flow State Aspect. Lethal Current’s Jolt effect can trigger Ionic Traces with each melee kill, creating a constant stream of ability energy. This powerful combination is particularly effective in PvE scenarios, where Arcstriders can unleash their abilities and decimate hordes of enemies.

Spark of Feedback: Master of Close Combat

Increase your close combat prowess using this fragment (Image via Bungie)

For Arcstrider Hunters who prioritize close combat prowess, Spark of Feedback is an excellent choice. This Arc fragment increases the damage of outgoing melee attacks when the Hunter takes melee damage. It serves as a valuable tool during intense combat situations.

When combined with the Combat Flow Aspect, Spark of Feedback allows Arcstriders to further increase their melee damage while the overshield is active. This enables them to engage enemies more aggressively and emerge victorious. In PvP encounters, this combination proves particularly advantageous, as quick kills and survival are crucial.

Spark of Recharge: Support and Cooldown Reduction

Recharge your melee abilities and grenade with Spark of Recharge (Image via Bungie)

To enhance class ability cooldown and provide support to the team, Hunters can rely on Spark of Recharge as a valuable Arc fragment. When the Hunter’s shield is broken or critically low, Spark of Recharge reduces the cooldown of their grenades and melee abilities. This significantly enhances the Hunter’s ability to support teammates and maintain offensive and defensive capabilities.

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When paired with the Weighted Knife melee ability from the Sharpshooter subclass, Hunters can ensure a steady flow of Orbs of Power, leading to constant ability cooldown reduction. This proves particularly useful in group activities, such as raids and Nightfall strikes, where team coordination and support are crucial to success.

Spark of Magnitude: Controlling with Arc Grenades

Spark of Magnitude is a powerful fragment for Arc Hunters (Image via Bungie)

For Hunters looking to fully harness the potential of their Arc grenades, Spark of Magnitude is an excellent choice. It increases the duration and effects of Arc grenades such as Lightning, Pulse, and Storm Grenades.

The extended duration provided by Spark of Magnitude enables Hunters to control and zone enemies more effectively. This makes it an essential fragment for those who prefer area-denial tactics. Arcstrider Hunters who utilize the Touch of Thunder aspect can greatly benefit from Spark of Magnitude, as it significantly amplifies the power of their Storm Grenade. By zoning out enemies and controlling choke points, Arcstriders become formidable forces in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Remember that when choosing the most suitable Arc fragments for your Hunter, it is crucial to consider your playstyle, preferred subclass, and the synergies with other aspects and fragments. By carefully selecting and utilizing the right combinations, you can optimize your Hunter’s potential on the battlefield.

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