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Mastering the Bow and Spear PvP Build for New World

The Bow is a dominant force in PvP combat, offering immense damage potential across all content types. While it is relatively easy to learn, mastering its techniques requires skill and finesse. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most powerful weapons available. In this guide, we will explore a lesser-played variant of the Bow build that provides increased survivability and an additional crowd-control escape mechanism. The choice of secondary Bow skills will depend on your playstyle and preferences.

Bow Skills

Rapid Shot:
This high-damage cooldown ability launches three quick shots, staggering targets and creating a vulnerability window to secure kills or interrupt enemy casts.

Penetrating Shot:
A powerful ability that deals high damage and can be seamlessly woven into another heavy shot. This skill pierces through multiple targets, making it ideal for finishing off foes.

Explosive Arrow:
Offering substantial damage, this ability can be combined with a heavy attack to potentially one-shot squishy targets. Its quick firing rate makes it a versatile tool for both empowerment and executing enemies.

Spear Skills

This ranged ability inflicts significant damage, scaling based on the distance traveled. It also serves as a powerful close-range crowd-control tool, knocking players down and enabling various combos.

Dealing high damage and inflicting a bleed effect, Skewer offers subtle mobility, allowing you to effortlessly chase down enemies.

Vault Kick:
This stun ability is crucial for crowd-control combinations. It grants you enough time to reposition yourself behind a target, enabling a quick burst or setting up a follow-up crowd-control ability.

Sweep provides an area-of-effect crowd-control ability, knocking players down and allowing for a powerful downward stab. This skill is particularly effective as it does not count toward diminishing returns, thanks to its ability to knock targets to the ground. Consider using this ability if you feel less confident in utilizing Javelin.

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With this optimal damage split, you can maximize your Bow’s potential in PvP combat. If participating in Wars, it may be wise to invest in 150 Constitution for added defense.

Slot Perks and Gem Weight Attributes

  • Bow:

    • Enchanted or Vicious
    • Attunement Perk or Chain Damage Perk
    • Keenly Jagged
    • Elemental Damage Gem*** – Dexterity (Crafted/BoE)
  • Spear:

    • Vicious
    • Keenly Empowered
    • Attunement Perk or Chain Damage Perk
    • Runeglass of Ignited Opal or Elemental Damage Gem*** – Dexterity (Crafted/BoE)
  • Helmet:

    • Ability Perk* or Elemental Aversion**
    • Resilient
    • Refreshing Evasion
    • Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
    • Light Dexterity (Crafted/BoE)
  • Chest:

    • Refreshing Evasion
    • Resilient
    • Elemental Aversion**
    • Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
    • Medium Dexterity (Crafted/BoE)
  • Gloves:

    • Ability Perk* or Elemental Aversion**
    • Resilient
    • Refreshing Evasion
    • Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
    • Light Dexterity (Crafted/BoE)
  • Pants:

    • Refreshing Evasion
    • Resilient
    • Shirking Energy
    • Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
    • Light Dexterity (Crafted/BoE)
  • Boots:

    • Ability Perk* or Elemental Aversion**
    • Resilient
    • Refreshing Evasion
    • Elemental Damage Runeglass** or Sighted Runeglass*** (Moonstone or Onyx)
    • Light Dexterity (Crafted/BoE)
  • Amulet:

    • Health
    • Stamina Recovery
    • Thrust Protection
    • Cut Pristine Emerald – Dexterity or Constitution (Crafted/BoE)
  • Ring:

    • Mortal Empowerment
    • Thrust Damage or Elemental Damage***
    • Hearty
    • Cut Pristine Emerald – Dexterity or Constitution (Crafted/BoE)
  • Earring:

    • Refreshing Toast
    • Purifying Toast
    • Refreshing Evasion
    • Cut Pristine Emerald – Dexterity or Constitution (Crafted/BoE)

Note: The ability perks crucial to your build should include Penetrating Rapid Shot, Refreshing Penetrating Shot, and Empowering Explosive Arrow. While Spear perks like Sundering Javelin, Enfeebling Skewer, and Keen Vault Kick have some viability, they are not essential for maximizing survivability potential with the Bow.

*Elemental Aversion or Freedom are viable third perk options.

**Dexterity players often use an elemental damage gem that matches the Attunement perk on their weapon. This gem deals significant damage due to primary scaling with base weapon damage. It splits this value by 40% and scales with Intelligence or Focus (Nature). By combining an elemental damage Runeglass and perk on your Ring, you can further enhance the elemental damage dealt by the weapon, its Attunement, and its damage-over-time effect. This approach also helps overcome increased resistances to Thrust and Physical damage sources that some players may have.

***If you reach the maximum 15 stacks of Mortal Empowerment, the elemental damage bonuses on Runeglass count toward the empower cap, making it beneficial to use Sighted Runeglass, such as Runeglass of Sighted Emerald. This provides a flat damage increase, albeit a marginal one that applies when you have very high stacks. For general content, it is preferable to pursue elemental variants.

For more specific information on optimizing your gems in both PvP and PvE scenarios, refer to our dedicated guides.

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When utilizing the Bow, it’s essential to prioritize your survivability. Choose a defensive Heartrune that suits your playstyle. The Stalwart Heartrune of Stoneform and Cunning Heartrune of Stoneform are excellent options that bolster your defenses and provide crowd-control immunity.

Your Heartrune can be utilized similarly in both PvP and PvE situations. For more tips on how to get the most out of it, please refer to our Bow or Spear guides.

Gameplay Tips

  • Open on a target with a heavy shot followed by an immediate Explosive Arrow.

  • Use Rapid Shot to deal damage quickly or stagger an enemy.

  • Weave a heavy shot into a Penetrating Shot when trying to finish off a target.

  • Shoot heavy or light Bow shots at low-health targets to secure kills or apply pressure.

  • Utilize Javelin, Sweep, or Vault Kick when enemies approach, or when you need to keep them at bay. These skills can also initiate a crowd-control combo.

  • Use Skewer for burst damage or quick mobility when in a tight spot.

  • Dodge and use Javelin to knock down an enemy.

  • Dodge again and follow up with Vault Kick.

  • Dodge once more and position yourself behind the target, then unleash a devastating Skewer attack.

  • Repeat the combo when available, incorporating light attacks.

  • Alternatively, use Vault Kick to stun the target.

  • Dodge again and execute a Sweep attack, following up with a light attack for a Coup de Grâce.

  • Dodge once more, get behind the target, and use Skewer.

  • Repeat the combo, incorporating light attacks whenever possible.

When wielding the Bow or Spear in both PvP and PvE scenarios, there are many similarities in gameplay decisions and rotations. To enhance your gameplay, learn about utilizing secondary weapons and gain additional insights into specific abilities, refer to the Gameplay section of the Bow or Spear page.

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For frequently asked questions about the Bow or Spear, covering both PvP and PvE topics, head to the FAQ section of the respective pages.

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