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Memory of Chaos Stage 1 Guide for Version 1.3

In this guide, we will show you how to conquer Stage 1 of the Memory of Chaos in Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3. Discover the optimal team compositions, recommended characters, and the rewards that await you.

Memory of Chaos Stage 1 Info

Memory of Chaos Stage 1 Details

  • Objectives:
    • Win with at least 10 cycles remaining
    • Win with at least 18 cycles remaining
    • Have no downed characters
  • Recommended Types for the First Half
  • Recommended Types for the Second Half

Current Phase: Ethereal Shipcraft

  • Memory Turbulence Effect:
    • Summons a Trotter at the start of each wave or cycle.
    • The Trotter takes 200% more damage from Basic ATKs and DoT effects.
    • When defeated, it recovers 2 Skill Points for all allies.

Memory of Chaos Stage 1 Best Teams

Best Team Setups for Stage 1

First Half Teams

  • Jing Yuan DPS
  • Jing Yuan Silver Wolf Tingyun
  • Bailu Kafka DoT
  • Kafka Himeko Asta Bailu
  • F2P Team: Serval Trailblazer (Fire) Asta Natasha

Most enemies in the First Half are vulnerable to Fire DMG and Lightning DMG characters. To make your battles easier, it is crucial to bring these elemental characters to your party. Ensure that your team consists of both DPS and buffers or debuffers.

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Second Half Teams

  • Blade DPS
  • Blade Bronya Welt Luocha
  • Imaginary Team Imbibitor Lunae Yukong Welt Luocha
  • F2P Team: Dan Heng Yukong Herta March 7th

In the Second Half, most enemies are weak against Wind DMG and Imaginary DMG, so it’s essential to include characters from these elements in your party. Additionally, Ice DMG characters are also effective in this half.

Other Characters to Use

  • First Half: Arlan Hook Qingque Seele
  • Second Half: Clara Gepard Pela Yanqing

Memory of Chaos Stage 1 Enemies

First Half

  • Left Side Enemies and Their Weaknesses
  • Right Side Enemies and Their Weaknesses

Second Half

  • Left Side Enemies and Their Weaknesses
  • Right Side Enemies and Their Weaknesses

How to Beat Memory of Chaos Stage 1

Stage 1 First Half

Beware of Frigid Prowler’s Devour Otherling

  • The Frigid Prowler will cast Devour Otherling a turn after summoning lesser enemies.
  • Its ATK gets buffed if it devours one of the lesser enemies, so eliminate them before its next turn!
  • When there are no enemies to devour, the Frigid Prowler will receive a DEF debuff, making the battle easier.

Take Out the Weavers

  • On the other side, prioritize defeating the Imaginary Weavers as they can deal significant AoE DMG.
  • When the Decaying Shadow uses Liberation of the Golden Age to charge up, focus all your attacks on it. This will reduce the DMG taken when it unleashes the attack.

Stage 1 Second Half

Beware of the Trampler’s Spiral Arrow

  • The Voidranger Trampler will lock-on to an ally and start casting Spiral Arrow.
  • During its next turn, it will unleash a powerful attack, dealing massive damage. Ensure you have Shields or use a taunt to redirect the attack.
  • Alternatively, you can Weakness Break the Trampler while it’s casting to interrupt its attack. Prioritize dealing with other enemies before focusing on the Trampler.
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Take Out Mara-Struck Soldiers First

  • The Shape Shifter can summon Mara-Struck Soldiers that are buffed with Draining Hit. These soldiers restore HP when they hit an enemy, so eliminate them as a priority.
  • Once the lesser enemies are defeated, you can focus on the Shape Shifter. Manage your buffs and heal or shield any damaged characters to successfully clear this fight.

Memory of Chaos Stage 1 Rewards

Completion Rewards

  • Lost Crystal x2
  • Lucent Afterglow x8
  • Traveler’s Guide x2
  • Refined Aether x1
  • Credit x10000

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