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Honkai Star Rail Tier List [September 2023]

Honkai: Star Rail Tier List

In this article, we present our comprehensive Honkai Star Rail tier list, which rates every character in the game. We evaluate the best 4-star and 5-star characters available to help you make informed choices for your main team.

Why You Need a Tier List

Honkai Star Rail offers a wide selection of amazing characters for your main team. However, you can’t use them all at once. That’s where our Honkai Star Rail tier list becomes valuable. It provides a clear overview of the current best characters for various situations, helping you assemble the most effective team.

It’s important to note that Honkai Star Rail focuses heavily on team-building rather than relying on a single character. Nevertheless, it’s natural to want to know which character is the best. This tier list explains the strengths and weaknesses of each character and their position in the hierarchy.

We should also mention that while the gacha system in Star Rail is not very F2P friendly, even the “weaker” characters can still handle the content just fine. You don’t need to assemble a top-tier team to beat the game.

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

Here is our Honkai Star Rail tier list, categorized by Rarity, Path, Element, and Role. Each character’s recommended build and general guide are also provided.

  • ST = Single-target damage (bosses, etc.)
  • AoE = Area of Effect, damage dealt to 3+ enemies.

S+ Tier

These characters are meta-defining and excel in their respective in-game activities.

  1. Bronya: Bronya buffs allies’ DMG outcome, advances their turn, and can increase ATK and CRIT DMG with her ultimate. She stands out as an exceptional buffer.
  2. Tingyun: Tingyun buffs ally’s ATK and deals additional DMG based on the target ally’s ATK. Her Ultimate increases the target ally’s energy and attack damage, making her a valuable support character.
  3. Seele: Seele is a top-tier DPS character. Her skill buffs her SPD and grants an additional turn if she defeats an enemy. Her ultimate deals massive damage and pairs well with Bronya for even greater damage output.
  4. Trailblazer (Fire): Fire Trailblazer is a versatile F2P character who excels at shielding allies and has advantages against fire units.
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S Tier

These characters are high-tier and recommended for their outstanding kits.

  1. Himeko: Himeko delivers powerful fire attacks and excels at dealing AoE fire damage. Her passive allows her to deliver an additional AoE fire attack when her enemy’s weakness is broken.
  2. Pela: Pela is a single-target debuffer who reduces ATK and breaks enemies’ defense with her ultimate. She is a reliable DPS character when paired with a high-damage dealer.
  3. Gepard: Gepard is a dependable tank with a shield ability and a chance to freeze enemies. His shield protects the team and becomes more reliable as the game progresses.
  4. Sushang: Sushang is a rapid attack single-target DPS character who can deal massive damage with her ultimate. Her RNG-based kit makes her highly unpredictable.
  5. Welt: Welt is a slow debuffer specializing in Imaginary element attacks. His skills can slow enemies and delay their actions, giving your team a strategic advantage.
  6. Clara: Clara acts as a tank sub-DPS with damage reduction abilities and AoE physical attacks. She requires strong investment to truly shine.

A Tier

These characters have high potential and useful skills that significantly contribute to your team’s progress.

  1. Yanqing: Yanqing is an ice five-star Hunt character who self-buffs her CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG. Her chance to freeze enemies makes her a versatile damage dealer.
  2. Dan Heng: Dan Heng’s slow debuff enhances his ultimate damage. His passive boosts damage when allies apply skills on him, making him a reliable main DPS character.
  3. Asta: Asta is an ATK and SPD buffer who stacks buffs based on the number of enemies hit. Her ultimate buffs allies’ SPD for two turns, but her ATK buff relies on luck.
  4. Natasha: Natasha is a healer who excels in early game progress. Her skills provide single-target healing, while her ultimate heals all allies. Her healing rate becomes less effective in mid-game progression.
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B Tier

These characters are still useful, but you may want to consider switching them during mid-game progress.

  1. Qingque: Qingque can convert her single-target attack into an AoE attack by stacking specific tiles. Her ability to switch tiles is random, making her less reliable.
  2. Physical Trailblazer: This version of Trailblazer is a versatile all-rounder attacker. While he shines early on, his performance diminishes as the game progresses.
  3. Arlan: Arlan is a single-target lightning DPS character who sacrifices HP for higher damage. His lackluster kit and absence of healing abilities make him less viable.

C Tier

These characters can be useful, but require heavy investment to reach their full potential.

  1. Herta: Herta deals AoE ice attacks to enemies when their HP falls below 50%. However, the damage output is relatively low, and she requires strong relics to shine.

Honkai Star Rail Paths

In Honkai Star Rail, each character follows a specific path that determines their role in battle. Paths include damage dealers, support characters, and healers. Here are the seven paths available:

The Destruction: All-rounders who excel in damage dealing. Arlan, Blade, Clara, Hook, and Trailblazer are characters on this path.

The Hunt: Main DPS characters specializing in single-target damage. Dan Heng, Seele, and Sushang are characters on this path.

The Erudition: DPS characters that deal AoE damage. Herta, Himeko, Jing Yuan, and Serval are characters on this path.

The Harmony: Support characters who buff the team. Asta and Bronya belong to this path.

The Nihility: Characters who debuff enemies. Kafka, Pela, Sampo, Silver Wolf, and Welt fall into this category.

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The Preservation: Characters who increase defense for the team. Gepard and March 7th are characters on this path.

The Abundance: Healers who can prevent the team’s death. Luocha and Natasha belong to this path.


This concludes our Honkai Star Rail tier list. As the game develops, more characters may be introduced, and existing characters may undergo balance adjustments. We will keep this tier list up-to-date with the latest meta ratings and characters.

Remember, even with a C-tier character, you can still progress in the game. However, having an S-tier or A-tier character will make your gameplay experience more enjoyable and efficient. Ultimately, choose characters that you enjoy playing with.

If you’re interested in more Honkai Star Rail content, check out our other tier lists and visit the official HSR website for more information about the game!

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