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Evony TKR Guide: Suleiman the Magnificent


Are you looking for an epic gold general in Evony The King’s Return? Look no further than Suleiman the Magnificent! In this guide, we will explore the various aspects of this formidable general, including his stats, skills, specialties, buffs, and rankings.

Suleiman the Magnificent- General Summary

Suleiman the Magnificent is a debuff general for subordinate cities and is listed under the category of Others in the tavern. With a price tag of 60,000,000 gold, Suleiman the Magnificent is a decent siege debuff general, ranking 9th among others. His debuffs include a 30% reduction in HP and defense for all troop types: siege, ground, ranged, and mounted.

You may obtain Suleiman the Magnificent by purchasing premium packages. As a primarily siege general, Suleiman the Magnificent excels in siege battles with a total of 91% siege buffs when all specialties are maxed out. He is ranked 7th in terms of siege HP.

According to his description, Suleiman the Magnificent was an outstanding sultan of the Ottoman Empire who led the empire to a flourishing era.

Suleiman the Magnificent Stats

Suleiman the Magnificent boasts impressive stats in terms of leadership, attack, defense, and politics. At level 35 with 5 stars, his stats are as follows:

  • Leadership: 850
  • Attack: 817
  • Defense: 836
  • Politics: 854

When fully cultivated at level 40 with 5 stars, Suleiman the Magnificent’s stats increase as follows:

  • Leadership: 1459
  • Attack: 1421
  • Defense: 1443
  • Politics: 1463
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Suleiman the Magnificent Skills and Specialties

Suleiman the Magnificent possesses four specialties and a special skill, each contributing to his prowess on the battlefield.

  • Specialty: Siege Machine Ares
  • Specialty: Siege Machine Assault
  • Specialty: Sabotage
  • Specialty (4th): Battle of Rhode Island
  • Special Skill: Indefectible Emperor

Among these specialties, siege is Suleiman the Magnificent’s strongest type. With all specialties maxed out, he gains buffs of 61% to siege attack, 10% to siege defense, and 20% to siege HP.

Siege Machine Ares

Siege Machine Ares provides the following attributes:

  • Siege Machine Defense: 10%
  • Siege Machine Attack: 10%
  • Siege Machine HP: 10%

Siege Machine Assault

Siege Machine Assault provides the following attributes:

  • Siege Machine Attack: 10%
  • Siege Machine HP: 10%


Sabotage provides the following attribute:

  • Enemy Troop Defense: -10%

Battle of Rhode Island (4th)

Battle of Rhode Island provides the following attributes:

  • Siege Machine Attack: 26%
  • Enemy Troop HP: -10%

Indefectible Emperor (Special Skill)

Indefectible Emperor grants the following attributes:

  • Increases ranged troops and siege machines’ attack by 15%
  • Reduces enemy troops’ defense by -10% when General is leading the army.

Suleiman the Magnificent Type Buffs and Rankings

As a siege general, Suleiman the Magnificent boasts a total of 91% siege buffs, including attack, defense, and HP. He ranks 7th in terms of siege HP, making him one of the best generals for siege battles. Take a look at the table below to see how Suleiman the Magnificent’s buffs rank among all generals in Evony:

| Buff Type | Buff Percentage | Ranking |
| Attack | 40% | 12th |
| Defense | 20% | 19th |
| HP | 31% | 7th |

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With Suleiman the Magnificent by your side, your siege battles are bound to be victorious!

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of Suleiman the Magnificent, unleash his power on the battlefield and conquer Evony!

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