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Summoners War [PvE Tier List]

by sara


There are numerous monsters in Summoner’s War, making it difficult to determine the best ones for PvE. In this tier list, I will highlight the crème de la crème of units, as well as those that are not so good. Please note that this list focuses on PvE in general and does not specifically target any particular area. Additionally, I will not be delving into the chaotic world of PvP. While this list does not cover every monster in the game, it includes a significant number of valuable units.

Tier List


This tier comprises the absolute best units. If you manage to obtain any of these monsters, you can expect significant progress in your gameplay.

Lushen (Wind Joker)

Lushen is widely recognized as one of the top monsters in the game, and for good reason. His third skill, Amputation Magic, deals three powerful hits to all enemies, completely bypassing their Defense. Furthermore, if the enemy is inflicted with a Defense Decrease debuff, Lushen’s attacks become even more devastating. With his ability to swiftly clear trash waves, he is an invaluable asset.

Lyn (Light Amazon)

Despite being a 3-star monster, Lyn should not be underestimated. All three of her skills scale with the enemy’s max HP, allowing her to deal massive damage without the need for high Attack stats. In the final stages, I have witnessed Lyn wipe out more than half of the Giant’s HP.

Loren (Light Cowgirl)

Loren, another three-star monster, truly shines with her passive ability, “Chaser.” Each time Loren attacks, she reduces the enemy’s Defense for 1 turn and depletes their attack bar by 20% per hit. Considering that her first skill strikes three times, her utility becomes apparent.

Lapis (Water Magic Knight)

Lapis, a free unit provided by the game after clearing Mt. Siz, proves to be more than meets the eye. While she may appear mediocre, especially in the early game, she boasts a versatile skillset. All three of her skills hit multiple enemies, and two of them also decrease Attack Bars. Furthermore, her third skill allows her to heal based on the damage dealt.

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Galleon (Water Pirate Captain)

Galleon, a four-star unit, stands as one of the best in the game. His third skill, Time to Loot, not only boosts the Attack Power of all allies but also lowers the defense of all enemies. By enabling increased damage output for both Galleon and his allies, this skill significantly reduces clear times. Personally, my fastest GB10 time improved by at least 30 seconds as soon as I acquired Galleon.

Colleen (Fire Harpu)

Yes, it may seem unusual for a 2-star monster to be ranked in the S-tier, but hear me out. Colleen is exceptionally useful. Her first and second skills inflict essential debuffs necessary for NB10, and her third skill, Fiery Dance, offers a potent combination of healing and Attack buff. With a 3-turn cooldown, Colleen proves to be a valuable addition to any team.

Chasun (Wind Sky Dancer)

Although Chasun is no longer as prevalent in the current meta, her strength should not be underestimated. Her second skill, Amuse, heals all allies for 20% of her Max HP while increasing their Attack Power for 2 turns. However, the real treasure lies in her third skill, Fallen Blossoms, which balances the HP and attack bar of both herself and another ally, ensuring it exceeds their previous levels.

Bernard (Wind Griffon)

Bernard, a Wind Griffon, is a reliable companion throughout your journey, from entering GB10 to endgame PvP. His second skill combines both defense and attack break effects in a single hit. Additionally, his third skill increases the attack bars and attack speed of all allies for 2 turns.

Belladeon (Light Inugami)

Belladeon is truly an exceptional monster. Her first skill applies Defense Break, while her second skill effectively removes beneficial effects from enemies. Moreover, her third skill heals all allies for 30% of their HP, increases their attack bars by 30%, and grants them increased Attack Power. She is a vital member of any starter GB10 team.

Baretta (Fire Sylph)

Baretta, a fusable four-star unit, finds his true value in the Trial of Ascension. Not only does his second skill reset the enemy’s attack bar, but his third skill, Phoenix’s Fury, inflicts two Continuous Damage effects on all enemies for 3 turns. Equipping him with Despair runes amplifies his effectiveness.

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Megan (Mystic Witch)

For your starter DB10 team, Megan proves to be an excellent addition. As a three-star monster, she brings significant value. Her second skill, Toad Poison, removes beneficial effects from enemies, which is particularly useful in DB10. Furthermore, her third skill, Spell of Strengthening, increases the attack bar of all allies by 20%, while also boosting their Attack and Defense for 2 turns.

Mav (Wind Penguin Knight)

Mav, the little penguin with big potential, excels in the Trial of Ascension. His second skill, Declare War, self-heals by 25% and has a 75% chance to Provoke an enemy for a turn. His third skill, Wings of Wind, removes harmful effects from all allies, decreases their skill cooldowns by 1 turn each, and increases their attack speed for 2 turns. Mav’s Provoke ability greatly aids in controlling enemies during the Trial of Ascension.

Sigmarus (Water Phoenix)

Sigmarus, a fusable nat5 monster, holds a special place in my heart. His third and second skills both scale with the enemy’s Max HP, making him an excellent damage dealer. Additionally, both skills have a Freeze effect. Furthermore, his third skill, Ice Volcano, attacks all enemies, reducing their attack for 2 turns, and freezing them for 1 turn upon landing a Critical Hit.

Skogul (Wind Giant Warrior)

Skogul, a four-star monster, displays remarkable prowess by hurling his stone into the air. His second skill, Atlas Stone, involves throwing his stone up, only to have it crash down on all enemies in the following turn. This attack deals substantial damage based on Skogul’s max HP, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Teshar (Wind Phoenix)

Teshar is undeniably a powerful monster, hindered only by his AI. His third skill, Tempest, strikes all enemies, instantly resetting its cooldown if he eliminates an enemy. Furthermore, he gains a 20% Attack Bar increase per defeated enemy. It’s unfortunate that his AI sometimes fails to prioritize this skill, even when it could be supremely advantageous.

Theomars (Water Ifrit)

Theomars has gained notoriety for a reason: he is an absolute menace. His passive ability, Elemental King, ensures he always has an elemental advantage when attacking enemies. Additionally, if faced with an attack that would normally be fatal, he gains Endure, rendering him immune to death for 1 turn. It’s worth noting that this Endure effect has a 10-turn cooldown.

Verdehile (Fire Vampire)

Verdehile ranks among the best four-star monsters for a multitude of reasons. Not only is he fusable, but his passive skill, Boiling Blood, boosts the attack bar of all allies by 20% with each critical hit he lands (and both his skills hit twice). Verdehile proves to be an invaluable asset in DB10.

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Verad (Water Dragon)

Verad, a valuable monster for the Trial of Ascension, showcases his strengths with his third skill, Absolute Zero. This skill attacks all enemies, resetting their attack bars to zero and freezing them for one turn. As a result, enemies are effectively denied the opportunity to take their turn, even when their attack bars fill up.

Zaiross (Fire Dragon)

Zaiross, though similar to his water counterpart, possesses distinct strengths. His third skill, Fiery Breaths, unleashes a devastating attack on all enemies, dealing massive damage and resetting their cooldowns to the maximum. Witnessing the demise of multiple enemies at once is truly satisfying.

Fran (Light Fairy Queen)

I simply cannot omit Fran from this list, considering her immense popularity. Her first skill reduces attack and attack bars, while her second skill cleanses an ally of all debuffs, healing them based on her own attack power. However, her third skill stands as the highlight, healing all allies, providing increased attack power, and granting Immunity for 2 turns.

Isis (Light Desert Queen)

While Isis may not commonly appear in top-tier lists, I firmly believe she possesses incredible abilities. Her third skill, Gaze of Oblivion, inflicts Oblivion and Silence on all enemies for 2 turns, effectively rendering them unable to use their second and third skills or passives.

Talia & Sabrina (Water Chakram Dancer & Boomerang Warrior)

The Chakram Dancers and Boomerang Warriors stand out as some of the best monsters due to their unique mechanics. Talia and Sabrina form an exceptional duo, with Sabrina’s passive ability dealing damage to enemies without beneficial effects and reducing damage taken from enemies with beneficial effects.

Herteit (Dark Lightning Emperor)

While it may be unlikely to obtain Herteit due to his status as a dark nat5 monster, he undoubtedly ranks among the best units in the game. His third skill, Endless Desire, absorbs 25% of his Attack Power and Defense per “Knowledge” consumed, taking it from the enemy. Additionally, if he possesses 5 Knowledge, this skill steals all beneficial effects, grants him an extra turn, and only absorbs 10% from boss monsters. The potential of this skill is simply astonishing.

Camilla (Water Valkryja)

Although Camilla has fallen slightly from grace, she remains a formidable force. Her second skill, Seal of Water, deals damage based on the enemy’s max HP. However, her true power lies in her passive ability, First Aid. When struck by a critical hit, Camilla reduces the damage taken by 50% and removes all harmful effects. What’s more, she recovers 10% HP every turn.


These monsters, categorized as S-tier, possess exceptional capabilities and can greatly enhance your progress in Summoner’s War. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, acquiring and utilizing these units will undoubtedly prove fruitful. Good luck on your Summoner’s War journey!

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