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Destiny 2 Precision Final Blows: The Ultimate Guide

Understanding Precision Final Blows in Destiny 2

If you’ve spent enough time in the world of Destiny 2, you’re likely familiar with the concept of grinding Precision Final Blows. These crucial kills are required for various bounties, quests, and exotic weapon requirements. However, understanding how Precision Final Blows work and the best way to farm them is essential for success in the game.

In Destiny 2, Precision Final Blows are not limited to headshots, as commonly believed. A Precision Hit is a critical hit that displays a yellow-colored damage value when you strike an enemy’s weak point. While many enemies have their weak point in the head, not all do. For example, the Vex enemies have a white core as their weak point. To land a Precision Hit on them, you must target this core, regardless of its location on their body.

To identify an enemy’s weak spot, it’s best to experiment by shooting different parts of their body. The area that produces higher, yellow-colored damage values is their weak point. Identifying weak spots is crucial as it enables you to take down enemies more efficiently using the Precision Hit system implemented by Bungie.

Destiny 2 Precision Blow
Shooting the white core of a Vex enemy counts as a Precision Blow.

In essence, Precision Final Blows in Destiny 2 refer to killing an enemy with a Precision Hit. Even if you’ve peppered an enemy with body shots, as long as the final blow is a Precision Hit, it will be counted as a Precision Final Blow.

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Effective Methods for Farming Precision Final Blows

Farming Precision Final Blows can be done using various methods depending on your play style and level of progression in the game. Here, we outline three methods that cater to different players:

Early Game Farming

For new players, the most effective method to farm Precision Final Blows is to participate in public events on Earth, Titan, or Nessus. Earth, being the largest and most accessible planet, is a good starting point. You can quickly travel to public events and engage in combat. Keep in mind that these events are competitive, as many other players will be participating alongside you.

Additionally, Titan and Nessus are also viable options for farming public events. Look out for events like Fallen Walker, Witch Ritual, Glimmer Extraction, Cabal Excavation, Injection Rig, and Vex Construction.

Mid Game Farming

The Thrall Room in the Shattered Throne Dungeon is an excellent farming spot for Precision Final Blows. However, there is some preparation required before starting. Equip yourself with a shotgun, a sword, and a long-range weapon like a sniper or a bow.

Once you reach the Thrall Room, endless Shadow Thralls will spawn and charge at you in a straight line. This makes it easy to land Precision Final Blows and grind out multiple catalysts. Even if you die, you will respawn just outside the Thrall Room, allowing you to resume farming without any hassle.

Late Game Farming

For players who have advanced further in the game, the Last Wish raid in The Dreaming City offers a farming opportunity. Before starting the raid, make sure to obtain Raid Banners from Hawthorn in the Tower. These banners provide super energy and heavy ammo reserves for your fireteam.

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Navigate through the Last Wish raid until you reach the Tower of Opened Eyes area. Instead of starting the raid, head to the left and progress to the Wishing Wall. Project a specific code by shooting the plates until they match the desired symbols. Once completed, die intentionally, and you will respawn in the farming area.

In this area, Taken Thralls will swarm you, providing ample opportunities for Precision Final Blows. Similar to the Thrall Room, dying here is not a substantial setback, as you will respawn in the same spot outside the farming area.


To summarize, if you’re a new player looking to farm Precision Final Blows in Destiny 2, start with public events on Earth, Titan, or Nessus. As you progress, the Thrall Room in the Shattered Throne Dungeon becomes an excellent option. For late-game players, the Last Wish raid offers a challenging but rewarding farming opportunity.

Remember, understanding enemy weaknesses and landing Precision Hits is essential for successful farming. With these methods at your disposal, you’ll be able to complete bounties, quests, and masterwork requirements more efficiently and enjoyably.

Ready to embark on your Precision Final Blow journey? Let’s dive in and make every shot count!

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