Game Onechilledgamer Tier List: Best Weapons & Skills [September 2023] is a popular game that offers a variety of weapons and skills for players to choose from. In this guide, we will rank the best weapons and skills available in, providing you with valuable insights to enhance your gameplay. So, let’s dive in and discover the top-tier weapons and skills! Tier List Guide Best Weapons & Skills Tier List Guide

The tier list provides a comprehensive ranking of all the weapons and skills we have gathered and utilized in the game. This tier list is a valuable resource for those who are curious about the best weapons and skills to use. Before we proceed, make sure to redeem codes to receive gems, design packs, and coins for free. Additionally, check out our Skills Guide for further information and strategies.

New survivors Cat Catnips and Tsukiyomi were added in the recent December update, and we will rank them in the tier list after December 21st. Tier List Guide: Best Weapons

The following weapons have proven to be the best in

  • Tier 0: Sword of Disorder, Void Power, The Lightchaser
  • Tier 1: Kunai, Baseball Bat
  • Tier 2: Katana
  • Tier 3: Shotgun, Revolver features weapons of various grades, including normal, good, better, and excellent. To enhance the damage output of these weapons, players can upgrade and merge them. The best weapon tier list ranks all the weapons into five tiers, ranging from OP (Tier 0) to Average (Tier 4).

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Sword of Disorder Tier List Guide: Best EVO Skills

The tier list also includes the best EVO skills. These skills are categorized into different tiers based on their effectiveness. Here’s the list:

  • Tier 0: Destroyer, Divine Destroyer, Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell, Quantum Ball
  • Tier 1: Inferno Bomb, Fuel Barrel, Dumbbell/1 Ton Iron, Defender, Whistling Arrow
  • Tier 2: Sharkmaw Gun, Thunderbolt Bomb, Death Ray/Matrix, Caltrops, Magnetic Rebounder
  • Tier 3: Medi-Drone, Moonhalo Slash, Pressure Forcefield

To evolve these skills, you need to reach a 5-star upgrade level and fulfill the supply skill requirement. Make sure to refer to our Skills Guide for more detailed information on skill builds and strategies. Tier List Guide: Best Normal Skills

Apart from EVO skills, offers a range of normal skills. Here’s the tier list for the best normal skills:

  • Tier 1: Guardian, Molotov, Forcefield
  • Tier 2: Drill Shot, Soccer Ball, Durian
  • Tier 3: Lightning Emitter, RPG, Type A Drone, Type B Drone, Laser Launcher
  • Tier 4: Boomerang

Each character in the game possesses unique and exclusive skills. You can find the best hero tier list to explore these character-exclusive skills. Best Passive Skills Tier List

Passive skills play an essential role in Here’s the tier list for the best passive skills:

  • Tier 1: Survivor Instinct, Sixth Sense, HE Fuel, Hi-Power Bullet, Energy Cube
  • Tier 2: EXO Bracer, Ammo Thruster
  • Tier 3: Fitness Guide, Ronin Oyori, Koga Ninja Scroll, Sports Shoes
  • Tier 4: Energy Drink, Oil Bond, Hi-Power Magnet

Each skill tier offers unique benefits to enhance your gameplay experience. Pay attention to the requirements and effects of each skill to optimize your strategy.

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This concludes our tier list guide for the best weapons and skills. Stay updated with the latest updates to make the most of your journey. Don’t forget to check out other informative articles, such as Codes, Best Gears, Tips, and Best Pets Tier List.

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Note: This article was last updated on September 5, 2023.

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