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Fastest Way To Level Up Equipment In (Master the Game Quickly)! is a mobile game that offers a thrilling adventure and intense battles. As a player, one of your main goals is to level up and become stronger. In this guide, I will show you the fastest and most effective methods to level up your equipment in By following these tips, you’ll be able to unlock new chapters and dominate the game in no time!

Understanding Equipment Leveling in

Before diving into the strategies, let’s quickly recap how equipment leveling works in To level up your equipment, you need two essential resources: gold and designs. As you progress through the game, the amount of gold and designs required for leveling up increases. Therefore, it’s crucial to engage in efficient farming methods to collect these resources quickly.

It’s important to note that each type of equipment requires a specific design to level up. For example, if you want to level up a weapon like Kunai or Lightchaser, you’ll need weapon designs. Likewise, necklace equipment requires necklace designs. Each equipment type has its own unique design requirements. level up guide

Additionally, equipment is available in different grades, each with a maximum level. Good grade gear can be upgraded to level 20, Better grade to level 30, Excellent to level 50, Epic to level 80, and Legendary to level 120. Upgrading your equipment to Epic and Legendary grades allows you to reach the highest possible levels. Check out the linked posts in this paragraph to learn how to obtain epic and legendary equipment.

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Level Up Fast with Gold and Designs

As mentioned earlier, leveling up your equipment requires an abundance of gold and designs. To level up fast and gain a competitive edge in the game, focus on obtaining more gold and designs. Here are six proven methods to achieve this:

1. Chapters

Chapters play a significant role in acquiring designs, gold, and experience points (EXP). Take advantage of these basic yet crucial opportunities by clearing and replaying chapters. Each time you complete a chapter, you’ll receive rewards, including designs. Make sure to revisit previously completed chapters to maximize your rewards.

2. Patrol

The Patrol feature offers the fastest way to gather designs in Quick Earnings within the Patrol feature provide instant rewards, including designs and various weapons. For detailed instructions on how to increase your patrol earnings, refer to my comprehensive patrol guide.

3. Dailies & Weeklies

Completing daily and weekly tasks grants you access to free designs. Simply fulfill these tasks to claim chests that contain rewards like equipment designs and other valuable items. best way to level up

4. Daily Shop

You can purchase designs from the Daily Shop using gold. Utilize the strategies outlined in my gold farming guide to earn substantial amounts of gold. Once you’ve accumulated enough gold, head to the Daily Shop, where you can buy designs. The shop refreshes every 24 hours, so make sure to check back regularly.

5. Daily Discount

The Daily Discount section offers you the chance to purchase items at discounted prices. Additionally, it provides two free designs, along with some gold and gems, every day. Taking advantage of this opportunity only requires watching a short 30-second advertisement. While the free rewards may not be substantial, they are definitely worth the minimal effort.

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6. Researcher Perk

Once you reach Adventure Level 35, the “Researcher” perk becomes available at the Evolve tab. This perk allows you to obtain designs by defeating monsters. Although not every monster drops designs, the more monsters you defeat, the higher your chances of obtaining design drops. Unlocking this perk requires multiple key evolutions, which you can learn about in this detailed post. fastest way to level up

By implementing these strategies, you’ll level up your equipment rapidly in Remember to share this post and visit our website daily for more tips, tricks, and guides on and other exciting Android games!

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