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The Ultimate Guide to Equipment in is an exhilarating game where your character’s equipment plays a vital role in their strength. Unlike skills that reset with each level, your equipment remains with you throughout the game. In this guide, we will delve into the world of equipment, exploring its importance, upgrade possibilities, and the different equipment slots available. So, gear up and let’s get started!

Why Equipment Matters

Equipment is not just any accessory in; it is the key to your character’s development. However, acquiring good equipment can be quite challenging. While you can earn equipment as rewards during gameplay, you can also purchase chests using gems to obtain valuable items. It’s essential to understand that equipment can be a game-changer, taking your character’s performance to the next level.


The Weapons Slot

Among the various equipment slots, the weapons slot stands out as the most critical. The weapon you choose can significantly impact your performance in a level. For instance, if you face difficulties during boss battles, selecting the Kunai is a preferred option as it automatically targets the boss. On the other hand, weapons like the Katana are more suitable for mini-games like the daily event, Gold Mine, where wide strokes inflict damage to multiple zombies.

Here’s a breakdown of some weapons and their grade skills:


  • Good Grade: ATK +10%
  • Better Grade: Kunai damage +30%
  • Excellent Grade: Start off with level 2 Kunai
  • Epic Grade: ATK +15%
  • Legendary Grade: Kunai will split after hitting an enemy
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  • Good Grade: ATK +10%
  • Better Grade: Adds 1 blade wave
  • Excellent Grade: Blade waves also release ki blasts
  • Epic Grade: ATK +15%
  • Legendary Grade: Blade wave heals for 3% HP when an enemy is hit.


  • Good Grade: ATK +10%
  • Better Grade: Reload time -2s
  • Excellent Grade: 1 bullet restored after an enemy is killed
  • Epic Grade: ATK +15%
  • Legendary Grade: Minor explosion when an enemy is hit


  • Good Grade: ATK +10%
  • Better Grade: 2x damage to enemies in front
  • Excellent Grade: Shotgun range extended
  • Epic Grade: ATK +15%
  • Legendary Grade: Shotgun pierces all enemies

Baseball Bat

  • Good Grade: ATK +10%
  • Better Grade: Attacks inflict bleed
  • Excellent Grade: Knockback distance doubled
  • Epic Grade: ATK +15%
  • Legendary Grade: Swing range becomes circular

With these weapons, you can strategically choose the one that complements your gameplay style and enhances your overall performance.

Merging Equipment

To strengthen your base level equipment, you can take advantage of the merge feature, which elevates them to higher quality levels. The quality levels range from Common (Grey) to Excellent (Purple), with the S-Grade Excellent being the pinnacle. By tapping the equipment tab at the bottom of the screen and clicking the merge button, you can see if you have any items available for merging.

In case nothing is available for merging, you can select a piece of equipment to view the requirements and what it will merge into. Upgrading your equipment’s quality level is highly recommended to progress effectively in the game. Aim to reach S-Grade Excellent for all your equipment, as it will significantly bolster your gameplay.

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Upgrading Equipment

To upgrade your equipment, you will need designs specific to the category and gold coins. Upgrading your equipment is never a waste, as you can always salvage it to refund 100% of the materials and gold used. Simply tap on your equipment and click the red icon in the top right to salvage it. Upgrading your equipment not only makes you stronger but also boosts your starting HP. Remember to upgrade your current set of equipment and keep an eye out for any new pieces that you can merge or equip to further enhance your strength.

All Equipment

For a comprehensive overview of all the equipment available in, refer to our Equipment Database. This resource will provide you with detailed stats and information to help you make informed decisions about which equipment suits your playstyle best.

By understanding the significance of equipment, upgrading it efficiently, and making wise choices for each equipment slot, you will pave your way to becoming the ultimate survivor. So, equip yourself with the right tools, unleash your skills, and conquer the challenges that await in!

Equipment Chests in the Shop

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