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Sushang – Unveiling the Secrets

Sushang, the 4-Star Physical element character, has made a stunning entry into the world of Honkai: Star Rail. With the impeccable voice talent of Anjali Kunapaneni, Sushang is a force to be reckoned with. In this guide, we will explore their best builds, relics, light cones, teams, traces, eidolons, and how to acquire this remarkable character!

Unveiling Sushang

Sushang Basic Info and Rating

Rarity: 4 Stars
Element: Physical
Path: Honkai: Star Rail
Tier List Rating: Ratings are based on E0.

How do you rate Sushang?

Check out the Character Tier List to see where Sushang stands.

Sushang Base Stats

  • HP: Lvl. 1: 124, Lvl. 80: 917
  • ATK: Lvl. 1: 76, Lvl. 80: 564
  • DEF: Lvl. 1: 57, Lvl. 80: 418
  • SPD: 107

Acquiring Sushang

Pull from Any Banner

You have the chance to get Sushang by pulling from any warp banner. Explore the various Limited and Permanent Banners available, such as the Epochal Spectrum, Brilliant Fixation, Stellar Warp, and Departure Warp.

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Participate in Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle Event

Phase 1 of Version 1.3 showcases the exciting Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle event, where you can obtain Sushang for free! Make sure to check out the Aurum Alley’s Hustle and Bustle Event Guide for more details.

Crafting the Perfect Build for Sushang

Physical Main DPS Build

Unlock Sushang’s true potential with a Physical Main DPS Build.

Assembling the Ideal Team for Sushang

Sushang F2P Team (Free-to-Play)

Complement Sushang’s skills and abilities with the perfect team composition:

  • Main DPS: Sushang
  • Sub-DPS: Serval
  • Tank: Trailblazer (Fire)
  • Healer: Natasha

Sushang’s lack of AoE damage can be compensated by pairing her with a secondary DPS character. This allows her to break the Toughness bar of enemies that are not weak to Physical damage.

Hyper Carry Team

If you want to maximize Sushang’s potential for massive burst damage, try the Hyper Carry Team:

  • Main DPS: Sushang
  • Support: Bronya
  • Support: Tingyun
  • Healer: Bailu

Funnel all SP and offensive buffs into Sushang to unleash consecutive turns of devastating burst damage. Utilize the Weakness Break mechanic to deal higher damage to enemies. With Sushang’s A4 Trace “Riposte,” she can accumulate “Sword Stance” and deal even more damage.

Unveiling Sushang’s Light Cones

Sushang’s Best Light Cones

Discover the recommended Light Cones for Sushang and how to obtain them:

  • Limited Gacha
  • Gacha Starlight Exchange
  • Herta Store Gacha
  • Gacha Echo of War
    The list is arranged by Rarity and Strength from top to bottom.

Choosing the Perfect Relics for Sushang

Top Relic Choices for Sushang

Select the most suitable relic sets for Sushang:

  • Merits Champion of Streetwise Boxing x4: Sushang’s best 4pc. Relic set for dealing damage.
  • Ornament Set Merits Space Sealing Station: Greatly increases Sushang’s overall damage and only requires a small amount of additional Speed from either Substats or buffs to unlock the full effect of the Ornament.
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Mastering Sushang’s Gameplay

Sushang’s Trace Priority

Learn about the trace priority and explanation for Sushang’s skills and passives:

  • Basic Attack: ★★★☆☆ – Low Priority
  • Skill: ★★★★★ – Highest Priority
  • Ultimate: ★★★★★ – Highest Priority
  • Talent: ★★★★☆ – High Priority
    Discover more about Sushang’s traces.

Sushang’s Recommended Eidolons

Explore the recommended eidolons for Sushang and the reasons behind the recommendations:

  • E1: ★★★★★ – Great
  • E2: ★★☆☆☆ – Okay
  • E4: ★★★★☆ – Good
  • E6: ★★★★★ – Great
    Get to know all the eidolons recommended for Sushang.

Unleashing Sword Stance for Massive Damage

Sushang possesses incredible DPS capabilities, specializing in dealing massive amounts of Physical damage through the unique “Sword Stance” mechanic. Discover how to trigger Sword Stance and deal devastating damage to your enemies.

Gaining Buffs from Breaking Weaknesses

Breaking an enemy’s weakness grants Sushang numerous benefits, including an increase in SPD when a party member breaks an enemy’s weakness. Take advantage of Sushang’s ability to advance forward after using her Basic Attack or Skill when there are enemies with Weakness Break on the field.

The Power of Sushang’s Ultimate

Sushang’s Ultimate not only deals a tremendous amount of damage but also advances her turn forward by 100%, granting her an extra turn. Use her Ultimate strategically to follow up with a Skill and unleash increased Sword Stance damage.

Unveiling Sushang’s Traces and Passives

Unveiling Sushang’s Technique

  • Cloudfencer Art: Warcry
    Immediately attacks the enemy. Upon entering battle, Sushang deals Physical damage equal to 80% of her ATK to all enemies.
    Bonus Stat Nodes: ATK Boost ATK +4.0%
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Unveiling Sushang’s Basic ATK

  • Cloudfencer Art: Starshine
    Deals Physical damage equal to 50% of Sushang’s ATK to a single enemy.
    Bonus Stat Nodes: DEF Boost DEF +5.0%

Unveiling Sushang’s Skill

  • Cloudfencer Art: Mountainfall
    Deals Physical damage equal to 105% of Sushang’s ATK to a single enemy. There is a 33% chance to trigger Sword Stance on the final hit, dealing additional Physical damage equal to 50% of Sushang’s ATK to the enemy. If the enemy has Weakness Break, Sword Stance is guaranteed to trigger.
    Bonus Stat Nodes: ATK Boost ATK +6.0%

Unveiling Sushang’s Ultimate

  • Shape of Taixu: Dawn Herald
    Deals Physical damage equal to 192% of Sushang’s ATK to a single enemy and allows her to take immediate action again. Sushang’s ATK increases by 18%, and her Skill has 2 extra chances to trigger Sword Stance for 2 turns. Sword Stance triggered from the additional chances deals 50% of the original damage.

Unveiling Sushang’s Talent

  • Dancing Blade
    When an enemy has their Weakness Broken, Sushang’s SPD increases by 15.00% for 2 turns.

Unveiling Sushang’s Bonus Abilities

  • Vanquisher
    After using Basic ATK or Skill, if there are enemies on the field with Weakness Break, Sushang’s action is advanced forward by 15%.
    Bonus Stat Nodes: DEF Boost DEF +7.5%, ATK Boost ATK +8.0%, HP Boost Max HP +8.0%

  • Guileless
    When current HP is at 50% or lower, reduces the chance of being attacked by enemies.
    Bonus Stat Nodes: HP Boost Max HP +4.0%, ATK Boost ATK +4.0%

  • Riposte
    For every Sword Stance triggered, the damage dealt by Sword Stance increases by 2%. Stacks up to 10 times.
    Bonus Stat Nodes: ATK Boost ATK +6.0%, HP Boost Max HP +6.0%

Exploring Sushang’s Eidolons

Eidolon Resonance Levels

Unleash the true potential of Sushang’s eidolons through resonance levels:

  • E1: Cutting With Ease
  • E2: Refine in Toil
  • E3: Rise From Fame
  • E4: Cleave With Heart
  • E5: Prevail via Taixu
  • E6: Dwell Like Water

Ascending with Sushang

Total Ascension Materials

Ensure Sushang reaches new heights with the following materials:

  • Ascension Material Total: 12 13 12 50 246,400

Total Trace Materials

Unveil the secrets of Sushang’s traces with these materials:

  • All Trace Node Materials Total: 12 28 54 42 105 42 12 5 2,400,000

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Embark on an incredible journey with Sushang and revel in their extraordinary abilities. Unleash the power within and conquer the world of Honkai: Star Rail!

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