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All the Exciting New Additions in TFT Set 8: Little Legends and Chibi Champions

The highly anticipated expansion, TFT: Monsters Attack!, is bringing a wave of fresh and thrilling changes to Teamfight Tactics. Alongside new units, traits, and mechanics, players can also look forward to a range of captivating cosmetics. Set 8 introduces five new Little Legends and a Chibi Champion, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at these fantastic additions coming to live servers in early December.

Battle Pass Exclusives: Super Squad Sprite and Star Guardian Tocker

As is customary with each new TFT set, a battle pass is introduced for players to progress through. Continuing this trend, the set 8 battle pass offers a chance to acquire the Super Squad Sprite Little Legend. This time, Sprite has embraced a futuristic appearance, complete with sleek shades, ready to combat any evil-doer that comes its way. In addition to Sprite, Star Guardian Orianna’s trusted companion, Tocker, is also available as part of the battle pass.

Super Squad Sprite and Star Guardian Tocker
Sprite is looking good in its new Super Squad form. | Provided by Riot Games.

TFT Set 8 Little Legend Trio: Grizzle, Whisker, and Baron

Prepare to be amazed because Baron Nasher from League of Legends itself makes an appearance in TFT Set 8, but in a completely unexpected way. Rather than being a formidable boss, Baron has been transformed into an adorable Little Legend. Just like other Little Legends, Baron goes through three evolution tiers and boasts five different variants, in addition to its base form. You can find Cosmic Scourge, Odyssey, Star Guardian, Star Nemesis, and Super Squad versions of Baron.

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Grizzle, on the other hand, captures the essence of this set’s Choncc. This huggable giant is a Koala Bear Little Legend, starting off innocently in its first form but growing ferocious in its final form. Similar to Baron, Grizzle offers five variants to collect: Dark Star, Groovy, Star Guardian, Star Nemesis, and Super Squad.

Baron Nasher - Cosmic Scourge, Odyssey, Star Guardian, Star Nemesis, and Super Squad
There are no words for Baron’s Star Guardian form. | Provided by Riot Games.

Whisker is the last member of this trio and brings the perfect blend of cuteness and a touch of horror, much like Mimikyu from Pokemon. Whisker’s three forms gradually reveal its increasingly demonic appearance, with its final form showcasing its inner “demon.” Beyond the base model, players can acquire Whisker in five different variants: Dark Star, Star Guardian, Star Nemesis, Stitched, and Super Squad.

Whisker - Dark Star, Star Guardian, Star Nemesis, Stitched, and Super Squad
Take over games and the world with Whisker. | Provided by Riot Games.

All these incredible Little Legends will be available for purchase in the shop once the set launches on live servers.

Chibi Champion: Lux and Star Guardian Lux

Last but certainly not least, a new Chibi Champion joins the ranks of TFT in Set 8. Lux arrives with her own set of unique animations, emotes, taunts, and a signature “Boom.” For those willing to invest, the Star Guardian Lux variant can be obtained from eggs available in the shop. This Mythic tier variation not only features exclusive animations but also activates a special cutscene when Lux eliminates an enemy player.

Chibi Champion Lux and Star Guardian Lux
A new diesofcutscene for all the Star Guardian fans. | Provided by Riot Games.

In conclusion, TFT Set 8: Monsters Attack! promises an array of delightful additions. From the battle pass exclusives, including the Super Squad Sprite and Star Guardian Tocker, to the Little Legend trio consisting of Baron, Grizzle, and Whisker, players will have plenty to explore. And let’s not forget Lux, the Chibi Champion, who brings her own dazzling presence to the game. Get ready to embrace these exciting new avatars as they make their debut on live servers.

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