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The fighters of the Bear Tribe highly value displays of martial skill, a necessary trait for a nomadic group that frequently encounters conflicts on their journeys. What better way to prove your worth than by demonstrating your prowess while also vanquishing one of their most despised enemies? This article offers a step-by-step guide for completing the side quest known as “The Beast’s Challenge” in Diablo 4.

How to Begin “The Beast’s Challenge” in Diablo 4

To initiate this side quest, approach Greganoch, who can be found along the western perimeter of the Bear Tribe Refuge. This refuge acts as a stronghold amidst the frigid heights of the Seat of the Heavens region, providing a semblance of civilization. Engage Greganoch in conversation, and inquire about the trophies on display. He will inform you that despite their impressive collection of grisly war mementos, there is one prized spot left vacant—a space awaiting the head of the notorious Kauller the Collector. This monstrous Khazra not only feasts on the flesh of defeated Bear Tribe warriors but has also boldly challenged them. Regrettably, the Bear Tribe has not been able to meet this challenge thus far. You will earn favor with the tribe if you can return with the head of this fearsome beast.

Locating and Defeating Kauller the Collector in Diablo 4

After speaking with Greganoch, a blue search area will encompass the northern region of the Bear Tribe Refuge, stretching along the northwestern perimeter of the Seat of the Heavens. Venture into this area, passing by the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon until you come across Kauller, situated just northwest of the aforementioned dungeon.

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Although Kauller the Collector is a formidable Khazra Brute, he is not entirely unique like the Khazra Abomination. Nevertheless, do not let your guard down, as he possesses individual traits that vary each time he spawns (at Lv25, he exhibited three traits—Summoner, Vampiric, and Cold Enchanted). The Summoner trait enables him to call upon minions to fight on his behalf, while the Vampiric and Cold Enchanted traits pose greater threats. Vampiric allows Kauller to heal when inflicting physical damage, and Cold Enchanted empowers him to deal cold damage and summon frozen energy orbs. To prevent him from leeching your life, keep your distance. Given his immense size, he boasts an impressive attack range. Beware of the frozen orbs he conjures, as they can immobilize you momentarily, granting him opportunities for free strikes—a detrimental outcome, to say the least.

If possible, maintain distance from Kauller. Otherwise, exercise caution around his ice orbs, swiftly evading them to avoid being frozen. Though he lacks exceptional durability, he is susceptible to various debuffs (ironically including freezing), which allow you to exploit his weaknesses without fear of reprisal. Chip away at his health and, upon his demise, remember to retrieve the Head of Kauller. Return to Greganoch at the Bear Tribe Refuge and announce, “I’ve returned with the Head of Kauller.” He will congratulate you on your victory before requesting that you mount the trophy. Proceed to the vile totem positioned behind Greganoch. When prompted, securely fasten the Beast’s Head to complete the quest. You will receive a customary reward, consisting of a Cache, as well as a variable amount of XP and gold.

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By following this comprehensive guide, you will triumph in Diablo 4’s side quest, “The Beast’s Challenge,” earning not only the recognition and favor of the Bear Tribe but also valuable rewards to aid you on your further endeavors.

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