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Destiny 2 | The Messenger God Roll: How to Obtain and Optimize the Weapon


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to obtain and optimize The Messenger God Roll in Destiny 2. The Messenger is a potent High-Impact Frame Pulse rifle that boasts slow yet impactful shots. This weapon has made its return in season 21 with a brand-new perk. In this guide, we will dive into the specifics of the God Roll and how to acquire it.

The Messenger Adept Pulse Rifle

Why You Should Get The Messenger Pulse Rifle

The Messenger Pulse rifle is a force to be reckoned with in both PvE and PvP. Pulse rifles have remained in the meta for a considerable duration due to their superior damage falloff and range capabilities. The Messenger has the added advantage of being able to roll with desirable perks that can enhance its damage and rate of fire. By firing faster, you can eliminate your targets before they even have a chance to retaliate.

Obtaining The Messenger God Roll in Destiny 2

The Messenger can be acquired from various Trials of Osiris Reward sources, including completing the weekly challenges by winning seven matches and rounds. It may also randomly drop from Trials engrams. However, the Adept version of The Messenger can only be earned by flawlessly completing a Trials of Osiris Passage, winning seven matches without losing. Once you obtain the weapon, you can focus it at Saint-14 to obtain Trials Engrams, Glimmer, and Legendary Shards. Please note that the Adept version can only be focused during the weeks it serves as the weekly Flawless reward and requires a 7-win Passage.

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Destiny 2 Saint 14 Location

PvE God Roll for The Messenger

Destiny 2 PvE God Roll

To optimize The Messenger for PvE activities, consider the following traits:

  • Barrel: Opt for Smallbore as your barrel option. Smallbore enhances both the range and stability of the weapon. Improved range and stability make it easier to land headshots and reduce damage falloff when engaging enemies from a distance.
  • Magazine: Select Armor-Piercing Rounds for your magazine slot. These rounds provide a slight range buff and deal additional damage to enemy shields. This bonus damage is particularly effective against barrier champions, especially if you are Radiant or utilizing the anti-barrier mod for pulse rifles in the current season.
  • Column 3 Trait: Rapid Hit is an ideal choice for this slot. Landing a headshot grants 1 stack of Rapid Hit, which enhances reload speed and stability for 2 seconds. This effect can stack up to 5 times, eliminating any recoil issues and significantly improving reload speed.
  • Column 4 Trait: Kinetic Tremors is the recommended trait for this slot. Landing multiple hits on a target will trigger a tremendous area-of-effect explosion, inflicting substantial damage to surrounding enemies. This trait is perfect for dispatching high-health enemies without resorting to supers or heavy weapons.
  • Origin Trait: The Messenger’s origin trait grants increased reload, stability, aim assist, and range when you are the last surviving member of your fireteam or when playing solo.
  • Masterwork: Opt for a range boost for your Masterwork. A higher range stat allows you to engage enemies at longer distances without suffering significant damage loss.
  • Mods: Equip the Major spec mod. This mod increases damage against enemies with orange health bars and champions.
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In conclusion, The Messenger excels in PvE encounters thanks to its versatile perk combinations. While acquiring this weapon may require some effort in Trials of Osiris, the perks it can roll make it a valuable addition to your arsenal.

PvP God Roll for The Messenger

Destiny 2 PvP God Roll

To optimize The Messenger for PvP engagements, consider the following traits:

  • Barrel: Choose Hammer-Forged Rifling as your barrel option. This barrel provides a substantial +10 bonus to range, granting you a significant advantage in PvP encounters.
  • Magazine: Opt for High-Caliber Rounds in this slot. High-Caliber Rounds offer a minor increase in range and cause opponents to flinch more when hit. The increased flinch effect can disrupt your enemies’ aim while they are aiming down sights.
  • Column 3 Trait: Rapid Hit remains the recommended choice for this slot in PvP as well. Landing a headshot grants 1 stack of Rapid Hit, improving reload speed and stability for 2 seconds. With this trait, you will experience minimal recoil and enjoy lightning-fast reloads, allowing you to swiftly transition to the next engagement.
  • Column 4 Trait: The Desperado trait is highly desirable for PvP. Reloading after a precision final blow increases your rate of fire. This increased RPM significantly aids in dispatching enemies faster. Keep in mind that the Desperado trait lasts for 6 seconds and can be refreshed by scoring additional headshot final blows within that time frame.
  • Origin Trait: The Messenger’s origin trait provides increased reload, stability, aim assist, and range when you are the last surviving member of your fireteam or when playing solo.
  • Masterwork: Similar to the PvE version, prioritize a range boost for your Masterwork to maintain damage effectiveness at longer ranges.
  • Mods: For PvP, equip the Counterbalance Stock mod. This mod enhances weapon stability, aiding in maintaining accuracy during intense gunfights.
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In conclusion, The Messenger shines in PvP battles, especially with the Desperado trait. If you enjoy playing Trials of Osiris, reaching flawless status grants you access to the adept version, enabling the use of adept mods. While the adept version provides small stat increases, the regular version of The Messenger is still an excellent PvP weapon.

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Thank you for reading our comprehensive Destiny 2 guide on The Messenger God Roll. Keep in mind that this weapon is adaptable to any class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock), subclass (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand), and can be utilized in any PvE or PvP activity in Destiny 2 (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operations, Dungeons, Raids, Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner).

As an avid player of MMOs, I engage in all aspects of the game, including solo play, PvP, and PvE. If you’d like to see more Destiny 2 or ESO content, consider tuning in to my live streams on Twitch or YouTube. Additionally, we regularly publish Destiny 2 news, builds, and seasonal and weapon God Roll guides.

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