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Is The Vow the Ultimate Legendary Bow in Destiny 2?

Since the arrival of Crimson Days 2020, Destiny 2 players have been buzzing about The Vow, a Legendary Bow that can be obtained through various activities during the event. As someone who acquired this weapon during last year’s Crimson Days, I can confidently say that The Vow is an exceptional choice. However, let’s examine how it compares to other Legendary Bows to determine if it truly reigns supreme.


Before we delve into the perks, let’s take a look at the stats of The Vow:

  • Impact: 68
  • Accuracy: 54
  • Stability: 73
  • Handling: 64
  • Reload Speed: 64

Additionally, it possesses hidden stats such as aim assistance, draw time, recoil direction, and zoom. These numbers contribute to the overall performance of the weapon and are worth considering when evaluating its effectiveness.


The Vow boasts an impressive set of perks, according to Destiny 2 DB. These perks include:

  • Lightweight Frame: Equipping The Vow allows Guardians to move faster, providing a tactical advantage during engagements.
  • Polymer String: This perk slightly enhances accuracy and facilitates a faster draw time.
  • Natural Fletching: Although it slightly decreases accuracy, it significantly improves stability, ensuring accuracy during intense firefights.
  • Rapid Hit: Landing precision hits rapidly increases stability and reload speed for a short duration.
  • Archer’s Tempo: Each precision hit reduces the draw time, allowing for faster follow-up shots.

These perks synergize well with The Vow’s playstyle, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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The Competition

According to LightGG, Destiny 2 currently offers a total of eight Legendary Bows. While this may seem relatively small, it’s important to note that Bows were introduced to the game with the launch of the Forsaken expansion. To provide a fair comparison, let’s examine the other Legendary Bows by season, starting with Season 4.

Season 4 Bows

In Season 4 of Forsaken, we encountered several noteworthy Bows. “No Turning Back” grants increased accuracy and stability when firing from the hip, while “Arsenic Bite-4b” possesses the Rampage perk, enhancing damage output. “Subtle Calamity” improves sneak speed and reload time while crouched. Lastly, “Tyranny of Heaven” features Dragonfly, which deals additional damage and can potentially eliminate enemies with precision kills.

Although these Bows offer enticing perks, The Vow’s exceptional speed and versatility set it apart. Its ability to rapidly land precise shots combined with its overall speed makes it a top choice for many Guardians.

Season 5 Bows

In Season 5, The Vow competes primarily with “The Spiteful Fang.” This Bow fires arrows that explode after a short delay, providing an explosive advantage. While The Spiteful Fang has its strengths, The Vow’s speed remains an appealing aspect. However, choosing between the two ultimately depends on personal preference and playstyle.

Season 7 Bows

Season 7 introduced “Hush,” a Bow that grants increased draw speed with each precision hit from hip fire. Although this perk sounds enticing, its difficulty to execute and relatively modest boost pale in comparison to The Vow’s inherent benefits.

Season 8 Bows

In Season 8, only one new Bow was introduced: “Accrued Redemption.” Interestingly, this Bow can roll with similar perks to The Vow, making it a close contender. However, it can also drop with perks like Rampage, which may not appeal to all players. As a result, The Vow’s consistent performance and speed make it the preferred choice for many Guardians.

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When considering the best Legendary Bow, The Vow emerges as a formidable contender. While there is stiff competition from The Spiteful Fang and Tyranny of Heaven, The Vow’s unrivaled speed grants it an edge in gameplay. Hunters, in particular, will likely gravitate towards The Vow due to its exceptional performance. However, for those prioritizing explosive headshots, The Spiteful Fang stands as a close second. Ultimately, the answer to whether The Vow is the ultimate Legendary Bow depends on individual playstyle.

Let’s Continue the Conversation

What are your thoughts on The Vow and its competition? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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