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Dirge of the Mire: A Quest Walkthrough for Diablo 4


Discover the secrets of the Dirge of the Mire quest in Diablo 4 (Diablo IV). This comprehensive walkthrough will guide you through the main objectives, provide tips for completion, and outline the rewards you can earn along the way.

Dirge of the Mire Overview

Basic Information

  • Quest Type: Main Quest
  • Zone: Hawezar
  • Starting Location: The Writhing Mire
  • Quest Giver:
  • Rewards: Renown, EXP, Gold

Unlocking Dirge of the Mire

The Dirge of the Mire quest commences as you step into the treacherous Venom-Drenched Path. To access this path, you must first clear the preceding quest, The Serpentine Path.

Dirge of the Mire Quest Walkthrough

How to Follow the Serpent

  1. Objective 1: Speak to Neyrelle
    • Locate Neyrelle in the Venom-Drenched Path and engage in conversation.
  2. Objective 2: Follow the serpent with your allies
    • Traverse the map by moving south along the serpent’s body. Be cautious as this region is obstructed. Use the provided map to avoid getting lost.
    • Tip: If you come across a Healing Well (♥) while heading south, you are on the right path.
  3. Objective 3: Find a way through the mire
    • Continuously progress south until you reach a muddy swamp area. Look for a section of the serpent known as the Wounded Underside on the eastern side. Attack this portion to clear the path.
  4. Objective 4: Destroy the dead trees
    • Follow the newly revealed path until you are required to change direction and head north. There will be dead trees blocking your way. Eliminate them to proceed to the final area of the quest.
  5. Objective 5: Follow your allies into the Voiceless Grove
    • Journey slightly eastward to find Lorath. Be prepared for an ambush by enemies.
  6. Objective 6: Destroy the Wailing Soul
    • Defeat the first enemy, the Wailing Soul.
  7. Objective 7: Slay all enemies
    • Face and defeat all the enemies that appear, culminating in the elite enemy Nikola the Lost.
    • Pro tip: Activate the Channeling Shrine to reduce skill resource cost and cooldowns.
  8. Objective 8: Follow Neyrelle
    • Accompany Neyrelle to the east, leading you out of the Voiceless Grove and into the Swamp of Vanished Souls. Completing this will conclude the quest and initiate The Slow, Beating Heart quest.
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Dirge of the Mire Serpent Map

Heading South to Wounded Underside

During the Dirge of the Mire quest, access to the map is initially restricted. However, completing The Slow, Beating Heart quest will grant you full map functionality. Refer to the provided map to navigate the serpent’s path alongside your allies.

Previous and Next Quests

  • Previous Quest: The Serpentine Path
  • Next Quest: The Slow, Beating Heart

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By following this comprehensive quest walkthrough, you’ll conquer the challenges of Dirge of the Mire and make significant progress in the captivating world of Diablo 4.

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