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The Coolest Titan Armor Sets in Destiny 2 (2023)

Destiny 2 is not just about having powerful armor stats, but also about looking stylish. If you want to be a Guardian that stands out from the crowd, you need to have the best-looking armor sets. In this article, we will guide you through the process of armor synthesis, also known as transmog, and then introduce the top 10 Titan armor sets that will make you the envy of other players.

How Does Armor Synthesis and Transmog Work?

Armor synthesis, or transmog, allows you to change the appearance of your high-stat armor while retaining its effectiveness. Each class requires a specific material to unlock an armor piece as an ornament. On Titan, you’ll need 1 Synthweave Plate, while Hunter and Warlock require 1 Synthweave Strap/Bolt. There is also a currency called Synthweave Template that can be used on any class. Here’s a quick overview of the process:

  • Get a bounty from Ada-1 and choose the ones that align with the activities you were going to do anyway.
  • Complete the bounty, which may take some time but is usually not too difficult.
  • Return to Ada-1 and interact with the Loom to receive the Synthweave material for your class.

Once you have the Synthweave currency you need, you can navigate to the Appearance Customization option in your menu and transmog any discovered armor piece into an ornament. Note that Exotic armor pieces cannot be transmogged, but shaders can still be applied.

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Destiny 2 Fashion: The Top 10 Titan Armor Sets

In this list, we will focus on full armor sets that are still obtainable in-game. While Eververse ornaments offer great options, they require Silver, so we will exclude them from this ranking. Keep in mind that the “best” fashion is a matter of personal preference. Feel free to experiment with our top picks and discover your own favorites.

10. Crystocrene Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Crystocene Suit

  • How to Get: Europa Quests

The Crystocrene Suit, tied to the Beyond Light campaign, features a heavy winter gear look that resembles characters from The Thing. With additional visual equipment on the chest and arm pieces, this set will make you feel ready for war in the arctic.

9. Dreambane Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Dreambane Suit

  • How to Get: Shadowkeep Campaign

The Dreambane Suit, obtained by completing the Shadowkeep campaign, boasts intricate details that set it apart. Its aesthetic design will catch your eye, making you stand out as one of the best-dressed Guardians in the game.

8. Terra Concord Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Terra Concord Suit

  • How to Get: World Drop from legendary engrams or some vendors’ daily shops

The Terra Concord set has a distinct “Titan-like” appearance, instantly recognizable as belonging to the Titan class. Its vibrant colors make you the most obvious Guardian on the map. Its simplicity perfectly balances the bulky design, demonstrating how to create a great-looking armor set.

7. Lost Pacific Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Lost Pacific Suit

  • How to Get: World Drop from legendary engrams or some vendors’ daily shops

The Lost Pacific Suit sets the standard for astronaut-themed armor sets. Its helmet is the standout piece, while the set as a whole captures the essence of being an astronaut. The simplicity of each piece complements one another, making it one of the most well-balanced sets available.

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6. War Numen’s Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | War Numen

  • How to Get: King’s Fall Raid

The War Numen’s Suit, obtained from the King’s Fall Raid, showcases a unique dinosaur helmet that is undeniably cool. The bone aesthetic throughout the set, combined with the raid’s weapons, creates a stunning and cohesive look. While the individual armor pieces may not blend well with others, as a complete set, it’s truly fantastic.

5. Insight Unyielding Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Insight Unyielding Suit

  • How to Get: World Drop from legendary engrams or some vendors’ daily shops

Ranked halfway on our list, the Insight Unyielding set is the strangest but also one of the coolest. Its unique and eye-catching appearance makes it impossible to miss. This set combines ridiculousness with genuine coolness and can be easily combined with other sets or ornaments for a more personalized look.

4. Praefectus Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Praefectus Suit

  • How to Get: Dares of Eternity

The Praefectus Suit is available during certain weeks in Dares of Eternity. This set might have an unconventional charm, with an “interesting” helmet design, but it looks fantastic as a complete set or when combined with other pieces. If you’re seeking an armor set that stands out, this is a great choice.

3. TM-Cogburn Custom Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | TM-Cogburn Custom Suit

  • How to Get: Spire of the Watcher Dungeon

The TM-Cogburn Custom Suit, known as the “cowboy set,” is exactly what every Destiny 2 player wanted. Featuring the best-looking single armor piece—a cowboy hat—this set is already a winner. The rest of the set, especially the leather pants, is fantastic. Be prepared for a grind to obtain this armor, as the drop rates in Spire are lower than other dungeons.

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2. Kentarch 3 Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Kentarch 3 Suit

  • How to Get: Garden of Salvation Raid

The Kentarch 3 Suit truly represents the Garden of Salvation Raid. Its rustic appearance, combined with the bright contrast from the hard light parts, perfectly captures the essence of the raid. While acquiring the suit may take some time, offering to help others with their Divinity runs will increase your chances of finding a group.

1. Moonfang-X7 Suit

Best Titan Fashion Sets in Destiny 2 | Moonfang-X7 Suit

  • How to Get: Prophecy Dungeon

The Moonfang-X7 Suit is an absolute gem, with its blue and pink color scheme fitting perfectly as a Daito set. It takes shaders exceptionally well and is one of the most iconic sets in Destiny 2. Titans are fortunate to have the best version of this set, as it exhibits the characteristics of a true Titan armor set—big, blocky, and in-your-face, yet slick and strangely elegant.

If you want to turn heads as soon as you spawn in, the Moonfang-X7 Suit is for you. Don’t forget to explore other armor pieces and ornaments, and check the Bright Dust shop weekly for available ornaments that can be acquired without spending real money.

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