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How to Defeat Varshan and Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4

The Malignant Season in Diablo 4 introduces two formidable foes that players must overcome: Varshan and Echo of Varshan. These powerful enemies can be found inside Malignant Tunnels, but defeating them requires careful strategy and preparation. In this guide, we will walk you through the locations of Varshan and Echo of Varshan, as well as provide tips and advice on how to beat them and claim their valuable rewards.

Varshan and Echo of Varshan Location

Season 1 Questline

Your first encounter with Varshan the Consumed takes place during the “Answers in the Ashes” Quest in the Season 1 Questline. However, a final showdown awaits you in the “The Cold Hard Truth” Quest.

Inside Malignant Tunnels

After completing the Season 1 Questline, you will obtain the Invoker of Varshan. This powerful item allows you to summon an even more formidable version of Varshan, known as the Echo of Varshan, inside secret rooms located within Malignant Tunnels.

These secret rooms can be accessed through a wooden door, but it’s important to note that not all Malignant Tunnels have secret rooms. Keep an eye out for these hidden chambers as they hold great rewards.

How to Defeat Varshan and Echo of Varshan

To ensure your success against Varshan and the Echo of Varshan, it is crucial to follow these tips and strategies:

Optimize Your Build and Gear

Before facing off against these powerful foes, it is highly recommended to optimize your build and gear. This means focusing on maximizing your DPS (damage per second) and survivability. Varshan can unleash devastating attacks, particularly in higher World Tiers, so upgrading your equipment and investing in defenses is crucial.

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Party Up with Other Players

Forming a party with other players can greatly enhance your chances of success. Not only will your combined DPS bring the encounter to a swift conclusion, but you will also benefit from increased experience points. This is especially recommended for higher difficulties, as Varshan’s attacks can be lethal. Having teammates who can revive you and share the heat can provide valuable opportunities to heal and recharge your abilities.

Craft Elixirs of Poison Resistance

Varshan has the ability to inflict Poison, so crafting Elixirs of Poison Resistance is highly recommended. These elixirs can be crafted at the Alchemist by exchanging the required materials. Having this additional layer of protection will prevent you from constantly chugging healing potions and allow you to focus on the fight.

Avoid Staying in Front of Varshan

With the exception of Varshan’s Explosive Decay attack, which has an area of effect, all of Varshan’s attacks are directed in front. By staying to the side, you can easily avoid most of Varshan’s strikes and save your evasive maneuvers for when you truly need them.

Beware of New Attacks in Higher World Tiers

In World Tiers III and IV, Varshan gains new abilities and attacks with different properties. For example, the tendril swipe attack launches projectiles, extending its reach. To stay prepared, it’s advisable to have an extra mobility or escape skill in addition to your evasive maneuver, ensuring you won’t be caught off guard.

Use Crowd Control

Like other bosses in Diablo 4, Varshan has a Stagger Bar below its HP (health points) bar. Filling up this Stagger Bar by using crowd control skills will create an opening for you to deal significant damage. Take advantage of this opportunity to maximize your DPS and secure victory.

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Dispatch Summons First

During the encounter, Varshan will summon three minions. While these minions may initially seem inconsequential, Varshan will absorb them to gain a barrier if they are not eliminated. To effectively damage Varshan, it is crucial to dispatch these summons before focusing your attacks on the boss.

Varshan and Echo of Varshan Attack Patterns

Understanding Varshan and Echo of Varshan’s attack patterns is essential for survival. Here are the key attacks to be aware of:

Tendril Swipe

Varshan uses its tendrils to strike horizontally three times. Each strike may not deal significant damage individually, but the cumulative effect can be substantial if you are hit multiple times. To avoid this attack, maintaining a safe distance or positioning yourself behind Varshan is recommended.

In World Tiers III and IV, Tendril Swipe gains an added twist: it launches projectiles in a cone, extending its reach. Additionally, Varshan can cancel this attack and transition into another, so be cautious and avoid being overly aggressive.

Tendril Stab

Similar to Tendril Swipe, Varshan stabs directly in front using its tendrils three times. This attack has a further reach but can be easily sidestepped by moving to the side.

In World Tiers III and IV, this attack gains tracking capabilities, launches projectiles, and can be cancelled into another attack. As with Tendril Swipe, exercise caution and avoid overcommitting to your own attacks.

Tendril Lunge

Varshan utilizes its tendrils to pull itself towards you, lunging forward to strike. This attack serves as a gap closer for the relatively immobile boss. By simply sidestepping, you can easily dodge this attack.

In World Tiers III and IV, Tendril Lunge deals increased damage. However, it has a slight wind-up, providing an opportunity for a well-timed sidestep.

Explosive Decay

Varshan marks the ground and unleashes a violent explosion, causing significant damage in an area of effect. This attack is the most dangerous move in Varshan’s arsenal, and its area of effect expands as the fight progresses.

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In World Tiers III and IV, Explosive Decay becomes even more aggressive. The explosion occurs much quicker, and the area of effect is significantly larger. Always be prepared with an evade or mobility skill to escape this devastating attack.

Varshan and Echo of Varshan Rewards

Defeating Varshan and Echo of Varshan comes with generous rewards. Here’s what you can expect:

High Item Power Drops in World Tier 4 Regardless of Level

Defeating Varshan on World Tier 4 can yield equipment with a remarkable Item Power of 800, irrespective of your character’s level. Farming Echo of Varshan for high item power drops can significantly boost your character’s power, enabling you to take on more challenging content.

Different Rewards Depending on World Tier

Varshan the Consumed grants different rewards depending on the World Tier you are playing at. Once you have defeated Varshan in the Season 1 Questline, you will need to defeat the Echo of Varshan on World Tier I or II to obtain the Invoker recipe necessary for the next World Tier.

Encounter Rewards

Varshan the Consumed (Season 1 Questline):

  • Invoker of Varshan
  • Malignant Heart
  • Malignant Ichor
  • Experience points, Equipment, and Gold

Echo of Varshan (World Tier 1 and 2):

  • Recipe: Foul Invoker of Varshan
  • Malignant Hearts
  • Malignant Ichor
  • Experience points, Equipment, and Gold

Echo of Varshan (World Tier 3):

  • Recipe: Tormented Invoker of Varshan
  • Malignant Hearts
  • Malignant Ichor
  • Experience points, Equipment, and Gold

Echo of Varshan (World Tier 4):

  • Malignant Hearts
  • Malignant Ichor
  • Experience points, High Item Power Equipment, and Gold

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Following these tips and utilizing the strategies we’ve outlined will greatly increase your chances of defeating Varshan and Echo of Varshan in Diablo 4. May fortune favor your battles as you undertake these challenging encounters in the Malignant Season!

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