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Conquering the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon: Strategy and Location

Tower of Fantasy is home to some formidable world bosses, and one of the most challenging ones is the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon. In this guide, we will explore the rewards, attack patterns, and strategies to defeat this mighty creature. So, brace yourself and read on!

How to Reach the Frostfire Dragon

Located Atop the Platforms of Eyrie

Map View Overworld View

The Frostfire Dragon resides high above on the platforms of Eyrie, making it inaccessible through conventional means. However, there are a few ways to reach its domain.

Teleport to a Team Member

The easiest way to access the Frostfire Dragon’s area is by joining a different team. Keep an eye on the chat for any team recruiters, and join them. Through this method, you will be instantly teleported to the boss’ location.

Go Through a Portal South of Rusty Iron Camp

Another widely-used method is to traverse a portal situated south of the Spacerift in Rusty Iron Camp. Scale a series of cliffs and glide down from the highest point to the portal. Look for a small red tear suspended in the air. Touching it will transport you directly to the boss’ area.

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Use the Eyrie Spacerift

Once you arrive at the Frostfire Dragon’s area, you will encounter a spacerift. Activate it immediately before engaging the boss in battle. Alternatively, activate the spacerift after defeating the dragon.

Frostfire Dragon General Information

  • Resistance: None
  • Weakness: None
  • Recommended Weapons: Samir’s guns, Tsubasa’s bow
  • Recommended Relics: N/A

“The Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon is an awe-inspiring mechanical creation that pays homage to legendary creatures. However, engaging in combat with these fantastical beings can prove to be a formidable challenge…”

Rewards from the Frostfire Dragon

List of Rewards:

  • Deciphered Chest Rewards
  • Samir SSR Matrix
  • Pepper SR Matrix
  • M. Storm Shards
  • Random SSR Weapon
  • Random SR Weapon
  • Random R Matrix Weapon
  • Battery III
  • Matrix Data Pack III

Using a Forced Decipher on the World Boss Chest grants players a smaller amount of EXP and some ore. Additionally, defeating the Frostfire Dragon may yield Vehicle Upgrade Materials ranging from common to legendary. Opening the boss chest will also provide more Vehicle Upgrade Materials.

Defeating the Frostfire Dragon

How to beat the Frostfire Dragon

Use Long-Range Weapons

Most of the time, the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon stays airborne, making it difficult to attack using close-range weapons. Focus on dealing sustained damage from a distance with long-range weapons like Samir’s guns or Tsubasa’s bow.

Down the Frostfire Dragon

The opportunity to strike the Frostfire Dragon with close-range attacks occurs when it is downed. Save your weapon’s special attack for this crucial moment.

General Boss Tips

Invite Friends

The Frostfire Dragon is a formidable foe, and defeating any World Boss alone is nearly impossible. Gather a group of friends or other players through the World chat. Aim for at least 4-6 players to take on this challenge. It is also advisable to have a healer in your team.

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Use Heavy Weapons to Break Shields

Breaking the boss’s shield can be troublesome. Utilize weapons with superior shatter abilities such as Huma, or Meryl, to break its shields with ease.

Prepare Food Beforehand

World bosses unleash devastating attacks, dealing considerable damage. Ensure you have sufficient food prepared to heal yourself during the battle. Consult our Cooking Recipes and Food Guide for more information.

Frostfire Dragon Attack Patterns

All Moves

Homing Missles

This is the Frostfire Dragon’s go-to attack. It launches a series of missiles that track players for a short period. Getting hit once will stagger you, leaving you vulnerable to subsequent missiles. Evade them by constantly moving around.

Missile AoE

The Frostfire Dragon’s only other attack is its missile AoE. It covers a wide range, forcing players to quickly dash outside its area of effect. Being struck by this attack will stagger you temporarily.

What to Do if the Frostfire Dragon is Not Spawning?

Wait for an Hour

After the defeat of a World Boss, it respawns precisely one hour later. Therefore, waiting for its return is not recommended.

Go to a Different Channel

Stay updated with the World Chat for player announcements regarding the location of world bosses. Consider changing to the recommended channel to join other players in the battle. Refer to our guide on How to Change Channels for further assistance.

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Prepare yourself for an epic encounter with the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon. Armed with the knowledge of its attack patterns and the strategies to defeat it, you stand a chance against this formidable foe. Rally your friends, gather your weapons, and prove your worth in the Tower of Fantasy!

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