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The Ultimate Guide to the Best V Rising Magic Abilities

Magic abilities are a crucial aspect of V Rising gameplay, often surpassing the importance of weapon abilities. These ranged attacks are invaluable for both PvP and PvE encounters. In PvE, they provide a safe distance from formidable bosses, while in PvP, their utility cannot be overstated. So, which V Rising magic abilities should you prioritize for PvP and PvE? Let’s explore the best options that cater to your unique playstyle.

Understanding the Magic Ability Categories

Before delving into the top-tier magic abilities, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the different categories available in V Rising. The game offers various abilities, including Frost, Blood, Chaos, Unholy, Illusion, and more. Blood abilities serve as the game’s basic ability, with two abilities unlocked from the start. Here is an overview of all the magic abilities in V Rising:

  1. Blood

    • Basic Skills: Blood Rage, Blood Rite, Crimson Aegis, Sanguine Coil, Shadowbolt
    • Travel Skill: Veil of Blood
    • Ultimate Skills: Crimson Beam
  2. Unholy

    • Basic Skills: Corpse Explosion, Pestilence, Purgatory, Unstable Mosquito, Ward of the Dammed
    • Travel Skill: Veil of Bones
    • Ultimate Skills: Summon Fallen Angel, Volatile Arachnid
  3. Illusion

    • Basic Skills: Mist Trance, Spectral Assassin, Spectral Wolf, Wisp Dance
    • Travel Skill: Veil Of Illusion
    • Ultimate Skills: Mirror Strike, Spectral Guardian
  4. Chaos

    • Basic Ability: Aftershock, Chaos Barrier, Chaos Volley, Power Surge, Void
    • Travel Ability: Veil Of Chaos
    • Ultimate Ability: Chaos Barrage, Merciless Charge
  5. Frost

    • Basic Ability: Crystal Lance, Frost Barrier, Frost Bat, Ice Nova
    • Travel Ability: Veil Of Frost
    • Ultimate Ability: Arctic Leap, Frost Vortex
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Apart from these ability categories, you also have the vampire ability, which allows you to change form and acquire weapon abilities.

Top 5 Offensive Magic Abilities in V Rising

Now, let’s focus on the offensive magic abilities that are highly effective in both PvP and PvE encounters. These abilities can be unlocked by defeating bosses with V Blood.

1. Chaos Volley

The Chaos Volley is a personal favorite for offensive magic ability enthusiasts. With its impressive range, this ability inflicts magic and burn damage. Launching two Chaos bolts consecutively, it deals 125% magic damage and burn. The Chaos Volley is widely popular in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer to unlock this ability.

2. Sanguine Coil

The Sanguine Coil is a top-tier ability that not only deals damage but also heals both you and your allies. It grants 100% of your spell power to your allies and a solid 40% to yourself—a remarkable support ability when facing bosses as a group. This ability becomes available early in the game after defeating Meredith the Bright Arrow.

3. Veil Of Chaos

When it comes to travel abilities, the Veil of Chaos reigns supreme. Countless players rely on this exceptional ability throughout their V Rising journey. As the best travel ability in the game, the Veil of Chaos enables you to swiftly evade enemies. The melee damage bonus of 25% that follows the ability is a significant advantage. Dash forward, leaving behind an explosive illusion that deals 50% magic damage. Additionally, you can recast the dash twice within a few seconds. To unlock this ability, emerge victorious against Clive the Firestarter.

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4. Arctic Leap

The Arctic Leap is undoubtedly the best ultimate ability within the Frost category. While other ultimate abilities may expose you to enemy attacks, the Arctic Leap keeps you out of harm’s way. It deals damage and freezes enemies for 6 seconds, amplifying the impact of other magic attacks. By leaping into the air and landing on enemies, it inflicts 225% AoE magic damage, leaving mobs in the area frozen for 6 seconds.

5. Power Surge

Our fifth recommended ability is a basic ability from the Chaos category called Power Surge. Chaos abilities are beloved by a majority of players, and the Chaos Surge holds a special place in their hearts. This crucial ability removes any debuffs affecting you, while also providing a shield for you and your allies. It boosts movement and attack speed by 25% for the duration of the shield. However, unlocking this ability requires defeating Azariel the Sunbringer in the Silverlight Hills.

Best Defensive/Offensive Magic Ability in V Rising

While several abilities offer both defense and offense, none compare to the usefulness of the Chaos Barrier. When timed correctly, the Chaos Shield offers protection against projectiles and ranged attacks, redirecting them back to the enemy and inflicting substantial damage. The Chaos Barrier also enhances movement speed by 10% and shields you from frontal attacks for 2 seconds. Additionally, it launches any projectiles aimed at the barrier back at the enemy, dealing 75% damage.

These are the best V Rising magic abilities suitable for both PvP and PvE encounters. For more guides and tips on playing the game, explore other categories within V Rising.

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