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5 Agents with the Highest Pick Rate in Valorant Champions 2023

Valorant Champions 2023 has recently concluded, marking the end of this year’s official VCT season. The event showcased 16 teams from around the world who competed fiercely for the title of World Champion. On the 16th day, the Grand Finals took place, featuring Pacific’s Paper Rex and Americas’ Evil Geniuses.

In an intense Bo5 series, Evil Geniuses emerged victorious, making them the first and only NA team to win a Valorant Champions event. The level of competition was incredibly high, with each team giving their all.

Throughout the event, teams frequently experimented with different compositions and played with uncommon Agents. However, there were specific Agents that stood out in terms of popularity. Here is a list of the top five Agents with the highest pick rate in Valorant Champions 2023.

Skye, Killjoy, and Three More Agents That Were Most Picked During Valorant Champions 2023

1) Killjoy

Killjoy, the second Agent released in the game after its full launch, falls under the Sentinel category. Her abilities allow her to effectively hold down a site alone, gathering information and playing a passive role.

Killjoy was the most frequently chosen Agent in Valorant Champions 2023, boasting a pick rate of 63% throughout the event. She was highly favored on the maps Pearl, Lotus, and Haven. In VCT Masters Tokyo, she also ranked among the top-picked Agents with a pick rate of 59%.

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2) Skye

Skye, one of the game’s initial Initiators post-launch, possesses abilities that blind enemies with her flashes, gather crucial information for the team, and even heal her teammates. She stands as the only Agent, excluding Sage, with healing capabilities.

Skye boasted a pick rate of 56% in Valorant Champions 2023. Teams almost always selected her when playing on Split and also frequently utilized her on Bind. Her pick rate in VCT Masters Tokyo was slightly higher at 59%.

3) Raze

Raze, an explosive Duelist hailing from Brazil, is renowned for her powerful abilities that deal significant damage to enemies while enabling quick travel with Blast Packs if utilized skillfully.

During Valorant Champions 2023, Raze boasted a pick rate of 55%. She was predominantly chosen on the maps Lotus, Split, and Bind. Comparatively, her pick rate during VCT Masters Tokyo was 48%, indicating a considerable increase in popularity.

4) Viper

Viper has been a part of Valorant since its beta phase and falls under the Controller category of Agents. Her abilities enable her to obstruct sight with smoke walls and inflict temporary damage.

Throughout Valorant Champions 2023, Viper maintained a pick rate of 55%. Bind, Lotus, and Split were the three maps where she was most frequently chosen. Similarly, Viper’s pick rate has seen an increase since Masters Tokyo, where it was only 44%.

5) Jett

Jett stands as one of the most popular Agents in the game. Her abilities grant her quick access to sites, allowing for fast-paced executions. Many players tend to opt for Jett if they are skilled in utilizing the Operator.

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While Jett was once the most chosen Agent, her pick rate has slightly decreased following her nerfs. In Valorant Champions 2023, she maintained a pick rate of 52%, lower than the 59% she achieved during VCT Masters Tokyo. Ascent, Pearl, and Haven were the maps where she was most frequently selected.

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In conclusion, these five Agents dominated the pick rate charts during Valorant Champions 2023. Their unique abilities and playstyles contributed to their popularity and effectiveness in high-level play. As the game continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these pick rates fluctuate and which Agents come to the forefront in future events.

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