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VALORANT’s Competitive Map Pool Rotation: Discover the Active Maps

Riot Games, the mastermind behind VALORANT, remains dedicated to expanding and updating the game. As VALORANT evolves, players can expect the introduction of several new maps over the years. However, unlike overwhelming players with an excessive number of maps to learn, Riot Games has implemented a rotation system. This system ensures that only a select few maps remain active at any given time. In this article, we explore the currently active maps in the VALORANT map pool rotation.

The Concept of Map Rotation

Design lead on the VALORANT maps team, Joe Lansford, shed light on the reasoning behind the map rotation system. After extensive collaboration with the esports team, player surveys, and discussions with professional organizations, Riot Games arrived at the decision to maintain a strict pool of seven active maps.

Lansford expressed how mastering a new map in a tactical shooter can pose one of the most challenging aspects of the game. Moreover, the process of fully mastering a map adds an extra layer of difficulty, with a large number of maps creating a steep learning curve. By limiting the active pool to seven maps, the team strikes a balance between offering variety and promoting mastery. This approach benefits newcomers by reducing the amount of information they need to absorb, while seasoned players can focus on honing their skills without having to learn new environments.

The Current Maps in the VALORANT Map Pool Rotation

As of September 6, the active map pool rotation in VALORANT consists of the following maps:

  • Sunset
  • Breeze
  • Ascent
  • Haven
  • Bind
  • Split
  • Lotus
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Sunset Map in VALORANT
Sunset Map in VALORANT


Sunset, the latest addition to VALORANT’s map collection, offers a mesmerizing Los Angeles cityscape, bathed in a warm golden glow. This map presents a straightforward layout without introducing any new gimmicks. It features two sites and a central area of utmost importance for securing control.

Breeze Map in VALORANT
Breeze Map in VALORANT


Breeze, a mysterious tropical island, initially challenged players with its design during Act Three. Fortunately, Riot Games implemented a significant rework that eliminated troublesome long sightlines. While maintaining the map’s distinctive characteristics, the rework now provides more opportunities for diverse playstyles and strategies.

Ascent Map in VALORANT
Ascent Map in VALORANT


Ascent has remained relatively unchanged since its inception. This map presents a floating city section immersed in clouds. Its unique feature is the switch-activated doors leading to each site, though Sunset has now adopted a similar door mechanism, thereby reducing Ascent’s distinctiveness. Ascent and Sunset share similarities in both aesthetics and strategic aspects, with battles for control over the Mid area being a constant theme in matches.

Haven Map in VALORANT
Haven Map in VALORANT


Haven, a remote map set against a mountain backdrop with a burning tower, has become an iconic location within VALORANT. It remains one of the few maps that have not undergone significant revamps or rotations. Haven’s claim to fame lies in its three-site layout, distinguishing it from other tactical FPS titles. Although attackers typically benefit from this layout, the map’s extensive history allows for endless strategies and possibilities.

Bind Map in VALORANT
Bind Map in VALORANT


After a noticeable absence, Bind returned to the map pool during Episode Six. This desert-themed map’s standout feature is its teleporters, which received a revamp offering fresh approaches to gameplay. Playing in closer angles has become an effective strategy on Bind, with agents like Raze and Harbor finding success on this map.

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Split Map in VALORANT
Split Map in VALORANT


Split holds the distinction of being the first map to be rotated out, revamped, and then reintroduced to the active map pool. After leaving the pool during Episode Five, Split returned in Episode Six when Bind and Breeze took a break. Split’s tight layouts and multiple levels of buildings allow for quick rotations and dynamic gameplay.

Lotus Map in VALORANT
Lotus Map in VALORANT


Lotus, another three-site map, builds upon the success of Haven. However, Lotus boasts its own distinctive elements. The map features two rotating doors operated by buttons on either side, as well as a destructible door connecting the B site and A Main. Navigating around these doors can prove tricky, making flanking strategies essential on this lush forgotten city map.

By limiting the number of active maps in the VALORANT map pool rotation, Riot Games strikes a delicate balance between variety and mastery. This approach ensures that both new and experienced players can enjoy the game without feeling overwhelmed by an excessive number of maps. Whether battling on Sunset’s golden cityscape or navigating the tight layouts of Split, VALORANT’s active maps offer a myriad of strategic possibilities. So jump into the game, explore the active map pool, and let the competitive spirit thrive!

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