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Lost Ark Valtan Rewards – Exploring the Loots in Valtan Normal & Hard Modes


Valtan, the highly anticipated legion commander raid, is finally arriving in Lost Ark this month. This marks a significant milestone in the game’s end game content. In this article, we will delve into the rewards for both normal and hard modes of the Valtan raid. We will also highlight the differences in rewards between these two modes.

Valtan Normal VS Hard Rewards

The Difficulty and Requirements

Despite the challenging nature of the Valtan raid, players will have the opportunity to save their progress at certain gates or checkpoints. To attempt the normal difficulty, players must attain an item level of 1415, while the hard mode requires a minimum item level of 1445. Additionally, Valtan introduces a new rarity for gear called “relic.” Materials obtained from the raid can be used to craft relic gear. Relic gear offers enhanced statistics, additional engraving nodes on accessories, and more powerful armor and weapon bonuses.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the rewards you can expect from both Valtan’s normal and hard difficulty modes.

Lost Ark Valtan Normal 1415 Rewards

First Gate

To fully clear the normal mode of Valtan, players must reach an item level of 1415. At the first gate, you will receive 500 gold, two relic accessories, one relic stone, and one bone for relic set crafting. In addition, you will obtain three wires for legendary sets. Opening the box will cost you 500 Lost Ark gold, which is essentially what you receive at the first gate. This box will double your accessories, relic stones, and other rewards. You will also receive destruction stones, guardian stones, and six big honor leapstones.

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Second Gate

Moving on to the second gate, the main boss will reward you with 2000 gold, two relic accessories, one relic stone, and two bones for relic set crafting. You will also receive three wires for legendary set crafting and five to ten free honing stones. These free honing stones provide an opportunity to upgrade your gear without requiring additional materials. The cost to open the second box is 800 gold. Combining the rewards from both gates, you will have 1200 gold remaining from a full clear of normal Valtan. The second box will contain similar rewards as the first box, except for the exclusion of destruction stones, guardian stones, and an additional honor leapstone. There may also be a chance of obtaining a card pack.

The rewards from normal Valtan are quite appealing, especially the relic accessories, which hold significant value. However, the downside is the relatively modest amount of gold received, totaling 1200 gold when combined with the box rewards. In summary, the rewards for normal Valtan include:

  • 4 relic stones
  • 8 relic accessories
  • 12 wires for legendary set crafting
  • 6 bones
  • 600 destruction stones
  • 900 guardian stones

Big Rewards

Towards the end of the Valtan normal mode, a bidding system similar to Argos or other abyssal dungeons is introduced. These big rewards include:

  • 1 weapon or armor honing book for Argos sets or the 1314 set.
  • 1 box containing five wires for legendary set crafting. However, this reward is not particularly valuable compared to the relic set, which is the desired goal in the long run.
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Lost Ark Valtan Hard 1445 Rewards

First Gate

In the hard mode of Valtan, a minimum item level of 1445 is required for entry. At the first gate, you will receive 1000 gold, three relic accessories, and one relic stone. Additionally, you will obtain three bones upon clearing the first gates. The cost to open the first box is 900 gold, leaving you with 100 gold remaining. The rewards from the first box include six accessories, two relic stones, 360 destruction stones, 720 guardian stones, and ten big honor leapstones.

Second Gates

Proceeding to the second gates, you will receive 15 to 20 free hone stones for enchanting, one chaos stone for relic set crafting and upgrading, three bones, three relic accessories, one relic stone, and 3.5k gold. In total, Valtan will provide 4.5k gold. Opening the box from Valtan itself requires 1200 gold. This leaves you with a net income of 2400 gold per week, which is a decent source of additional income. The second box will contain rewards that are largely similar to the first box, but with an increased quantity of destruction stones, honor leapstones, guardian stones, and a chance of obtaining a card pack.

Combining the rewards from both the boxes and the clears, you will receive 12 relic accessories, 4 relic stones, and 12 bones for crafting the relic set. In comparison to the normal mode, this represents an increase of 4 relic accessories and 6 bones for the relic set crafting. The number of relic stones remains the same.

Big Rewards

In the Valtan hard mode, the big rewards are even more enticing. They include:

  • One guaranteed legendary book, which can provide various valuable rewards.
  • One box containing five additional bones for the relic set.
  • One chaos stone, which plays a crucial role in crafting and upgrading relic sets.
  • One weapon honing book.
  • One armor honing book specifically for the 1314 set.
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However, it is important to note that completing the entire set is not currently possible since Vakys is not yet available in the game. As a result, you can aim for a maximum of two pieces for the bonus or potentially three, depending on the set you plan to craft.

In conclusion, the rewards from Valtan’s hard mode present a significant upgrade compared to the normal mode. With the potential to earn 2400 gold per week and additional valuable resources, the hard mode offers a more fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Remember to equip yourself with powerful gear and assemble a skilled team to conquer the challenges that await in Lost Ark’s Valtan raid!

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