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League of Legends Victorious Anivia Skin: Embark on a Triumphantly Stunning Journey

The Magnificent and Exciting League of Legends Victorious Anivia Skin

The League of Legends (LoL) game is renowned for its vast collection of skins that allow players to transform the appearance of their beloved champions. These skins not only change the look but also come with unique sound effects, animations, and visual effects.

Among the beloved skinlines in LoL, the “Victorious” skinline holds a special place in the hearts of dedicated players. At the end of each ranked season, a set of exclusive skins known as the Victorious skinline becomes available. These skins are granted to players who have achieved specific ranks, such as Gold or higher, during that season.

Every year, Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, releases a brand-new Victorious skin that embodies the spirit of triumph and aligns with the season’s theme. Following the release of the Victorious Sejuani Skin last year, Riot has now unveiled the highly anticipated LoL Victorious Anivia Skin for 2023.

League of Legends Victorious Anivia Skin Splash Art

League of Legends Season 13 brings forth a stunning Victorious Anivia skin for players to behold. This gracious winged spirit, like her predecessors, adorns purple and gold regalia in this special skin.

Unlike previous years, you won’t need to grind your way to the Gold rank. However, the chromas you receive for the skin will depend on your placement on the ranked scoreboard. The LoL Victorious Anivia skin will be rewarded to all players in the solo queue or flex queue ladder.

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The Release Date of League of Legends Victorious Anivia Skin

Regrettably, Riot Games has not yet announced the exact release date for the LoL Victorious Anivia skin. However, we can anticipate its arrival near the end of split 1.

To obtain as many chromas as possible for Victorious Anivia, you must rank up and accumulate them before July 17. The first ranked split of 2023 will conclude on that date, marking the beginning of the second half of the season. Despite the fact that two opportunities to obtain a new LoL Victorious skin are available this year, the deadline is earlier than ever before.

Nevertheless, the imminent availability of the skin is evident as it will soon be present on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). Players can expect to see the new LoL Victorious Anivia skin in Patch 13.12 on June 14, 2023.

For the convenience of all League of Legends players, Riot Games has released the patch schedule for 2023. It includes all the patches for Season 13 that will be implemented throughout the year.

How to Obtain the League of Legends Victorious Anivia Skin

The acquisition of this season’s Victorious skin differs from the previous approach. In order to receive the skin for free, players must consistently participate in ranked games and reach a specific reward threshold.

To qualify for the Victorious Anivia skin, players must accumulate SP (Season Points) through ranked play. The required amount of SP varies depending on the player’s rank:

  • Silver or lower: 1600 SP
  • Gold or higher: 80 SP
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Various other factors must also be considered. If a player has recently received a ban, they will not be eligible for end-of-split rewards. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining a good standing among the League of Legends community.

Furthermore, players can request a Victorious skin for a champion they do not yet own. Upon such a request, the skin will be added to their League of Legends accounts at no additional cost.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on League of Legends. For the latest gaming news, remember to visit our YouTube channel, Gameort.

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