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Valorant Guide: Master Viper Lineups on Breeze (Patch 5.07)

In the world of Valorant, Viper is known as a fierce and self-assured agent who thrives on the fear of her enemies. She embraces her role as a villain and a monster, doing whatever it takes to achieve her objectives. Not only is she a formidable force on the battlefield, but she also excels as a support agent, making her one of the deadliest characters in the game. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or a professional player seeking to showcase your skills, Viper is an excellent choice.

With piercing green eyes, jet-black hair, and a gas mask, Viper is an American chemist who joined the Valorant Protocol right after Brimstone. Her mastery over toxic chemicals and control over the battlefield has made her one of the most sought-after Controllers in the game.


Following the recent update that introduced various UI changes, Viper players now have access to new lineups on most maps. This article will focus on some of the best lineups for Viper on the Breeze map.

Most Effective Viper Lineups on Breeze in Valorant Patch 5.07: Snake Bite, Poison Cloud, and Toxic Screen

While Viper in Valorant doesn’t rely heavily on specific lineups, understanding which ability to use in different areas of the map can be advantageous. Her Toxic Screen is particularly useful in providing cover in open spaces. Additionally, her Snake Bite ability allows her to deal substantial damage by creating venomous gas clouds without firing a single bullet. And let’s not forget about her ultimate ability, which creates a deadly zone of toxic gas that not only damages enemies but also highlights them in red, making them easy targets for Viper.

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Snake Bite Lineups

Viper can throw her Snake Bite ability from a distance or make it bounce off walls to hit specific areas. This ability is especially effective for defending the spike during post-plant scenarios.

B Default Plant Lineup – 1

When the spike is planted at the B Default position on Breeze, position yourself near the corner of the wall at B Elbow. Aim slightly to the right of the leaf above and throw the canister. It will land precisely at the planted site.

Snake Bite Lineup at B Default Plant
Aim at the Leaf
Results at B Main

B Default Plant Lineup from the Middle – 2

To execute this lineup, head to Mid and jump over the barrels. Face B site and align the HUD line with the edge of the tower, then shoot the Snake Bite.

Climb over the Barrels
Aim with the HUD Aligned

The canister will explode exactly at the planted site.

Results at B

Viper’s Snake Bite is an excellent tool for countering spike defusers, either eliminating them or forcing them to move.

A Default Plant Lineup

For this lineup, climb over the rocks beside A Lobby and the Cave entrance. Aim at the top of the leaf in the middle and shoot the Snake Bite.

Climb over the Rocks at A
Aim at the Leaf in the Middle

The lineup will result in the molly landing precisely at the A Default plant site.

Results at A

Combining Viper’s Snake Bite with her Poison Cloud can unleash devastating damage on enemies attempting to defuse the spike.

Poison Cloud Lineup

Viper’s Poison Cloud ability equips her with a gas emitter. Players can fire the emitter to throw it, creating a continuous cloud throughout the round. By using the alternate fire, they can lob or reuse the ability, creating a toxic gas cloud at the expense of fuel. This ability can be reused multiple times and picked up to be redeployed.

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B Default Plant Lineup

To execute this lineup in Valorant, head to B Elbow and position yourself at the mentioned corner. Aim up and align the Poison Cloud icon with the flower, then jump and shoot.

Corner at B
Aiming for Poison Cloud

The Poison Cloud will land at the default B plant site, providing an excellent opportunity for successful planting in Valorant.

A Default Plant Lineup

While attacking A, shoot the Poison Cloud at the entrance in front of the pyramids.

Poison Cloud Position

Combine the resulting smoke with a Snake Bite for even more damage.

Poison Cloud in Action

For added protection, you can place a Viper wall beside it, providing complete coverage and guaranteed kills from the main entrance of A default.

Poison Cloud, Snake Bite, and Wall at A

The Poison Cloud combined with Snake Bite is a deadly combination for countering spike defusers, inflicting significant damage within its radius.

Toxic Screen Lineups

Viper’s Toxic Screen equips her with a gas emitter launcher capable of penetrating terrain. Firing it deploys a long line of gas emitters, and reusing the ability creates a tall wall of toxic gas at the cost of fuel. This ability can be used multiple times.

B Site Toxic Screen Lineup

To attack B Site, head to B Lobby. Aim directly at the wall and shoot the Toxic Screen emitters.

Positioning Wall at B

The Viper wall will be placed exactly at the B default main entrance, providing excellent cover for attackers.

Results at B

A Site Pyramid Toxic Screen Lineup

For the optimal wall lineup while attacking Site A, go to the corner between A Hall and A Shop.

Corner between A Hall and A Shop

Climb over the boxes and aim slightly higher.

Toxic Screen Plant Point

The Toxic Screen wall will be placed exactly, covering A Pyramid and providing cover from three different directions in Valorant.

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Viper Wall at A Pyramids

Viper’s Toxic Screen not only offers excellent cover but can also harm enemies passing through it.

Viper has proven to be a dominant force when playing on Valorant’s Breeze map. The unique dynamics of this map complement her abilities perfectly, allowing skilled players to turn the tide and dictate the pace of the game. So hone your skills with Viper and conquer Breeze!

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