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All Viper Strategies for Valorant’s New Map, Fracture

Viper lineups in Valorant's new map Fracture. (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant recently introduced a new map, Fracture, in Episode 3 Act 2. To secure victory on this map, it is crucial for players to choose a skilled controller agent like Viper.

Valorant boasts a diverse roster of agents, each equipped with unique abilities that cater to specific roles and playstyles. Among them, Viper has emerged as one of the top controller agents following a significant buff in the 2.06 Valorant patch update.

Fracture consists of two attacking sides with defenders situated in the middle. While the map initially favors attackers, players can turn the tide with strategic tactics. A solid defense strategy calls for the expertise of a capable controller agent like Viper.

To fully utilize Viper’s potential on Fracture, players must possess comprehensive knowledge of optimal lineups and a deep understanding of the map itself.

Understanding Fracture in Valorant

Fracture features an H-shaped layout, with zip lines connecting the two attacking sides. The map showcases two distinct environments, each with multiple entrances to the respective sites. Defenders spawn in the middle of the map.

Before delving into Viper’s lineup guide, it is crucial for players to familiarize themselves with the map callouts in Fracture.

Attacking Viper Lineups on Fracture

Attacking A Site

To control the A site effectively, one of the simplest Viper Toxic Screen lineups originates from the Attackers Side Spawn. Players should position themselves in the corner and aim their crosshair towards the object near the ziplines. This placement covers all entrances on the left side of the site.

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Viper's Toxic Screen lineup for attacking A Site in Valorant's Fracture. (Screengrab from Brush/YouTube)

For post-plant situations, Snake Bite lineups are invaluable for delaying defuses without engaging in direct gunfights. Players should head towards A Dish and face it while attacking A. From there, they need to shoot the first Snake Bite towards the edge of the Dish and follow up with another one at the edge of the building.

Attacking B Site

When attacking the B Site on Fracture, Viper’s Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud abilities prove instrumental in achieving dominance. To utilize Poison Cloud effectively, players should stand in front of the boxes in B Tree. They should aim high until their crosshair aligns with the edge of the building and then throw the ability in the air, allowing it to drop near the B Tower entrance, close to B Site.

For the Toxic Screen lineup, players can inch closer to the right side of the B Main entrance. From this position, they must place the screen in a manner that divides the main plant area of the B Site. This lineup is ideal for aggressive pushes to the site.

Viper's Toxic Screen lineup for defending A Site in Valorant's Fracture. (Screengrab from Brush/YouTube)

In post-plant scenarios, players need to head towards the Attacker Side Spawn and position themselves in a corner, facing the “Alpha Sector” board. They should align their crosshair horizontally with the green dot on the wall, shooting to drop the Snake Bites onto the boxes at B Site.

Defending A Site

Toxic Screens can be exceedingly effective in defending large Valorant maps like Fracture. When defending A Site, players should stand at the A Link entrance and deploy the Toxic Screen to cut off the A Ropes and A Hall.

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Viper's Toxic Screen lineup for defending A Site in Valorant's Fracture. (Screengrab from Brush/YouTube)

For the Poison Cloud, players can execute a one-way smoke at A Drop. By standing at the edge of A Drop and throwing the ability on the pole while moving slightly forward, players can create a smoke screen that aids in defense.

Players can stand on the stairs of the A Site and throw Snake Bites to hinder enemy rushes and secure the site.

Defending B Site

To block the B Site effectively on Fracture, players should stand at the entrance and aim low to the ground with the Toxic Screen ability. This lineup ensures that the Toxic Screen passes through the B Tunnel, effectively blocking the entire entrance to the site.

Viper's Toxic Screen lineup for defending B Site in Valorant's Fracture. (Screengrab from Brush/YouTube)

The Poison Cloud can also block other attacker entrances. Players should head to the B Tower and throw the orb, aiming for the slope slightly away from the corner. This setup allows the orb to land at B Bench, creating a one-way smoke. With this tactic, players can easily spot and eliminate incoming attackers from the B Tower.

For Snake Bites in a defensive stance, players can shoot them from the B Tower, specifically aiming for the B Bench. This prevents enemies from forcefully pushing into the site.

Remember, thorough map knowledge and precise execution of Viper lineups are the keys to dominating Valorant’s Fracture.

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