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Vision: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bionic Avengers’ Hero

Tier List

When it comes to the Bionic Avengers, Vision takes the lead as a top-tier hero. With his exceptional abilities in global tech control, he proves to be an invaluable asset. Ranked among the best in the team, Vision is the epitome of reliability and expertise.


Choosing the right Iso-8 class for Vision depends on your strategic needs. For maximum efficiency in his ability block and utility, the Skirmisher class is preferred. However, if you primarily use the Bionic Avengers in raids, the Raider class would be more suitable. Consider your priorities and select the Iso-8 class accordingly.

To ensure a potent attacking option in Alliance War (AW) and Challenge Campaign (CC), it is highly recommended to equip Vision with the Skirmisher class.

T4 Priority

Understanding the upgrade priority in Vision’s abilities is essential for optimizing his performance. Here’s a breakdown of his T4 priority:

  • U – Ultimate ability: Upgrading this ability will increase damage output and generate 1 Ability Energy for all adjacent allies. Upgrading the ultimate is a wise choice as it strengthens the team’s ability energy circulation system.
  • P – Passive ability: As the Bionic Avengers are a slower team, Vision’s Immunity (for two turns) upon spawn is crucial, especially in raids. This passive ability plays a critical role in supporting the team’s success.
  • S – Special ability: Vision’s special ability not only increases damage but also generates 1 Ability Energy for Viv Vision. This ability is vital for empowering the Bionic Avengers’ ultimate attacks.
  • B – Basic ability: While the basic ability remains unchanged, it is worth noting that Viv Vision now always assists Vision’s basic attacks. This synergy enhances their overall effectiveness as a duo.
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2122022 marvel strike force character infographics vision

Vision’s recent improvements in stats include:

  • Health: +48%
  • Damage: +43%
  • Armor: +30%
  • Focus: +38%
  • Resistance: +167%

Basic Attack

Vision’s basic attack remains the same, with an important addition. Viv Vision now consistently assists Vision in his basic attacks. This teamwork contributes to the dynamic synergy within the Bionic Avengers. Stay tuned for more information on Viv Vision, the fourth member of this formidable team.

Special Ability

Vision’s special ability remains unchanged, except for a significant enhancement. His Ability Block now lasts for 2 turns when used against Tech characters. Additionally, he grants Ability Energy to a random Bionic Avenger and Viv Vision. This upgrade significantly amplifies Vision’s impact on the battle, ensuring an advantage for the Bionic Avengers.

Ultimate Ability

Vision’s ultimate ability has received an impressive boost. It now inflicts 50% more damage to each target and applies Bleed debuffs, similar to Scarlet Witch’s abilities. When there are three or more Bionic Avengers in the team, this area-of-effect damage becomes unavoidable. In raids, the ultimate ability further reduces the Speed bar of all enemies by 30% and generates Ability Energy for adjacent Bionic Avengers allies.

While the ultimate ability remains the same outside of raids, its effects are significantly enhanced within this game mode. In raids, it disrupts enemies’ regular rotations and provides additional Ability Energy to Vision, Iron Man, and Hulkbuster. This enables the Bionic Avengers to maintain a constant flow of energy and utilize their abilities at will. However, the true potential of this ability ultimately relies on the capabilities of Viv Vision and the yet-to-be-revealed fifth member of the team.

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Passive Ability

Vision’s passive ability has undergone considerable strengthening. In addition to granting Def Up to all Tech characters upon spawn, he now passively increases Focus for himself and all Bionic Avengers. His permanent Dodge chance remains at 25%. Whenever his ally Viv Vision’s health drops below 50%, Vision safeguards her with a Deathproof buff. Furthermore, if Viv Vision is affected by an enemy Ability Block, Vision will instantly cleanse all debuffs from her.

In raids, Vision’s passive ability becomes even more valuable. He bestows Immunity upon spawn to all Bionic Avengers and doubles the Focus increase for the team. The heightened Focus greatly impacts Vision’s ability to inflict Ability Block, even without equipping the Skirmisher Iso-8 class. This expanded flexibility allows for diverse ISO-8 team building strategies beyond raid scenarios.

While passive Immunity proves advantageous in certain Doom III Tech nodes in raids, its absence is not detrimental to raid progression. It is a beneficial addition, but not an essential factor.

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