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Best Destinations for Farming Barrier Champions in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players have likely noticed a surge in the Champion population since the introduction of Lightfall. These formidable foes can be found in various locations, from Defiant Battlegrounds to Raids. But how can you efficiently take down a horde of Barrier Champions? Look no further, as we unveil the top spots for farming Barrier Champions in Destiny 2.

Farming Barrier Champions in Destiny 2: A Guide

If you’re an avid Destiny 2 player, you probably sport a prestigious “experience” level, denoted by the number six beside your nameplate. However, this number doesn’t accurately reflect your extensive hours of gameplay. Only specific activities, such as conversing with Saint-14 about Trials of Osiris or stunning Barrier Champions, contribute to this level.

For those who have yet to delve into endgame activities, locating and defeating Barrier Champions can be a challenging endeavor. Fortunately, we’re here to provide you with reliable methods to locate and dispatch them.

Crafting the Perfect Build to Stun Barrier Champions

It’s important to note that eliminating Barrier Champions isn’t the objective here; stunning them is the key. Furthermore, it’s possible to stun a single Barrier Champion multiple times, making it advisable to prioritize this challenge for swift completion.

To stun a Barrier Champion, you have several options at your disposal:

  • Utilize Barrier anti-Champion Artifact mods.
  • Employ Intrinsic Barrier anti-Champion weapons, such as Wish-Ender, Arbalest, The Lament, and Eriana’s Vow.
  • Harness the power of Solar Radiant abilities.
  • Equip Void Volatile rounds.
  • Employ Strand Unraveling rounds.
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In Season 20, you can rely on Pulse Rifles and Sidearms to effectively neutralize Barriers. If you possess a beloved Pulse Rifle, go ahead and use it. However, we highly recommend the Arbalest for its unique Exotic Trait, which effortlessly pierces through barriers.

For those without the Arbalest, fear not! Check out our comprehensive guide on obtaining it: How to Complete Another Last City in Destiny 2.

As you prepare your loadout, consider equipping the Special Ammo Finder mod on your helmet. Once you reach 100% Counter Progress, this mod will generate a Special Ammo brick upon enemy elimination.

Additionally, opting for a class that possesses Radiant damage capabilities is wise. Warlocks can utilize Well of Radiance, Hunters have Lightweight Throwing Knives, and the Ember of Torches Solar Fragment is a suitable choice. This serves as a backup plan in case Special Ammo is scarce. Lastly, equip a primary weapon capable of depleting at least one-third of a Barrier Champion’s health, triggering the formation of the bubble that needs to be shattered.

Now that you’re fully equipped, it’s time to locate those elusive Barrier Champions.

Legendary Lost Sectors: The Prime Farming Spots

Look no further than Legend Lost Sectors for the optimal farming experience. These sites offer an abundance of various Champions. However, it’s worth noting that typically only two types of Champions are present within a Lost Sector each day. You may encounter combinations such as Barrier and Overload, Barrier and Unstoppable, or Overload and Unstoppable.

To plan your farming strategy effectively, survey your local Legend Lost Sector and identify the available Champion types. The first few minutes of any Lost Sector usually guarantee at least one Champion encounter.

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If the difficulty of Legend Lost Sectors overwhelms you, fret not! Our guide on conquering any Legend Lost Sector effortlessly with the Strand subclass and Osteo Striga will come to your aid.

Nightfall: A Viable But Challenging Option

Nightfall presents another opportunity for farming Barrier Champions, albeit with additional challenges. Here, you’ll contend with fellow fireteam members, who may prioritize speed and efficiency over stunning Champions. It’s wise to venture into Nightfall with trusted allies or those willing to coordinate. Most Guardians are amicable enough to yield to your Champion-stunning endeavors if you ask politely.

Most Nightfalls encompass a total of 10 Champions, with at least two of each type present. For instance, The Inverted Spire features two Overload Champions, three Unstoppable Champions, and five Barrier Champions. If you don’t mind repeating these Nightfalls, they provide an excellent chance to amass Champion kills.

Grandmaster Nightfalls boast even more Champions, though limited to only two types. The Corrupted, for example, contains eight Overload Champions and ten Unstoppable Champions.

Alternative Options for Champion Farming

If Legend Lost Sectors and Nightfalls don’t suit your preferences, fear not! High-level Empire Hunts and Raids offer enticing alternatives. The first encounter of the Root of Nightmares Raid, in particular, features a plethora of Champions waiting to be challenged. Your team will undoubtedly appreciate your swift annihilation of these formidable foes.

Farming Champions can be a daunting task, especially for those aiming to acquire the Queensguard Seal. For a quick and effortless way to acquire numerous Favors of Grace, check out our guide: Fastest Way to Farm Favors of Grace in Destiny 2.

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With these strategies in your arsenal, you’re now equipped to tackle the task of farming Barrier Champions in Destiny 2. Good luck, Guardian!

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