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Guide to Kislev Ice Court and Atamans in Total War: Warhammer III


Total War: Warhammer III introduces the nation of Kislev, offering players several options for lords and heroes. In this guide, we will focus on the Ice Court mechanics, Frost Maiden and Ice Witch training, and the Ataman system. By leveraging powerful magic spells, you can bring the frigid cold of winter upon your enemies.

Understanding the Ice Court and Kislev

The faction led by Tzarina Katarin is known as the Ice Court, which can be slightly confusing as the Ice Court is also the mechanic for Kislev that allows you to recruit spellcasters. However, Kislev’s roster is not limited to just spellcasters. The Boyar melee lords are available by default, serving as capable leaders for your armies. Additionally, Patriarch heroes can be recruited through various buildings and events.

Unlocking Spellcasters

To unlock Frost Maiden heroes and Ice Witch lords in Kislev’s Ice Court, you can invest in technology that grants you two recruitment slots. Once you pay the gold fee, they will undergo training for six turns. During this time, you can choose whether they specialize in Ice spells or Tempest spells. In the subsequent turns, you can further customize their traits and bonuses. After training is complete, you’ll find them available in any settlement’s recruitment pool.

Choosing between Ice Magic and Tempest Magic

Kislev’s Ice Court offers two schools of magic: Lore of Ice and Lore of Tempest. The Lore of Ice includes spells such as Ice Maiden’s Kiss, Ice Sheet, Frost Blades, Death Frost, Crystal Sanctuary, and Heart of Winter. On the other hand, the Lore of Tempest encompasses spells like Hailstorm, Gust of True Flight, Swiftwing, Biting Wind, Blizzard, and Hawks of Miska. While both schools have their merits, the Lore of Tempest is particularly effective against units. Consider choosing the school that complements your overall strategy.

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Understanding Atamans

As a Kislevite faction, you have the ability to assign Atamans to every two provinces you control. These governors can provide bonuses to growth, income, control, and corruption reduction. Occasionally, you’ll receive dilemmas that allow you to further enhance the perks granted by Atamans. Keep in mind that once assigned, Atamans cannot be removed from the pool unless they are deployed and killed in battle.


With this guide, you now have a better understanding of the Ice Court mechanics, the training of Frost Maidens and Ice Witches, and the role of Atamans in Kislev. Utilize the power of magic and strategic leadership to dominate your enemies in Total War: Warhammer III.

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