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Which Arcane Character Are You?

Discover Your Arcane Alter-Ego

We all have something we would fight tooth and nail for—our family. But how far are you willing to go?

Over the past decade, League of Legends has solidified itself as the world’s most beloved video game. Riot Games’ “Arcane” brings its 140 champions to life. With a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s no wonder this is the hottest show on Netflix. Set in the fictional world of Runeterra, the action predominantly unfolds in the cities of Piltover and Zaun.

The show revolves around two central storylines: the quest for magic by two brilliant scientists, and the struggles of two sisters living in Zaun.

Curious to discover which character from Arcane aligns with your personality? Take our brief Arcane quiz and find out!

The Arcane Kin Quiz

There are plenty of ways to answer the question, “Which Arcane character are you?” However, none are quite as entertaining as our Arcane Kin Quiz. In this quiz, you’ll face 20 questions designed to assess your personality and traits. Take your time and choose your answers thoughtfully. At the end, you’ll discover which Arcane character you most closely resemble.

Meet Vi: The Natural Leader

Arcane Vi

Vi is a born leader driven by a desire to create a better life for her younger sister, Powder (Jinx). Her bravery shines through as she fearlessly defends herself and her loved ones. Vi is no stranger to self-sacrifice to ensure her family’s safety.

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Temperamental by nature, Vi tends to make quick decisions without considering the consequences. Her fighting style relies on her fists, allowing her to overcome any obstacle with sheer force.

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Introducing Powder (Jinx)

Arcane Powder

Powder, the clumsy blue-haired girl in the series, lacks the physical attributes to engage in direct combat. However, she compensates by dedicating herself to crafting innovative weapons to combat her adversaries.

Often viewed as a liability due to her petite frame and lack of experience, Powder frequently doubts her abilities and struggles to assert herself when confronted.

Unveiling Jayce: The Unwavering Visionary

Arcane Jayce

For some, discovering their life’s purpose can be an arduous task. However, that’s not the case for Jayce. Ever since he and his family experienced a magical intervention in his youth, he has been unwaveringly determined to further its development. Currently enrolled in the prestigious Piltover Academy, magic plays a pivotal role in his life.

A resolute individual, Jayce unyieldingly stands up for his convictions, even if it means challenging authority or facing adversity. Driven by a deep-rooted belief in justice, he endeavors to enhance the lives of all through the power of magic.

Meet Viktor: The Ambitious Innovator

Arcane Viktor

Viktor possesses a burning desire to change the world and a relentless thirst for power. Merely serving as Heimerdinger’s assistant was an insufficient outlet for his ambitions. He actively aids Jayce in completing an experiment that leads to a groundbreaking discovery. Viktor fearlessly challenges authority on multiple occasions when pushed into a corner, tirelessly seeking solutions instead of giving in.

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Introducing Vander: The Guardian and Guide

Arcane Vander

Vander, the infamous barkeeper of Last Drop—a popular establishment in Zaun—serves as a father figure to two siblings, Vi and Powder, whom he found during the failed Zaunite uprising.

The show sheds light on Vander’s younger years, during which he was driven by a hot temper and yearning for a better life for his people. As he matured, his priorities shifted slightly, and he took on the role of safeguarding Zaun. A skilled hand-to-hand combatant, Vander will go to great lengths to protect his family.

If you’re ready to uncover your arcane kin, click “Start” and embark on the quiz.

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