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Seeing Orbs in Photos? They’re the Spirits of Loved Ones

So many readers have been captivated by the phenomenon of orbs and have reached out to me, sending pictures and videos in hopes that I can shed some light on their experiences. Have you ever taken a photograph, only to discover later that it contains a mysterious ball of light or a faint image of a person? These inexplicable lights may take various shapes, colors, and sizes. But what exactly are orbs? And why do they appear in our photos? Let’s delve into this fascinating subject and explore the spiritual connection behind these ethereal manifestations.

Orbs: Transparent Energy Balls Connected to Spirits

An orb refers to a transparent ball of light energy that holds a connection to the spiritual realm. These ethereal spheres can often be spotted in photographs or even videos. In fact, some individuals have shared their experiences of capturing these luminous orbs on their security cameras. The sheer curiosity surrounding these phenomena is understandable. People long for an explanation and validation, seeking confirmation that there is something more to these apparitions. Is there a reason to be concerned?

Messages from Beyond: Loved Ones Present in Orbs

During my readings, I often receive messages from departed loved ones. They guide me to convey specific messages to their living counterparts. For instance, they might instruct me to tell someone to closely examine their wedding photo. “Look for a ball of light,” they would say, “that is me.” These orbs serve as a poignant reminder that our departed loved ones are still present during the moments that hold great significance to us. They continue to attend the ceremonies that symbolize love and unity.

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The Active Spirit World: Comfort in Trying Times

In these challenging times that we face globally, the spirit world becomes particularly active. Our departed loved ones want us to know that they are near, offering protection and love during these trying moments. It’s as if they are making their presence felt more strongly, reaching out to provide unwavering support. Although they can no longer be with us physically, their energy remains intricately intertwined with ours and that of our loved ones. People seek validation, hoping to find solace in the belief that the orbs they capture in their photographs truly represent their departed loved ones. I often encourage individuals to take a moment, gaze at the image, close their eyes, and try to establish a personal connection. If you sense your father’s presence or hear his voice within your thoughts, trust your own instincts.

Spiritual Insight: Mediums and Orbs

Some mediums possess the ability to peer into these orbs or provide descriptions of the spirits present within these energy balls of light. When I received an overwhelming number of inquiries about orbs, I decided to reach out to the spirit world for clarification. As if in response to my question, two orbs materialized from the ceiling above me, gently descending. In a breathtaking display, each orb burst open one after the other, revealing the unmistakable faces of my late mother and father. Their radiant expressions conveyed unspoken confirmation that these orbs are undeniably significant.

The Eternal Energy of Existence

Seeing my parents’ faces within those orbs filled me with awe and gratitude. Even as a medium, witnessing such a phenomenon was nothing short of a magnificent experience. It served as a reminder that we are all connected through energy, which transcends beyond physical limitations. These orbs, with their varied shapes and colors, might symbolize the uniqueness of each individual on Earth.

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Seeking Professional Guidance: Mediums and Their Role

If you possess a photograph or video capturing flashes or orbs of light, and you feel uncertain or in need of a professional opinion, I recommend making an appointment with a medium. Just as we rely on doctors or dentists for specialized care, mediums possess a professional expertise that enables them to tune into the spirit world and provide the answers you seek. Do not hesitate to seek the guidance of a reputable medium.

Exploring Further: A Video Resource

For those with lingering questions or a desire to explore this topic further, I have created a video on my website, Please feel free to watch it, as it may provide additional insights and answers to your queries.

Messages of Love: Your Departed Loved Ones Are Always with You

Remember, your departed loved ones are always with you, watching and caring for you from their place of eternal love. Keep an eye out for the signs they send, whether through orbs or other means. In moments of doubt or loneliness, find solace in the knowledge that they remain an ever-present part of your life’s journey.

Bonnie Page is a psychic medium and the owner of Mystical Magical Marketplace and Messages from Heaven in Winchendon. If you have a question for Bonnie that can be published, please email her at [email protected].

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