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Retraced Path: Find Your Ultimate God Roll with Our Boosting Service


Retraced Path is an extraordinary legendary trace rifle inspired by Halo, exclusively available in the 30th anniversary DLC. With its impressive stats and perks, this weapon can be obtained from the chests in the Dares of Eternity activity.

Our Retraced Path God Roll Farming Service

To acquire the Retraced Path legendary trace rifle with your desired roll, our team of professional boosters will tirelessly farm the Dares of Eternity activity and utilize treasure keys until they obtain the perfect roll for you. We offer this service exclusively in Piloted mode, which means our Pro Booster will securely log into your account and complete the entire recovery process. Upon completion, you will receive an email and notification, allowing you to log back in and marvel at your newly obtained weapon.

Estimated Time of Delivery

The estimated time for your Retraced Path boost is between 4 to 12 hours, depending on various factors such as RNG, existing order queues, and booster availability. If you opt for our Express option, your order will be treated as a high priority, resulting in a 30% reduction in the estimated delivery time.

Rewards of Retraced Path God Roll Recovery

By choosing our service, you can enjoy an array of guaranteed rewards, including:

  • 100% Guaranteed Retraced Path ultimate God Roll: We will persevere in the dungeon until we obtain your ultimate desired roll, allowing you to choose perks from the first, second, third, and fourth columns (such as Corkscrew Rifling, Enhanced Battery, Subsistence, Frenzy).
  • 100% Guaranteed Retraced Path God Roll: If you have specific preferences in the third and fourth columns, we will diligently farm until we obtain the desired roll featuring perks such as Subsistence and Frenzy.
  • Guaranteed Retraced Path(s): We will farm the exact number of weapons you purchase using the standard farming method.
  • Additional loot: Expect DoE-specific loot, as well as rare and legendary drops acquired during the service.
  • Glimmer, consumables, and resources: You may receive various valuable in-game items throughout the service.
  • Season Pass and Artifact XP: We will also help you accumulate XP for your Season Pass and Artifact.
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Service Options

To cater to your specific preferences, we offer the following service options:

  • Platform: Select your preferred platform from the dropdown menu (PC, Xbox, or PlayStation), where our booster will complete your boosting service.
  • Service Type: Choose between a Normal Farm, where we will farm a specific number of weapons without any roll guarantees, or the 100% Guaranteed God Roll option, allowing you to select perks from the third and fourth columns. Additionally, we provide the 100% Guaranteed Ultimate God Roll option, granting you the freedom to choose all four perks in columns one to four for your weapon.
  • Delivery Speed: Opt for Normal delivery to have your order queued and completed on a first-come, first-served basis. Alternatively, choose Express delivery to prioritize your order, ensuring the first available booster starts working on it.

Service Requirements

To utilize our Retraced Path God Roll Farming Service, please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Access to the Dares of Eternity activity is necessary.
  • Your guardian’s Power Level must be a minimum of 1300. If you haven’t reached this requirement, you can also purchase a Power Level Boost from us.

Additional Information

For your convenience, we have provided additional information regarding Retraced Path:

Retraced Path Stats

Retraced Path is a Legendary 1000 RPM trace rifle boasting an impressive 94-bullet magazine. As an exclusive weapon in the Destiny 2 30th anniversary update, it occupies the Energy slot and consumes special ammo. Its overall stats are noteworthy, particularly in Aim Assistance (100), Recoil (94), and Stability (78).

God Roll Recommendations for PvE and PvP

For PvE players, the recommended God Roll consists of Subsistence and Frenzy. On the other hand, PvP enthusiasts will find Perpetual Motion and Harmony to be the ideal combination. For those seeking the ultimate God Roll, we suggest Corkscrew Rifling, Enhanced Battery, Subsistence, and Frenzy for PvE, while Corkscrew Rifling, Tactical Battery, Perpetual Motion, and Harmony are recommended for PvP.

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If you are interested in exploring all the available stats and perks for Retraced Path, feel free to visit Additionally, we recommend watching this VIDEO for a more comprehensive guide on the Dares of Eternity activity.

With our Retraced Path God Roll Farming Service, you can rest assured that our team of experts will tirelessly work to deliver your desired rolls. So why wait? Let us help you dominate your enemies with the perfect weapon.

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