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Quiz: Discover Your Inner Apex Legend in 2023

Are you ready to become a Legend? Find out which Apex Legend you truly embody with our personality and playstyle quiz! Uncover whether you are Octane, Bloodhound, Valkyrie, Pathfinder, or another fierce contender in the Apex Games.

What Makes Our Apex Legends Quiz Unique?

Unlike other quizzes that simply match you with a similar character, our Apex Legends quiz goes beyond that. We delve into your in-game and real-life persona to provide a more personalized and insightful experience.

Find Your Perfect Match Based on Your Personality

Our extensive database already contains detailed profiles of all the Apex Legends characters. Thus, our quiz focuses on accurately identifying your personality type and pairing you with the corresponding Legend. We don’t base it on trivial preferences like favorite colors or foods; instead, we analyze your behaviors, decision-making patterns, and core traits to determine which Apex Legend you truly are.

Compare Your Playstyle with Your Champion

Discover how your gameplay strategies align (or differ) from your matched Legend’s intended playstyle. It’s not unusual to find that your in-game tactics might not fully synchronize with your Apex Legend. This realization is a common occurrence among our participants.

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Uncover Your Abilities and Class

Each Apex Legend possesses a unique set of abilities: Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate. Additionally, they are classified into four specific categories: Offensive, Defensive, Support, and Recon. Our quiz identifies which abilities and class you would have if you were an actual warrior in the Apex Games.

Learn More About Your Character’s Backstory

Unlike other battle royale games that introduce endless mundane characters, Apex Legends stands out with its carefully crafted Legends and their captivating backstories. In line with the game’s ethos, our quiz provides a brief but fun reminder of your matched Legend’s previous life.

The First MBTI-Based Apex Legends Quiz

No other online test has leveraged an accurate metric like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to find your true Apex Legends character. With our groundbreaking questionnaire, we have analyzed the MBTI types of all seventeen Legends and are ready to reveal your astonishingly precise match.

#1. Bloodhound: ISFJ

As a Technological Tracker, Bloodhound is known for being reliable and trustworthy. Though their personality remains somewhat mysterious, they can be described as hardworking, dependable, and humble.

#2. Octane: ESTP

Octavio Silva, the High-Speed Daredevil, is a 24-year-old Legend with an extroverted, energetic, and action-oriented personality. Octane craves adrenaline and becomes easily bored without thrilling experiences.

#3. Pathfinder: ESFJ

MRVN, the lovable MRVN robot, embodies an optimistic, friendly, and caring personality. As an ESFJ, Pathfinder enjoys social interactions and thrives on being outgoing, loyal, organized, and slightly tender-hearted.

#4. Wraith: INFP

Renee Blasey, a 32-year-old Apex Games fighter from Typhon, is a mediator with an introverted, creative, and idealistic personality. Wraith desires to make the world a better place, but her character is riddled with confusion due to her lost memories.

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The Apex Games MBTI Types:

  • Valkyrie: ESTP
  • Bangalore: ISTJ
  • Bloodhound: ISFJ
  • Pathfinder: ESFJ
  • Wraith: INFP
  • Octane: ESTP

Discovering Your Ideal Legend

With numerous colorful characters in the game, finding your perfect match can be a challenge. Allow our quiz to expedite this process and provide you with an effortless solution.

Three Factors That Influence Your Apex Legends Quiz Results

While other versions of this quiz focus on your personal interests and dislikes to determine your match, we take a different approach. Our questionnaire analyzes three key aspects of your personality as a gamer, ensuring reliable results:

1. Your In-Game Strategies

As Apex Legends is a strategic battle royale shooter, we want to understand the tactics you employ to secure victory. By assessing your gameplay strategies, we accurately match you with one of the seventeen formidable fighters in the Apex Games.

2. Your Preferred Items and Weaponry

With a vast array of weapons and defensive/offensive items, Apex Legends can be overwhelming for newcomers. Nevertheless, understanding your weapon preferences and gadget usage aids us in comprehending your unique playstyle, leading to more accurate matches.

3. Your Real-Life Characteristics

Your in-game character is not solely defined by your gameplay style. We also value insights into your real-life persona. Our MBTI-based Apex Legends Quiz requires a review of your genuine personality to suggest the best-fitting champions.

Should You Choose Your Apex Legends Main Hero Based on the Test Result?

It is important to note that selecting your main hero based solely on a personality quiz is not recommended. Our data consistently shows that there is often a disconnect between a player’s real-life character and their in-game hero. Humans tend to behave differently in fictional or unreal environments, so a kind-hearted individual may gravitate towards a brutal video game personality—and vice versa.

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Instead, we advise choosing your main hero based on your preferred playstyle and strategies. This approach ensures a more satisfying gaming experience, one that resonates with your personal preferences and allows you to thrive in the Apex Games.

The Ring Is Shrinking. Discover Your Inner Apex Legend Today!

You are only a few clicks away from finding your hero counterpart in the Titanfall universe. Simply tap the start button and allow us to analyze your personality traits. Journey through the Apex Games, embrace your inner Legend, and leave your mark on the battlefield.

Disclaimer: QuizExpo does not own any of the images used in the Apex Legends Quiz. The rights belong to Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts. No copyright infringement is intended.

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