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Destiny 2: Choosing the Perfect Infiltration Gear – Decoded

It’s another exciting week in the world of Destiny 2, and things are heating up as we inch closer to the intense conclusion of Rasputin’s main questline. As we progress, we are unlocking the coveted Exo Frame, and to our delight, Clovis has generously offered us a choice between three extraordinary Infiltrator Gears.

Each week, you’ll have the chance to select one, and it’s crucial to pick the gear that aligns best with your ambitions for the upcoming week. Let’s dive into what each gear offers and determine which option you should go for this week.

Exploring the Infiltration Gear Options

After conversing with the Exo Frame, Clovis presents you with three remarkable Infiltrator Gears. They are as follows:

  • Tactical Armor: This gear allows you to bypass traps and reduces damage taken from traps and laser barriers in Heist Battlegrounds, as well as during the mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield.”

  • Security Clearance: Choosing this gear grants you the ability to interact with terminals, unlocking previously inaccessible doors in Heist Battlegrounds and the mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield.” It also enables you to acquire an additional PDT Refraction Core outside submind vaults.

  • Extreme Ordinance: With this gear, you can summon a power-up that refreshes all abilities and provides a damage bonus against Deathtongue Choristers in Heist Battlegrounds, as well as Sentinel Servitors in the mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield.”

It’s essential to note that your choice this week won’t eliminate the possibility of obtaining the other options in the future. By visiting the Exo Frame next Tuesday, and the Tuesday after that, you’ll eventually acquire all three gears. This holistic approach will unlock everything that Heists and “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” have to offer.

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Making the Decision for this Week

So, which gear should you pick for this week? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Both Tactical Armor and Security Clearance serve as Infiltrator Gears specifically designed to assist you in accessing otherwise restricted areas in “Operation: Seraph’s Shield.” Seraph Station is filled with locked doors and deadly lasers, and if you want to 1) acquire the mechanical dog and 2) explore all the currently hidden chests, you’ll need both of these gears.

To traverse the Station legitimately, you’ll require both Tactical Armor and Security Clearance. However, if you’re confident in your ability to employ innovative methods, you can choose Security Clearance alone. By using a sword, Icarus Dash, or Teleport, you can bypass the wires. But without Security Clearance, you won’t be able to open the locked doors.

If your primary goal is to explore and uncover as much of the hidden areas in Seraph Station as quickly as possible, either Tactical Armor or Security Clearance will be your best bet.

However, if you’re not particularly interested in scouring every nook and cranny of the new exotic quest mission, consider opting for Extreme Ordinance. As the main storyline consistently leads you to the Heists Battleground, this gear provides an excellent advantage by allowing you to defeat Deathtongues more efficiently.

Furthermore, if your determination is set on obtaining the Catalyst for Revision Zero, the Exotic Pulse rifle associated with “Operation: Seraph’s Shield,” you’ll need to conquer the legendary version of the exotic mission. The Extreme Ordinance Infiltrator Gear will make the task of taking down the Sentinel Servitors significantly easier, although they will still prove to be challenging foes.

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Ultimately, the decision lies in your personal preferences. Take your pick, embark on this thrilling journey, and never cease your relentless pursuit of victory.

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