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How to Defeat Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is an exceptional hero shooter that introduces a diverse range of heroes, each with their unique abilities and skill sets. Understanding the classes and team synergies is crucial to success in this game. One hero that requires special attention is Junker Queen, a formidable Tank known for dealing high damage and self-healing capabilities. In this article, we explore the best strategies and hero counters to defeat Junker Queen.

Understanding Junker Queen’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Junker Queen is categorized as a Berserker Tank due to her ability to unleash powerful burst damage while simultaneously healing herself. However, her main weakness lies in her low health pool. Disrupting her self-healing abilities can significantly weaken her, making her more vulnerable to attacks.

Mei, Kikiro, and More: Effective Junker Queen Counters in Overwatch 2

In a battle against Junker Queen, Mei is undeniably the most potent counter. Although she is primarily a Damage hero, Mei possesses support-like qualities. Her ability to neutralize Junker Queen’s status effects makes her a formidable adversary. Mei’s Cryo Freeze ability, which cleanses her of all status effects and heals her, proves to be a nuisance for Junker Queen.

Another hero that can disrupt Junker Queen’s abilities is Ana. While Ana may not deal significant damage as a Support character, her Biotic Grenade prevents enemies from healing themselves, making it a valuable tool when confronting Junker Queen.

Kikiro, a Support hero, also excels at disrupting Junker Queen’s abilities. Her Protection Suzu removes all status effects from allies, allowing them to engage in battle swiftly. Additionally, her ability makes allies temporarily invulnerable, turning them into a threat against Junker Queen.

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Bastion, though disabled for a period after the game’s release, remains a formidable Tank killer. His ability to maintain distance and dish out substantial damage in both Recon and Assault modes makes him a dangerous opponent for Junker Queen.

Roadhog, with his massive health pool and self-healing ability called “Take a Breather,” can be a significant annoyance for the enemy team, including Junker Queen. Roadhog’s superior damage output combined with his ability to keep a safe distance from Junker Queen makes him an effective counter.

These heroes mentioned above have proven to be successful in direct gunfights against Junker Queen. While other heroes may also be able to defeat her, these are the most effective choices.

It’s important to note that Overwatch 2 requires skill and practice, even with the best counters. If players struggle to keep Junker Queen in check, it may be a result of not utilizing the heroes effectively or not activating their abilities promptly. It’s crucial to invest time into mastering hero skills and strategies to succeed in the game.

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In conclusion, countering Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 requires a careful selection of heroes and an understanding of their unique abilities. By utilizing the right tactics and counters, players can effectively neutralize Junker Queen’s threat on the battlefield.

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