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Unleash Your Inner Wizard with the Harry Potter Fireball Wand

Are you a fan of the enchanting world of Harry Potter? Have you ever dreamed of casting real fireballs just like the wizards in the movies? Well, your dreams can now become a reality with the Harry Potter Fireball Wand from Evil Bunny. This beautifully crafted wand not only emits five different light colors but also has the ability to shoot fireballs!

Experience the Magic

Step into the wizarding world with the Harry Potter Fireball Wand. With just a press of a button, the wand illuminates in a captivating white light, summoning patrons to witness its power. But that’s not all! With a wave of your wand, the light changes to a mesmerizing blue, perfect for extracting memories. Another wave reveals a crimson light of justice, while subsequent waves conjure a wicked green light and a burning yellow light. And with one final wave, the wand returns to its original white state.

Harry Potter fireball wand - lighting up different colors

Trust the Lumos

No matter what color the light is in, you can easily turn it back to white. Simply press and hold the button, and the bright white light will guide you through the darkness, illuminating your surroundings like a beacon guiding ships at sea.

Master the Fireball Spells

Remember the iconic moments when Harry Potter cast fireball spells in the movies? Now, you can relive those magical moments with the Fireball Wand. By replacing the wand’s tip with a fireball barrel, loading flash paper, and pressing the button, you can shoot fireballs just like the boy who lived. These fireballs can travel up to an impressive 13 feet!

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Fuel Your Magic with Flash Paper

To enhance your fireball casting experience, we offer ready-folded flash paper packs and holders on our website. Each pack contains 48 sheets of perfectly sized flash paper. If you prefer a convenient option, our flash paper pack + holder is available at a discounted price. Say goodbye to wasting time cutting larger flash paper into the suitable size. We’ve got you covered!

The Ultimate Fireball Combo Set

To ensure that your magic never runs out, we highly recommend the Fireball Combo Set. In addition to the Fireball Wand and a pack of flash paper, this set includes two additional flash paper packs and a flash paper holder. Plus, you’ll enjoy a 20% discount on any additional flash paper packs you purchase from the same page.

The Future of Fire Wands

At Evil Bunny, we are continually pushing the boundaries of wand magic. Our team is working on exciting new features for future wands, such as emitting various colors of smoke, mimicking the Deluminator’s light-gathering and releasing abilities, and even manipulating objects with the wave of a wand. For those seeking even more power, we’ve already developed the Fire Wand-Almighty Version, which combines the features of the Fireball Version with the added charm of colored smoke.

So why wait? Embrace your inner wizard and get your very own Harry Potter Fireball Wand today. Experience the magic and ignite your imagination like never before!

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