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Gear and Best in Slot Guide for Windwalker Monk in Dragonflight 10.1.7


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on gear and best in slot choices for Windwalker Monk in Dragonflight 10.1.7! Whether you’re raiding, engaging in Mythic+ dungeons, or looking for the best trinkets and tier sets, we have you covered. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to optimize your character and gear.

Importance of Simming

Throughout this guide, we stress the importance of simming yourself on Raidbots. This crucial step allows you to optimize your character effectively. Although we provide generic sim charts for trinkets, nothing compares to individually simming your character. If you want to minmax your character by less than 1%, don’t skip this step!

Utilizing Profession Gear

Dragonflight introduces an exciting opportunity to utilize profession gear like never before. You can now create powerful items with an item level of up to 447! However, acquiring these items depends on the unique reagent called a Spark of Shadowflame, which you will only earn once every two weeks. Crafted gear cannot be converted into tier pieces at the Inspiration Catalyst, so keep that in mind.

Crafted gear offers customizable secondary stats and can be enhanced with powerful optional effects called embellishments. You can have up to two effects on your equipped crafted gear at a time. The flexibility of crafted gear allows you to tailor your secondary stats and potential embellishment to suit your playstyle and gear obtained from other content sources in Dragonflight.

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Recommended Gear

While there are numerous gear options available for Windwalker Monks, there are some items that are generally useful for all. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Slimy Expulsion Boots: Made with Leatherworking, these boots slightly reduce Haste but frequently deal bonus Nature damage to your target. Wearing another crafted item with the optional Toxified Armor Patch embellishment can increase these effects. In Dragonflight Season 2, upgrading these boots should be your first priority.
  • Weapons, such as Primal Molten Longsword: Blacksmithing allows you to create weapons that offer a convenient power boost. You can choose to enhance them with embellishments like Fang Adornments or Potion Absorption Inhibitor.

Other Notable Effects

There is one final effect called Alchemical Flavor Pocket that does not count as an embellishment. This effect, which adds quality of life benefits, can be obtained from the weekly Community Feast quest reward of Supply-Laden Soup Pot or purchased on the auction house.

Aberrus Tier Sets

Aberrus features new Tier sets, themed around shadowflame and the black dragonflight. Earning pieces of this set from the weekly Dragonflight Great Vault and the Inspiration Catalyst catchup system unlocks two special bonuses for Windwalkers. As you need at least four pieces to gain both bonuses, we recommend considering the chest piece as optional, prioritizing the remaining four.

Dual-Wielding vs. Two-Handed Weapons

Windwalker Monks have a unique choice between dual-wielding two one-handed weapons or equipping a single two-handed weapon. While dual-wielding increases autoattack damage, two-handed weapons enhance ability damage. When dual-wielding, the hidden buff, Windwalker Monk Two-Hand Adjustment, increases ability damage by 2%. However, not all abilities factor in the off-hand weapon’s damage.

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In summary, choose either option (dual-wield or two-handed) if it results in a higher item level or more secondary stats. If you want to determine the best offensive option for your current weapon selection, it’s recommended to simulate your character.

Windwalker Monk Trinkets

To help you get started, we’ve included generic simulations from Bloodmallet that provide a rough overview of strong Windwalker Monk trinkets. However, these simulations are not a substitute for simming your character individually. For a quick overview of the best trinkets from Mythic+ dungeons and raids, check out our BiS lists.

Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide on Windwalker Monk gear and best in slot choices in Dragonflight 10.1.7. We hope this guide helps you optimize your character and achieve your desired results.

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