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After the excitement of WrestleMania 39, we are thrilled to continue the fun with exciting updates and improvements to the game. Get ready for some quality-of-life enhancements, the introduction of a special edition Finn Balor card, Battle Pass tweaks, new packs, and more. Let’s dive in and explore what’s in store for you.

The Rarity Draft Board

In our upcoming app update, we are proud to present the brand-new Rarity Draft Board, formerly known as the Exclusive Draft Board. This is more than just a cosmetic change – we have completely revamped the entire experience. The process began earlier this season when we increased the number of EDPs (Earned Draft Picks) you could earn, adding reliability to the acquisition of valuable consumables. With the latest app update, when you access the Rarity Draft Board, you’ll be greeted with a fresh new look and feel that truly reflects the special nature of Rarity Draft Picks.

While the basics remain the same, such as earning RDPs (formerly EDPs) or trading in unwanted cards, the whole experience has been enhanced. We have added exciting new effects and animations for your enjoyment, simplified the appearance of the draft board, and introduced a dynamic background that matches your current tier. This work represents our vision for Season 10 – more excitement, customization, and fun. Take a sneak peek and see what’s in store for you:

Rarity Draft Board Asset

Stay tuned on social media for a motion preview next week, or experience it for yourself when the Rarity Draft Board debuts later this month.

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Player Perks

We appreciate the feedback we have received regarding our monthly BattlePass, and we are excited to introduce a new feature for May – Player Perks. Player Perks are consumables that provide special boosts for a specific duration. We have a variety of Player Perks coming your way, including Timer Perks, Draft Board Perks, PVP Perks, Team Perks, and more.

Some Player Perks will decrease timers when activated, allowing you to complete tasks like Fusion Chamber cards and Gym Workouts faster. Others will reduce Bout timers in PVP, MITB, and solo events like Giants Unleashed.

In May, we will launch with three Perks focused on timer reductions to get you back in the game quickly. These include Bout Timer Reductions for Money in the Bank and PvP, as well as Fusion Timer Reductions. On top of these exciting additions, the paid track of the monthly BattlePass will continue to offer new cards, Credits, SuperCoins, Attitudes, and more.

Player Perks are a significant step towards personalizing your SuperCard experience and helping you achieve your goals based on your playstyle. You can access them in your Player Profile after earning them.

Player Perks April Blog Asset

Additional Updates

If you have been following the Dusting saga, we have some good news for you. We have decided to revert our changes to “Dust All” back to their original state, as per your requests. But that’s not all – we want to go a step further in saving you time and increasing your confidence in dusting cards. We are introducing optional toggles that allow you to select specific parameters when using the Dust All feature. Whether you want to dust only Men’s Division cards, combinable and pro cards, or everything, the choice is yours.

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Lastly, we want to share our excitement about the new Spring cards coming your way. We are bringing in these cards through a quest and fusion event, including Tag Team takedown packs. Get ready to add some fantastic new additions to your collection.

See you next time!

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