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Destiny 2: Unleashing the Best PvP Hunter Builds for Each Class

Hunter, the legendary PvP class in Destiny 2, continues to reign supreme with its devastating builds. In this guide, we will explore the most effective setups for each Hunter subclass, allowing you to dominate the Crucible like never before. Whether you prefer to unleash the power of Void, Solar, Arc, or Stasis, we’ve got you covered with top-notch builds that will leave your opponents trembling in fear.

The Hunter’s PvP Dominance

Hunters are known for their mastery of shutdown Supers, constant invisibility, and a plethora of abilities that are both infuriating to face and exhilarating to use. While there are countless viable builds you could experiment with, we will focus on the cream of the crop, the best-in-class options that will elevate your gameplay to new heights.

Top Hunter Builds for Destiny 2 PvP

Best Hunter PvP Strand Build

Destiny 2: Best PvP Hunter Builds for Each Class

When it comes to the best Strand Hunter build for PvP, simplicity is key. Look for anything that grants you Woven Mail, and equip the following gear and Fragments:

  • The Cyrtarachne’s Facade Exotic Helmet
  • A Strand weapon: The Immortal SMG, Quicksilver Storm Auto Rifle, or Circular Logic Machine Gun
  • A reliable shotgun

To maximize the potential of your Grapple ability, ensure that your Aspects and Fragments synchronize with it. The Facade, for instance, grants Woven Mail when used in conjunction with Grapple. Aim for a high Resilience stat and prioritize Discipline for faster grenade recharge rate. The ability to quickly regain your Suspend dive will give you a significant advantage in combat.

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Best Hunter PvP Stasis Build

Destiny 2: Best PvP Hunter Builds for Each Class

For those who wish to harness the power of Stasis, consider the following equipment and Fragments:

  • The Mask of Bakris, which provides a short-range teleport and increases Arc weapon damage
  • The Duskfield Grenade for area denial and additional benefits from shattering the Stasis Crystal
  • Renewal Grasps to double down on Duskfields and gain resistance to damage
  • Any Stasis weapon with Headstone for creating additional crystals

Tailor your Aspects and Fragments according to your preferred playstyle. Prioritize Resilience and Discipline for maximum grenade spam or Mobility if you enjoy swift evasive maneuvers.

Best Hunter PvP Solar Build

Destiny 2: Best PvP Hunter Builds for Each Class

When it comes to Solar Hunter builds in PvP, you have two options: Blade Barrage or Golden Gun. Choose based on your desired playstyle:

For a shutdown build:

  • The Blade Barrage Super
  • Star Eater’s Scales Exotic Leg Armor for enhanced Super capabilities
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine to amp up your Tripmine Grenades
  • Parasite Exotic Heavy Grenade Launcher or a reliable shotgun

For a more aggressive choice:

  • Golden Gun paired with Wormhusk Crown and Healing Grenades
  • Caliban’s Hand for more powerful Explosive Knives
  • Deadshot variant of Golden Gun for additional shots

Prioritize Resilience, Discipline, or Strength depending on your build. Mobility can be an alternative if you plan to utilize Wormhusk Crown extensively.

Best Hunter PvP Void Build

Destiny 2: Best PvP Hunter Builds for Each Class

Maximizing the effectiveness of invisibility is crucial for Void Hunter builds. Consider the following Exotics:

  • The Graviton Forfeit, which extends the duration of invisibility and enhances recovery, reload speed, and melee ability regeneration
  • The Sixth Coyote, granting two dodges when your class ability is fully charged
  • The Omnioculus or Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk for unique perks
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Customize your Aspects and Fragments to suit your stealthy playstyle. The Shadowshot Super remains a potent shutdown option.

Best Hunter PvP Arc Build

Destiny 2: Best PvP Hunter Builds for Each Class

Arc Hunter builds offer a variety of options for non-meta gameplay, deflection, and spreading Jolt. Choose between the following Exotics:

  • Liar’s Handshake for a melee-focused setup with devastating damage potential
  • Raiju’s Harness for invincibility during the Arc Staff Super

To maximize Jolt capabilities, focus on Aspects and Fragments that facilitate Ionic Traces. Resilience should be your primary stat, while Discipline is ideal for faster Melee ability regeneration.

Building Your PvP Legend

By following these general tips, you can create powerful PvP builds for any Hunter subclass in Destiny 2. While more detailed breakdowns would require additional space, the fundamental principles outlined here apply throughout the game. For more tailored guides on god rolls, completing Exotic quests, and much more, check out our comprehensive D2 guides hub.

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